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  1. Oh, i don't know about that. I mean, i love unlocking stuff but normal difficulty is pretty easy these days. And i refuse to believe i've gotten better at videogames Best case scenario is always playing in hard to unlock hardcore or something like that. Good thing about what you're telling me is that my recruit playthrough will be done on hard difficulty.
  2. Oh yeah, hard difficulty all the way. Even if the AI's not the brightest, if it's unforgiving, it's a challenge :D
  3. Oh, that's good news. Might go for Field Agent and Assault (was it? damn i have lots of trouble remembering these classes) then.
  4. That's it! I'm probably gonna pick Freelancer all three times unless the other backgrounds have some influence ala Mass Effect. If not, i just feel better allocating points myself.
  5. I think i'll do a straight freeagent (was it?) and just run and gun the first time through. Just so i've got an incentive to play it a second as stealthy rookie and third time as whatever suits my taste then. If i'm a lame rookie it'll make sneaking harder I'm just doing it that way because i have little interest in playing it like a shooter and if i don't force me to at least try it i'll never know
  6. You're beyond the point. I'm clearly critisizing FO3, not praising AP. Don't be boring because i just didn't add an "alledgedly" to a statement probably everyone in this forum assumes to be true.
  7. Obviously not but that doesn't mean FO3 fails at that any less.
  8. Even though that generalization is usually right for new games, we haven't played AP as to know if it's up to the big ones. I don't see AP becoming an all time classic but i'm hoping to be surprised, as always. But Torment and Fallout are very hard to top or even measure.
  9. I'm just saying that the same complaints about AP could be transferred to FO3, and that 10-15 points of difference are what expensive marketing's for (just like with Mass Effect, Oblivion, etc...). And to clarify: i said Fallout 3 "fails at everything AP is awesome (choices, good writing, well thought characters)". I just compare it to FO3 because it's a credibility check.
  10. Yeah, sorry for not making that clear. 93 is way of the charts for Fallout 3. At least, it looks worse and has worse AI than AP, has no multiplayer and at the same time fails at everything AP is awesome (choices, good writing, well thought characters). But well, goes to show how much marketing influences a review. Anyways, better not enter a Fallout 3 debate here. I'm just rooting for AP and feeling happy.
  11. The German Gamestar gave F3 93%. Tomorow when the first subscribers get the new GS issue I'll post the AP score here. Uh, well, 93% for Fallout 3 isn't so good in my book but might be good for AP...
  12. What did Gamestar give Fallout 3? I'm really really cool without MP. In fact, i'd rather not have MP these days.
  13. Well, they do mention "action RPG" under genre, so i dunno. The guy goes and complains about lack of multiplayer and, again, doesn't mention the writing. I find it really weird that these magazines didn't have at least one editor that was crazy about AP. Everyone who knows his stuff about gaming knows some of the greatest minds in the industry worked on it, how is it that no one asked to review it? Back in my reviewing days, i begged for writing AP's review on day one. I'm just puzzled that these magazines didn't have a single BIS fan. And i'm kind of ashamed of my native language reviewers
  14. In topic with the preview, i actually thought that, besides the stoner girl thrown in for some diversity, the guys were actually funny. The guy sucked at the game and it felt like he was breaking it on purpose and the game responded to that in a bad way, but that's expectable. The good thing is that he died a lot because of that and while the AI was very goofy, to the point it was loleabe a bunch of times, there was some flanking and decent grenade throwing every now and then. So sucky player + beta build + pot = not so good advertising. It shows why developers don't always share their beta code. And why is that show called Gaming Night if it's clearly afternoon?
  15. Yep, we've only had to wait for ten years. Still, better than nothing huh? I'm ok with waiting as long as it doesn't end up with a franchise in the hands of Bethesda. Or what happened to poor X-Com. M: Other than that, i'll wait until it's done and done right.
