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  1. I don't recall seeing any of the bonus items in the cabinet when I created my character, but they were in my inventory after I left the beach. They might have been in my inventory while I was on the beach, but I don't think I checked then.
  2. I hope to finally see something about Cyberpunk 2077, now that Witcher 3 is out. I'm expecting to be disappointed when they stay quiet on it.
  3. Reassuring to know I'm not the only one. Until this thread, I had actually forgotten I got a physical tier for Wasteland 2. Hopefully PoE doesn't take this long to get it's physical goods out. No wonder I've gone completely digital.
  4. I think I agree that it's Ubisoft's comments that have set off the outrage more than the lack of a female option in co-op itself. And maybe a little bit of a perception issue for those of us who haven't been following it too closely. I just started playing AC3 for the first time yesterday, hoping to pick up AC4 during the upcoming Steam sales, so it got me looking at what's going on with the Unity co-op stuff. First thing that came to mind was that since multiplayer was introduced to AC, there have been playable female characters. And they all needed character models, animations and voice work. Then I saw that the multiplayer was co-op and similar to Watch Dogs. So a kind of drop-in/drop-out style in which you never leave the main character. So you're always playing as Pierce/Arno, but so is everyone else, you just see them differently, as generic random civilian/generic assassin. I can understand not having options for how you're displayed to other players in that case. There's a cynical part of me that thinks that if the generic assassin was fixed as female, that there would be some people complaining about that too, and that some of them would be the same ones saying the way it is now is fine, but maybe that's too cynical. Anyway, I can understand not having options for your display since you're a fixed character, except that Ubisoft seems to have said that your assassin will be customizable. They said they were planning on putting a female option but ran out of time. If it's a fixed character, and being that character all the time is important, then how were they planning a female character to play? Now since I'm playing AC3 currently, something else came to mind. They said they ran out of time, that they were planning this option, but couldn't get it done. Yet in AC3, they managed to not only get playable female multiplayer characters done and in game, but they also managed to get four, so far, playable characters into the main story(Kenway, Boy Connor, Teenage Conner, Adult Conner). Four character models and at least one set of clothing for each of them. Which tells me, though I could be interpreting this wrong, that they really could have gotten a female character option into Unity if they had put any level of priority on it above "eh, it'd be nice if". And while for some people it's a SJ issue, it's not just about letting women play as women. There are plenty of men that prefer playing as a female character when given the chance, and women that prefer playing as men. It's about letting people choose how they're represented in the online environment. The more online and interconnected a game, the less justifiable limited options are. I don't think you'll ever find an MMO that forces you to only be a male who wears a hood, where you're only options are what color hood you're wearing. But when given a single player story that's based around a specific character, being a single sex and having limited customization options make more sense, because it's not about you, but about that character. With co-op and other multiplayer being somewhere between the two, the more people you include in your game, the less it becomes about that one single character and the more it becomes about the group of players.
  5. Soon. Probably within the next week. Mysterious cards are dropping for a Mysterious badge already
  6. Yay. Casey Hudson talking out of his ***, concept art and BioWare Montreal... Why should I care about games made by BioWare Montreal? Have they actually ever made anything decent? Think they did the multiplayer part of ME3, which was actually pretty fun. Is it just me or does it seem like there are more and more non-announcements. The whole Bioware one was basically, "We're Bioware. We make games. We made Mass Effect. We're not the Bioware making the new Mass Effect. Did you know we're making a game? I bet you didn't! Here's some trees! See you next year for the announcement of the announcement of the game that we're making!"
  7. Hoping to be playing the Dogfight Module of Star Citizen soon. Supposed to be release next week. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/13883-Arena-Commander-Weekly-Report-May-12-16
  8. Rise from your grave! Err, anyway, looks like the Dogfight module is being shown off at PAX East tonight. Wonder if they'll have a date for its public release or not.
  9. From what I understand of Titanfall, they're basically using the campaign idea from Brink. You have a series of maps that are linked together through a lite story line for why you're there and what you're trying to accomplish. But unlike Brink's single player mode, which was just multiplayer with bots filling all the player slots, Titanfall is only multiplayer, though still with bots to flesh out the battlefield more since it's just 6v6, or so I'm told.
  10. I'm told the power company is going to turn my power off, along with the entire block, to do... something. So I've only gotten about 30 minutes. Enough to land once. It feels weird. The flying seems fine, but then walking around is odd. The menus look like they're going to be bad. But I really REALLY want to fly around space all night after my couple minutes flying around a station watching things float around in space. Damn you power company, you had to pick tonight to do whatever it is that you're doing!
  11. Think it took me about 6 hours on hard, give or take an hour. It's a fun playthrough, but it's basically a blockbuster action film, so don't look too closely at the plot, it's mostly about explosions.
  12. I've gotten two rounds in so far. Running on a GTX460 and a 3 GHz Quad from AMD. Been running pretty smooth, but I don't have things turned all the way up. Have had a couple crashes, but I wasn't expecting not to.
