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  1. Yes, it pretty much fixes the transition from "standing" to "running" animations. It also makes walking while on cover not feel like Sonic The Hedgehog. I'm keeping it for now. Haven't noticed much graphical improvement or framerate downfalls from the graphics settings Orogun01 posted.
  2. This actually works quite well, but Mike feels really slow now...
  3. The reception so far in Argentina has been two guys (being me and my Fallout modder friend) are crazy about the game and no one else has heard of it. The only real magazine left here hasn't had the review up yet, but i suppose we're going the european way...
  4. I hope no DLC and straight sequel. I hate DLC.
  5. The expletive american ninja commando and they said he had enough coke in his system to make a whale see jesus. One of my favorites of the game.
  6. I was gonna do Psycho Mike this time but i'm too tempted to go Recruit on all options and it kinda breaks him out of character. I suppose there'll be four playthroughs... I'm never gonna get any work done
  7. Maybe from the Gamestop exclusive pack or something?
  8. It's a great idea to do some shadow operative while waiting for chainshot to recharge. If you've got some AP, buy the technical skill that instantly recharges all your skills. With it, you just have to do a chainshot, hide with shadow operative for a while and when you're "safe" behind cover you can just recharge chainshot. You beat endgame bosses so easily this way it feels cheap. Oh and like hittomas said, Steel Core rounds works marvels. Dispatch the mobs with grenades and focus your pistol fire on Brayko/Deng. You want to take them down as soon as possible because medkits take long to recharge and using the medicine cabinets usually involve getting out of cover.
  9. Sweet, gonna try it tomorrow then. I'm sure my psycho newbie Mike will appreciate it.
  10. lol at gun nazi. Complaining's getting ridiculous...
  11. That's the medical bills you costed to whoever you hurt :/ You know, like "orphans created" lol.
  12. Post some screenshots. I don't remember how they looked anymore
  13. I was planning on doing something like that but can't you just save in a new slot and then reload and older one?
  14. Stealth = pistols. Though if i were to have another Tech Spec run (and i might) i'd go for shotties and grenading like crazy. In the end, Tech Spec isn't meant for stealth and most grenades are too loud to aid your sneaking.
  15. It kind annoys me sometimes how random seems the difficulty of the hacks. You'd think huge databases would be harder to hack than some laptop but you never know. I think the hacking is difficult with the mouse, but it's possible, specially since you can abort and try again.
  16. I had trouble with him too. One point more to pistols is mandatory for chainshot. That, combined with AP bullets, is will do some damage. I used chainshot to deal with the goons and shadow operative to hide around while waiting for chainshot to recharge. You can deal some big damage to Marburg by chainshotting two or more critical headshots. You should really rely on chainshot for bosses if you're a stealthy character. Use whatever you can to slow him down and hide until it recharges and repeat. Or maybe you're fighting him too early. I had a lot of trouble with the pre-showdown with Deng because i had few points on combat skills. Maybe go to Moscow and do a few missions first? I know it really breaks the mood but it's better than quitting the game
  17. Yeah, i thought it looked somewhat different that the M4 but well... Still clueless about the others (all my firearms knowledge comes from videogames, you know )
  18. This is all i got. Upload the text file when you're done :D Handguns: Samael = Five Seven Hamilton = ? Rittergrupen = Glock 18 UC = CZ 100 SMG Samael = Uzi Hamilton = MP7 Rittergrupen = MP5k UC = AK47u? Shotguns Samael = SPAS 12 Hamilton = ? Rittergrupen = Benelli M1014 UC = ? Assault rifles Samael = ACR Hamilton = M4A1 Rittergrupen = H&K G36C UC = AK-47?
  19. I think it doesn't affect neither of those two. I have a friend playing the game on easy and he's reported that you still get those impossible 12 pin alarm deactivating. And i think the time for dialog choices is built around keeping the conversation flow running so i'm pretty sure it doesn't affect it either. I'm pretty sure it just modifies normal stuff (enemies taking less damage and doing more damage, accuracy up, higher detection rates, less spare ammo, etc.). Recruit and Veteran modes do have some dialog and stat influence, though.
  20. Uh, i recognized a Glock, H&K G365, AK (74? 120 or something?), M4, Uzi so far. I think one of the SMGs is a short barrel MP5 and i have no clue on the rest. But can't remember their AP counterparts
  21. Ha, it makes a lot more sense to buy Tech Spec armor so you can pack more EMP nades, etc, after knowing this. I mainly use EMPs for alarms that go up to 11-12 levels or 4 character hacks. Some lockpicks can be a tad difficult too, but i'm gonna test if the breaking and entering skill makes a difference. Anywho, glad it could help
  22. You probably can. One thing i just discovered is that you can hold more than one "pack" of the same gadget. So instead of having just 2 EMP grenades, i equipped the EMPs on two slots and now i have four. I dunno if that was obvious for everyone but i just found out and i could've used it before
  23. What's that thing about hacking getting more difficult as you improve your sabotage skill (yeah, the other way around)? I read it somewhere and now i forgot. So far, it's been somewhat challenging but doable, though i feel like the above statement is true and it gets harder as i progress the skill. Maybe it's just the game getting more difficult but given i'm a Tech Specialist, shouldn't it be getting easier?
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