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  1. OH dear God no. Having no motivation is what's so brilliant. The whole point is you don't know who to really trust. It's much more like Dungeons and dragons table top. And if this game had a timer I'd quit it faster than you can say The Outer Worlds. As it is now, it's a traditional morale choice RPG game. Not many devs make these types of games. Which is why it sits so well with many people. It's my favourite RPG of the generation so far. I've currently clocked in nearly 50 hours and haven't finished it yet. Dialogue is amazing. The narrative Intriguing and the marality choices involving. I couldn't play past 20 hours of Fallout 4. It was so bland and moved away from RPG into a building/survival simulator. Which is a big big turn off for me.
  2. I just hope the game gets more polish before it hits. Things like Animations etc. What worries me is because Obsidian is now under MS, gamers will be much more critical. Don't get me wrong. That shouldn't be the case. But gamers and reviewers will expect a certain level of polish in visuals, animation, etc on top of great gameplay. When you look at smaller projects like Journey on Playstation. It still had a very very high presentation value. Bleeding Edge for example is a side project with a small team from Ninja Theory. Seeing that recently it has a very high production value to go along with artstyle. Survival games aren't really my thing. But I love Obsidian. And I can just see critics being overly harsh because Obsidian are now First Party. And people will expect a certain level of polish when a game is made with MS/Sony money.
  3. And look how totally unplayable RDR2 was in FPS. It was like playing a FPS on PS1 with the original dpad controller. Accounting for both makes both or 1 mode horrible to play.
  4. Well to be correct your not buying anything on Steam. Your renting it for full price. Valve can stop your access to your games at any given time. All you pay for is access to the game while Valve say you can. But it's come out recently you don't own anhthing you pay for on Steam whatsoever.
  5. Unfortunately all their games going forward will be Xbox and PC exclusively. They are now owned by MS. If your against getting an Xbox in the future. You could always get Xbox Gamepass PC. Or Xcloud for Android or IOS when that releases next year. Still options to play if your against getting an Xbox Console.
  6. I think herein lies the problem. For those that are fine with fps, I'd prefer them to design the game fully around fps so it's the best possible experience. Trying to account for 3rd person on anyway just means thr level design and enemy movement is sacrificed for fps. So it's catch 22. I suppose that sounds a bit selfish, but there's 3rd person RPGs out there with no fps also. So it's swings and roundabouts. IMO the Dev is better off perfecting one viewpoint and pleasing fans of that said viewpoint. Rather than trying to be mediocre in both to accommodate everyone.
  7. Wow. I didn't get any of this from the IP. I'm dead against Gender Identity. And I too don't like forced issues in entertainment. But I've not noticed any forced issues. Maybe the gane isn't the issue.
  8. There is a ton of issues in Skyrim. So many parts of the 3rd person experience is poor. From animation, to camera issues. Compared to a game made to be entirely 3rd person, Skyrim has many issues in 3rd person. And as a result the enemy speeds are slower. It's far to easy to just run and escape enemies as a result.
  9. With a 3rd person design you have to account if different enemy speed, level design as to not have the camera clipping geometry. Player animations, more graphical detail, more shadowing on and from the character. Among others. It's not a simple as just allowing it in any game designed to be a First person view. And that same thing applies when people think you can just add a first person view to a 3rd person game. Opting for both means sacrifices for both. Leaving both modes not optimal.
  10. Yep it's fantastic. I've had 1 issue in 30 hours. The game froze and went to Xbox Dashboard. Other than that it's been smooth as butter. As a comparison I played about 20 mins of Fallout 4 and had 3 game breaking bugs. Probably around 100 glitches in the 25 hours I could manage of that game. TOW is so refreshing in the is genre.
  11. To be honest I couldn't finish Fallout 4. I played about 25 hours and gave up. It just wasn't the RPG for me. It moved so far away from what I feel and RPG is and had so many mechanics I didn't like that I got bored of the empty open world it had. I actually prefer my RPGs to clock in from around 40-60 hours. I find this length to be almost perfect for great writing with in all quests. Going over that towards the 100 mark 99% of the time means I'll be bored doing repetitive fetch quests with next to no story impact or the writing is so bad because the developer has to much to write for. So far I'm at 30 hours in TOW and have plenty still to do. And I haven't felt at all that any of it is not worth doing. And so fsr all quests are written so well.
  12. I'm really not sure. Mass Effect didn't need this. And it's still one of the best ever Sci fi RPGs made. The problem with doing this is it takes alot of Dev time and kinda kills the role playing aspect. Look at Fallout. Fallout 4 has moved away from role playing and has become a sort of shooter/base builder. As a result it lacks so much from RPG mechanics, it's essentially a dumbed down RPG game. Or a level based shooter if you like. I feel base building or ship building is a different genre. It fits more the survival genre. No game with base building or ship building have I ever considered to be a great game. Maybe it's just me. But I'm a huge RPG fan and never really liked those elements in games. It always feels like a really limited Sims game. In an RPG. Not for me.
