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  1. I'm sorry I have to say this, being a guy, who owns all of your games except DS3, but: You completely mismanaged this situation. You take a look at how many people play the game concurrently on steam, and you realise it has dropped a lot. It is obvious why. Every moment you delay putting out a fix for the very serious bugs, is time you lose more and more people, and thus money. You are known to be a developer, who puts out buggy and sometimes unfinished games. Do you really think you can pull this behaviour again at such a fragile point in your history? Do you think your reputation can survive this? Who can take your games seriously on launch day anymore? I know this was the last time I bought a game from you upfront. Or is it that you got the high reviews, so you can chillax now? It has been a week now, and loads of players will simply give up on your game, and never finish it. Frankly, as much as I love it, I only have time to finish it now, and most probably I won't get back to it later. Tick-tock. Because you are making it impossible for us to get back at it. Hotfixes should have been out 24 hours after release. You now say maybe tomorrow evening. At this point, this is a joke, and you are a joke, mate. So they should just release something without testing it?
  2. Barbarians have terrible Deflection, they are therefore terrible tanks Chanter can work pretty well as a tank build with high Perception and Resolve plus some int to make buffs and debuffs last longer
  3. When you say "the language for the game is English" do you mean the setting in Steam or in game? Just in case you missed it, there is a language option in the in game options menu.
  4. There is a bug that temporary buffs (in your case the +5 Deflection from Eders defender mode) become permanent upon saving and reloading. You can also loose permanent buffs/abilities like the Woodelf racial bonus to ranged attacks, i suspect there's something messed up in how they are stored in savegames.
  5. Thank you, that does indeed seem to be the ratio of damage to focus gained.
  6. But inXile are also porting Wasteland 2 to consoles. I'm not sure they would bother with upgrading to Unity 5 otherwise. Might be something Obsidian could consider for the expansion.
  7. Hello, I've just started (exited the ruins, ready to level up to level 2) with a Cipher PC. I am however unsure which talent to pick. I know that the Cipher gains focus by attacking with their weapon, and I've seen that attacking with a crossbow gives more focus than with a hunting bow, but not nearly as much as the damage I do. Is focus gained a percentage of the damage dealt or is it some fixed amount based in the attack speed of the weapon? If it is based on damage would choosing Biting Whip grant more focus than Draining Whip if I use a slow weapon or is it always better to choose Draining Whip if my goal is to gain more focus?
  8. I did not even think to check whether the manual is already up on Steam, your comment just gave me something to read Also thank you to Sensuki for the videos, a very nice introduction since I didn't really follow the Forum.
  9. Thank you, was pretty confused because BAdlers screenshots in the post on how to redeem your keys shows all the other stuff too. They might want to add that there, I'm sure their support is being flooded by confused backers right now Edit: They've now updated the product tab to state just that
  10. You have to click and hold the mousebutton (or the hold the left stick in the right direction if you play with a controller) it shows in the prompt (first left, right, left again).
  11. I'll echo those asking for more information before I vote on something. - How do you expect to raise the money? If you think existing backers upping pledges and/or choosing additional addons will be enough to pay for the goals (though I can't really see that happening myself) I'd be obviously fine with it, but I don't think that would warrant a poll. Opening the backer website for preorders would be OK I guess. I'm sure there are people that missed the Kickstarter or couldn't afford to pledge then. I wouldn't want that to go along with a big fundraising campaign or stupidly priced Steam early access (see Planetary Annihilation or the Double fine Adventure). If you're thinking about a whole new fundraising campaign through Kickstarter then absolutely not. - How much money are we talking about for those stretch goals? - How will it affect the release of the game?
  12. I usually make it through character creation only to replay the opening hours several times trying to figure out which class to choose. The dangers of choice .
  13. Pretty much how I see it as well. I generally don't like the way multiclassing works, if you want to give the players the freedom to be anything they want make it classless. If you want clearly defined classes don't muddy the waters with multiclassing.
  14. I'd actually be surprised if you couldn't play PE with just a mouse, real time with pause lends itself almost as well to that play style as turn based games. You could play the Infinity Engines games with just a mouse, I know you could play KOTOR onehanded because I had a broken hand when that came out and I assume the same is true for KOTOR 2, the NWN games and other real time with pause games. As for the subtitles, I think PE is mostly going to be not voice acted text so that should hopefully be a given too.
  15. Has it ever even occurred to you that CRPGs and PnP RPGs are *gasp* different? A good DM won't just kill off characters because of a bad roll, a computer game doesn't care. Let me save whenever I want; and if I choose to exploit that to make sure I don't fail skill checks than that's my "problem" and none of your business. If a developer does not want me to reload upon the death of a character they have to make it worth it for me. Either through gameplay mechanics or narrative impact. Forcing me to deal with the death of an interesting character because I was unlucky with the die rolls in combat by either playing on as if the character never existed or replaying from the last savepoint is not good gamedesign, it's just frustrating.
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