  16. Uh, numbers was just raising a question, not accusing anyone of sucking. "speak for yourself" isn't a valid counter if there's not an actual statement to begin with :/
  17. Man, that's one lame review. In general, not as what it says about AP, but it's so off the mark it's ridiculous. It keeps talking about the game as an action game with RPG elements and even says "(like an RPG)". Then it compares it to another games that reward you for your decisions like "GTA IV and Dragon Age"?? The review also complains about not enough mini-game variety??? I didn't know, though, that the mission order would change depending on who you're sided with, etc. But other than that, it's basically the same as the previews, graphics are so-so, AI sucks, Bruce Lee Michael Thorton beats Rambo Michael Thorton, etc. Oh and that, apparently, the spanish translation's good. It's very weird that they give the game an 88 out of 100 without even a sentence that talks about the writing. I like the idea of AP shaping up to be another Deus Ex edit: 8 hour ninja'd by 213374U
  18. After watching the Gametrailers preview, i think the game looks really good. It's not stunning in a technical way, but the character designs are great and i felt the facial animations were really believable. And the lighting is what really sets it apart from the U2-like graphics accusations. The texture pop ins are kind of annoying but i don't care. And yeah, now that i see it, it's clearly a cigar. The light just made it look whiter and i thought of a cigarette. While wealthy = cigars, i'd always thought Leland to be a cigarette kind of guy. Weird no one drew the Leland - Illusive Man tabacco addiction comparison.
  19. Me too, i send her into the venomous shaft or whatever in hopes that she'd get killed but she just came back in one piece. I always hated her and Quarians. They're just so mindnumbingly boring. And yeah, i'm down for romancing Sis. DLC, maybe?
  20. Is it just me or Leland's cigarette is a little too huge (0:25)?
  21. Hm, the U3 done right usually has great performance (ME2, Arkham Asylum..) but there's been some horrible cases so you never know. The framerate in the AP videos isn't particularily impressive, console or not...
  22. The last interview in that other thread posted today kinda addresses that but i'm unsure what CA meant, if they were VR missions like MGS, extra things to do while doing story missions (like ME2 or NWN) or actual side quests. I'd really like new places with full missions, even if they're not as developed as the main quests. I'd have a hard time imagining an RPG without them...
  23. It just struck me i haven't heard of a single quest in any interview, developer walkthrough, etc. Anyone knows if we're gonna be able to do anything in the hub besides preparing for our next mission? I'm actually a bit concerned about it, specially after how lame ME2's "streamlined" story was...
  24. Well, americans had the red scare, though i think you mentioned that below. I don't mean to defend the USSR because, like LoF, i'm a Trotsky person, but american freedom of speech, and specially american foreign policy on freedom of speech isn't so far away from fascism (things like Vietnam or Iraq or the CIA involvement in Latin America). Sure, it's not "so bad" for americans themselves as the USSR was for russians but it's far from acceptable. We can't really know what would happen if the world was under the USSR, but i doubt it'd be good things either. The thing about the USSR, though, is that corruption is what broke it, while in the US, it's not the corruption of capitalism, but merely capitalism working how it's supposed to. Anyways, on topic, i don't know, i don't think this game necessarily has to make a point or anything. It's more James Bond than Jack Bauer, fortunately, so i'm betting it'll have a very basic anti-war message and that'll be it. I think it's silly to ask more from Obsidian, considering this game's supposed to be sold for money. I wouldn't mind Obs throwing a few Deus Ex-like political conversations but i just don't see it happening. It's a laid back, american spy game. Let's just be thankful the bad guy isn't a russian dude with an eyepatch called Kaptain Kulaksux. Or that it doesn't have subliminal Obama propaganda
  25. I think that dev walkthroughs are usually played at super duper easy difficulty settings and hacked so they can show off their skills. I don't think that's the smartest way to promote your game to people that really want to see how it plays but i remember Bethesda's showing of Fallout 3 at E3 and they were pulling Fatmans left and right. Maybe in the real game the AI sucks and the difficulty is childish but i'm pretty sure all their videos are played at super easy. I actually loved that Randy Pitchford got killed when playing Hell's Highway because he tried to play it like Halo. Developer walkthroughs should be played at the ideal diffilculty My guess is that AI is not gonna be terrific (it'll probably be kind of stupid) but that regenerating armor won't make you immortal. For the rest, there's rookie mode By the way, i hope Obsidian does the using-your-old-character better than Bioware. Mass Effect 2 was just weird with all the emails and people thanking you instead of more substancial carryovers.
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