  13. Playing a little mix of X3: Terran Conflict and Borderlands 2 while I wait for BF4 and X: Rebirth.
  14. Finishing off our Campaign of Carnage. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=188482597 And getting ready for X:Rebirth. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=186592009
  15. I'm not sure I believe this. After all the years since it's announcement, then the delay, then the lack of news, the continued lack of news, the news that there wasn't any news except that it wasn't dead... I think I just dreamed it. It doesn't really exist. Lies! This might drag me back into TC, put another 400+ hours into it in addition to the 400+ on Steam and probably 300+ pre-Steam.
  16. My haul for this sale: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Gunpoint some Sleeping Dogs DLC Dishonored DLCs Deadlight Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4 Hitman: Absolution Poker Night 2 Borderlands 2 Season pass and some other DLCs The Walking Dead: 400 Days Bioshock Infinite Starforge Alpha (gift from a friend) Felt like I was buying nothing but DLC this sale.
  17. Then I say pledge. But I'd be surprised if that's what classic Ultima fans want. Which classic Ultima fans? The top down party-based Ultima 1-3 in which you could choose your race as well as class? The top down, more story based Ultima 4-5, in which you were human. The very story heavy party based isometric 6-7 part 2. The more hack-and-slash single character Ultima 8. The return of choice between male and female in Ultima 9. The first person dungeon crawl of Ultima Underworld 1 and 2? The trips out into strange new places in Worlds of Ultima Martian Dreams and Savage Empire? The MMO Ultima Online? Perhaps it's Ultima 5: Lazarus, the remake of Ultima 5 in the Dungeon Siege engine? Perhaps the Ultima 6 remake in the same? Did that one ever release? I'll have to check. Ultima has been many things. And if you take a group like the Ultima Dragons - Internet Chapter, a large number joined with UO. Ultima has been many things through it's history, so any idea that there's some monolithic block of "classic Ultima fans" is a little silly. Personally, I don't know yet if I have an interest in actually funding this. Garriot has made some great games, and some games that failed, but had interesting ideas behind them. I might throw in a few dollars just to see what comes from it, I might just wait. We'll see. I am glad to see him working on something again, however it turns out.
  18. Nearly a year and half after my computer exploded while playing Skyrim, I have returned to the homeland of the Nords. And after hours of learning to smith, gathering powerful artifacts, practicing until I could nearly hide in plain sight, I have killed a dragon with one hit from my dagger. I think I've gone too far.
  19. Think my first computer was, as I remember it, a Kaypro 286 with a 20MB harddrive, or as my father remembers it, a Kaypro 8086 with a 40MB harddrive, which had to be partitioned into two 20MB drives because it couldn't support larger and was latter upgraded to a 286. That was a family computer. My uncle worked for Kaypro at the time. My first personal one was a 486 DX 33Mhz.
  20. If I'm remembering right, it's that plus, only one kill and one gunshot, or two kills with no gun usage.
  21. Extract : 'Microsoft Kinect 2 will have the ability to intelligently scan a room and pick up on the audience (creepy right?), they’ve even included the ability for age detection. The technology will also be used to enforce ESRB ratings, something no console to date has been able to enforce.' Is it for real ? I mean, are they seriously considering selling this ? Wow, I'm amazed people could buy such Big Brother system. Also it's doomed to be cracked in the first month. Real, probably, seriously considering using it, probably not. Remember reading several years back that Sony had a patent on a technology that could read a decryption code off a disc, then destroy it, so that disc could only be used in the first console it's put in, removing any ability to resell it. But it's yet to actually show up in any system of theirs, as far as I'm aware. Companies like having vast portfolios of patents that they can use against each other. I'd be surprised if they actually put it to use. I can't see how it wouldn't hurt their sales if they did.
  22. Dishonored is the most Thief-like game since Thief. That was one of my initial reactions. I am thieving more than I am killing, so that might be part of it. Played it about two days, then I played some XCOM, followed by some more XCOM. I'm not sure which I'll play tomorrow, but it'll be great, which ever it is.
  23. http://player.vimeo.com/video/51135962 First two minutes starts with the already linked intro trailer, but then it gets insane. Squadron 42 / Star Citizen is basically a Wing Commander game that exists within a Privateer/Freelancer style game.
  24. This sounds like it was a horrible deal, and Obsidian has enough weight in their name and people to do without a publisher, but I could see smaller devs be swayed into a fairer publishing agreement. Something where the devs keep the IP, work with the money that comes from the Kickstarter, and the publishers handle marketing, production(boxed copies), and distribution, then profit gets split in an equitable way. Probably not something the big three, EA, Activision, or Bethesda would ever allow, but maybe a smaller publisher. A hybrid of the two systems might actually be a good thing, though it'd all depend on balancing the dev's and the publisher's power.
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