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  1. The opposite here. I don't like giving chase and jumping through hoops, especially when one wrong answer can fudge everything, so usually the first character to ask "Hey boss, wanna f†ck?" gets it. But back to our Aloth. How do you guys make that -2 romance work? Tried, it went nowhere. I made a Bleak Walker/Corpse Eater for my arsehole run and I wouldn't mind imposing this gentleman of exquisite manners and refined gastronomical tastes on Aloth. Especially when I managed to antagonize him into -1 even before reaching Neketaka.
  2. Modwyr has basically the same personality as the psychotic toaster from New Vegas's "Old World Blues" DLC, with a touch of Muggy and a dash of one of the Switches. Was so happy when her storyline was finished and I didn't have to listen to her screeching anymore.
  3. I wish Concelhaut had more things to say. Why is he only offended by fish and eggs in my inventory? What about my 150 suits of armor, sabre collection and assortment of random heads in bags? I'd also love to hear his input on locations, quest givers, progress of my quests, weather...
  4. The system is definitely bugged. In my first play-through, Serafen was strangely un-opinionated (all zeros with everyone except for the Watcher) despite of having constant positive reactions to, say, Eder and Tekehu and being in the party almost all the time. Second play-through, exactly the same sequence and even before the bad poetry lady loop +2 Tekehu, +1 Xoti. And if we're speaking about Concelhaut, Nemnok and Aloth at the same time now, I suggest Obs make him into the floating pet for the next game and give us three pet slots. It would be such a perfect -- if a little cacophonous -- unholy trinity. "You bad captain, hope your ship sinks, bow to Nemnok!" "Stop carrying eggs, stop flirting with the shark man, oh and I killed all your pets!" "Stop goofing around, stop being self-confident, stop...just stop having fun!!!!"
  5. Lists! In no particular order -- Fallout NV, Arcanum, VtM: Bloodlines.
  6. Scripted conversation on some island. Vine broke while crossing the abyss, the PC caught falling Eder but couldn't hold for long and both plummeted down.
  7. Just use the unity console: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/2 It will not break anything and his dialogues will immediately trigger at 50 (i think) and 150 points, the reverse if you want rivalmance. Does rivalmance even go anywhere? For me it was just angry smooch followed by "No time for that, maybe later" -- "Okay then". Or you need to be extra boring to qualify? Anyway, here's how to get Aloth to -2 without even trying: Beeline to Neketaka from Port Maje, beeline to Tekehu, flattering him and encouraging irresponsibility whenever possible, that should net you a -1. Beeline to the bordello, talk to the bartender, support Tekehu all the time. Go upstairs, hire every employee (tip: the bad poetry lady has a conversation loop that gives you infinite diplomacy and positive points with Serafen and Xoti). Voila, -2. Have to say, not a fan of this new Aloth and he's making me to retroactively dislike old Aloth, as I found out going back to PoE1. Now when I know he was probably eyerolling and sighing all the time in PoE1 as well but I didn't have the means to notice that. Kudos to artist for the portrait, though. Didn't like it at first, but it captures new Aloth's essence perfectly.
  8. I ended the pirate presence in Deadfire on my first (and thus blind) run with minimal bloodshed. Told Aeldys Furrante was plotting against her, got the task to bring him down. Had stolen papers, shmoozed with some people for support earlier without actually knowing why am I doing it, voila, Furrante walks the plank. Got the Flying Dutchman, did not bring it to Aeldys, sided with the Queen instead. Aeldys chased me to Ukaizo and decided she could bring our party down. Got the ending with Principi scattered and soon forgotten.
  9. Thanks. I already finished it, and while there's still too much shooty bits for me, went for a second run. Stealth I found the most useful to lurk until there's a line for chain shot, and it's much easier when you already know what to expect anyway.
  10. Evening all, finally got to play the game. The story is very intriguing so far, and even in the first playthrough reactivity and different ways to solve quests show up. However. Those "drop into the object, sneak past/shoot a bunch of armed dudes" missions are getting to be a bit of repetitive annoyance, and I'm just in Rome (straight after Saudi). I wasn't expecting P:T, but honestly, those ruins/warehouses start to remind me tedium of Mass Effect 2 shooting galleries, with the difference that you don't need to kill them all. So...is the game going to be less shooty, more talky somewhen in the future or are there warehouses with armed dudes all way down? Or can I change playing style to minimize shootery?
  11. Had the same thing. Dual Core Optimizer fixed it for me: http://www.techspot.com/downloads/3116-amd...-optimizer.html
  12. While he wasn't too useful, entertaining he was for sure. And since the fighting wasn't particularly difficult, especially if you was DS, I took him with me just to hear what he's got to say in this or that circumstances. Plus, he's really good looking.
  13. I played KOTOR after TSL, and somewhere one third into game I caught myself thinking, "...and this idiot who needs to end his every second sentence with an exclamation mark is the same great Revan everyone was gushing about? Pffffft..." Seriously, his/her answer lines in some cases would've fitted a Fallout INT4 character better than a brilliant tactician presented in TSL. I thought my eyeballs would fall out from rolling them so much when I had to pick a less dumb answer, what never happened with good ol' Exile. In conclusion, Revan's cool in TSL. IN KOTOR? Disappointingly lame.
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