  13. OK so in all honesty, I'd say the amount of planets etc is more than likely due to limited amount of funding on this title. The main reason Obsidian went with MS was financial. And of course looking at Ninja Theory as well its the same reason. I'm pretty sure that with next to an iimited budget for their next game compared to what they have had before, there will be some decent improvements in areas to an already stellar game. I'm really not fussed to much on building mechanics (fallout 4) or customizing a living space. Mass Effect didn't need this and was and still is one of the best Sci fi RPGs ever made. I'd like them to spend more development time on further enhancing choices, story arcs, companions options. Etc etc. I just want them to evolve the role playing even more next Gen. With more CPU power and GPU power lots can be done to further improve these things. State of the art facial animation like Gears 5. State of the art body animations. Maybe Obsidian could be the first ever RPG Dev of this sort to have large scale story moments play out in realtime in front of you. As opposed to cutscenes which would break the immersion in a game like this. It worked in Mass Effect to have those cutscenes. But it would be a better choice to have all that drama play out but whilst your still in full control of your character. I get the impression of they wanted to take this next game higher heights they could easily have this in larger colonies or even include earth as well. They have to be very careful not to try and do what Bethesda have done with Fallout and take it in completely the wrong direction. Away from role play and into a shooter slash base builder.
  14. Already discussed to death in these very forums. Game design and level design has to be changed quite a bit to account for 3rd person. Games with both tend to not be great at either. Look at Fallout 3 and 4 for how compromises have to be made in its design.
  15. Cause it's part of the Supernova difficulty. It has more survival elements. I find it very strange moaning about a difficulty setting. Basically saying I don't want it to be this hard. Lol.
  16. You have to decide how you want to play. If your going to use Companions. Then you have to put perks and skill points into companion related upgrades. So spend a ton of points on Leadership of your using companions. And look for perks that increase using Companions to. You cannot jack of all trades your character. Or you'll be ok at everything and master of none. If you are a lone wolf and don't use companions. Then put nothing in leadership. And there's even perks that favor you playing without companions. The game is much more Dungeons and dragons table top RPG like. All the systems genuinely effect how you play. That's why there so many different builds in TOW. You want to concentrate each build you have on different playthrough really on 2 areas. Maybe 3 if you want to just scrape through being great at everything your putting your points into.
  17. Yep. Easily so far the best RPG I've played this Gen. Amazing writing. Awesomely deep RPG systems. And choice in the world that really sets the benchmark to other developers. Such a good game.
  18. No definately not playing the same game. The game I'm playing is a deep Dungeons & dragons table top influenced game. With so many morale and gameplay choices. Fantastic writing and great character and companion interaction. Some of the best dialogue this generation. And so much to do I've still not even explored all of Terra 2 yet. Hahahaha. Yeah easily gonna be 100 hours on 2 playthrough.
  19. I have no idea why you posted all that. Every game in existence has someone that doesn't like it. Even the almighty Zelda Ocarina of Time. That was my point. But in TOW case the minority is those who don't like it. Not the other way around.
  20. Of course its Gamepass. MS have lost nothing. To write them off next Gen with 15 First party studios now is not wise. Gears 5 was played more in its first week than any PS exclusive. Thanks to Gamepass access on PC and Xbox. Forza Horizon 4 has been played by 13 million players. As a comparison GT Sport is 7 million. And that came out before FH4. With Gamepass providing all MS 15 first party studio games free. And the fsct MS have upped their studio portfolio for next Gen 15 means next Gen is anyone's game. Add to that Xcloud launch (which already has some glowing hands on from the beta being pretty lag free) and Sony hasn't won anything. Don't be surprised if Gamepass subscribers absolutely takes off with MS first party games all releasing day and date on the service. It's already over 10 million subscribers at last count. I haven't bought a MS first party game in 16 months. Because I have Gamepass at £10.99/month which includes Live Gold in that Price. And PC Gamepass included as well. So I enjoy Football Manager 19 on there as well as Age Of Empires among others. All free. Remember Sony was on a much much better position with PS2. And look at what happened with PS3.
  21. I've completed 18 quests in total I think. 26 hours as I said. I honestly don't know how I could do it faster. Unless I skipped all the dialogue and showed 0 interest in its actual RPG systems. I get so sidetracked on exploring when off on a quest. What's impressive is even stuff that has no bearing on quests is entirely fleshed out. You actually feel like a world around you is going about itself.
  22. Like every single game ever made. It might not be doing it for a very small minority. But clearly there is a majority of people it is doing alot for.
  23. My point was no PS4 or Nintendo systems. It will be Xcloud, PC or Xbox Console.
  24. Again I'm going to have to disagree. Alot of players and reviewers say it is better than New Vegas. In fact quite alot say it's the best written game Obsidian have ever made. My other theory is there is some PS fans that will downplay this IP because the next game with a AAA budget under MS is going to be exclusive to Xbox Ecosystems. Personally TOW is a AA game. With a small budget like Hellblade was. With a AAA budget for their next games, Obsidian has the world at its feet.
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