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  1. Ah i can't believe this! I used to write for HG! Man, i would've loved to get to talk to Obsidian Anyways, i think the problem with Alpha Protocol (and actually, Mass Effect too) is that their games look too much like GeoW and so they raise shooter expectancy and then dissapoint a lot of people. Worst case scenario for me would be Mass Effect 2, that simply ditched 50% of their RPG elements just so they could compete for most uninteresting TPS ever with Kane & Lynch I think that Obsidian's being pretty smart in actually balancing RPG with TPS/stealth instead of just putting some shooting in between conversations like ME2. Woot.
  2. Two things: i wonder how will that route play without killing anyone (i hope you can beat the Liutenant in some way that's not "knocking him out") and i hope the flashforwards, flashbacks thing doesn't just mean that you spend the whole game telling what happened to that guy.
  3. You know, the whole colored silhouette filled with faded pictures of the game's characters. I doubt Dragon Age invented it but i can see the resemblance. The first time i saw it it just reminded me of pure win, though.
  4. New boxart is sick! Dragon Age ripoff or not, at least this one feels like it corresponds to the game inside. Graphics do look bland. Any info on wether there's gonna be any graphical differences between PC and consoles? Some of those textures look like they could use some extra pixels
  5. Actually, the one with the impossible voice is Daniel Keyser. Just so you know which car to rig up. I'm kinda dissapointed at the video, i hoped to actually see something RPGish.
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