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  1. Thank you for the list of changes, the visual info display bugs you are fixing are very helpful. Wall of thorns doing pen 9 is something that applies to what i am doing now. I am sure the other players will appreciate the effort you are putting into this, Thanks!
  2. Hopefully this evening I can get back to trying out these ideas on a shield something like vile-thorns ( plant keyword pierce attack 3-5 damage to attacker every time the player is hit) maybe without sickened effect. Frost / Electricty keyword similar idea on a different shield. Perhaps I can make them work when the player hits an enemy with the main hand weapon but the animation would not show the shield being used whether its a hit the enemy or hit the player proc.
  3. I think to code this shield out it is going to need a retaliation effect that puts a plant status on the enemy. While a bashing effect would be better over all since it would apply it on the enemy being damaged and not the player I just cannot get the bashing mod to work. I suspect there is something in a unity3d file somewhere controlling whether the shield is allowed to have the bashing mod or not. Everything I have tried to get it to work has failed. The itemmod is attached to the weapon and the attackmod also but it does not actually attack or show a damage value either. Thought it might be in the global bundle but could not find anything concrete there either. Might move this to modding forum but not sure anyone has experience with it.
  4. KEYWORDS!!! I really should incorporate a few more into some of my creations. Maybe the shield I am working with should have a plant keyword piercing retaliation attack so that it pairs with lance of the midwood stag for a druid warrior of the forest type flavor.
  5. Creating a bashing Large Shield for a tank equipped with a spear is what I am trying to accomplish so the bashing effect will be less than what Eric Galad is implementing on Best Defense and not like what Tuotilo's Palm can do in the hands of a monk but it will be better than what the game affords the player by default. I like what he did to scale it up, seems appropriate. Possibly will create a additional medium or small shield that has %/crit to regenerate a class resource with the shield or something for Priest / Chanter or even Cipher so even if it is sub-optimal it still has value and appeal to be used. As always I am open to suggestions and will build on request if the item is within my ability to create.
  6. Actually after looking through everything, I only have one shield currently that counts as a off-hand weapon. The others simply add an ability called "shield bash" that damages / pushes / stuns and enemy once per encounter and I didn't consider that the "bashing shield" feature doesn't scale which really sucks. That being said after looking at what you did I think you handled it correct and especially for Best Defense. I don't see a cleaner way to do it. Very Nice. If it wasn't already a Legendary Shield and instead a "Fine Shield" it would need a new separate attack written for each enchantment level from Fine to Legendary with corresponding Acc and Pen values. I am going to take what you did here and apply it to the large shield I am making, making it legendary by default, with equal Pen but a lower Acc value than you have used as the shield is a large model and has a few abilities already I need to consider. This way I don't have to write in 4 to 5 separate attack levels. Thank you! and looking forward to using your MOD!
  7. You benefit from Two-Weapon style and weapon and shield style. You can take both if you choose. Shameless plug: My mod adds 3 new shields each with the Shield Bash ability.
  8. Based on your post about riposte fun I made this Rapier. It is main hand only and the ability attached to it only works if the character is wielding it with an empty off hand. Holding a shield, melee weapon or ranged weapon in the off hand cancels the effect. Tested and working.
  9. After toying around with the idea of a true one-hand dueling build for the player who wants some Riposting musketeer / spellblade flavor here is my Friday and Saturday evening results. Adding to next release of MOD which is scheduled for 5/15/2020. Rapier- Best or Pierce / Slash damage- Restricted to main hand only Holding a weapon or shield in the off-hand will cancel Duelers Bolero and Grandmaster's Flamenco. May dial down Duelers Bolero and Grandmasters Flamenco by 5%. Need to test on POTD.
  10. Try out VirtualBox. It's free just need an .ISO to load the Operating System you use in it. Elsewise if you use windows 10 pro on your home PC you can spin up a virtual in Hyper V which is built in to win 10. If your work pc is infecting your home pc... that seems crazy.. Your IT people suck. Get a good AV that stops ransomware / crypto like Eset or something.
  11. As the moderator said most likely your HDD has failed. Not typical for the connector to fault or the motherboard. The easiest way to replace your drive is to get a clone station and a new disk and clone the old disk to a new one, if it can even work, Either way you need the new disk and the clone station is handy to have. You could expect to pay 200 in labor on top of the price of a new disk to have someone else do it for you. Here is a link to a reliable unit we use at our firm. Make sure the new disk you purchase is the same size or bigger than the one that has failed. https://www.amazon.com/Inateck-Dual-Bay-Docking-Function-FD2002/dp/B00N1KXE9K If the link changes just check on Amazon for Hard Drive Dock, Inateck USB 3.0 to SATA Dual Bay External
  12. Thank you sir! I think a rapier is on the way for a singlehanded type build. I may also probably create an additional Item to boost riposte chance perhaps a trinket or belt.
  13. Awesome, do you happen to know how Offensive Parry on a weapon and the Ability Riposte work together? Can 2 separate ripostes proc off a single enemy miss?
  14. Did it trigger a Riposte on every disengagement attack? Have been thinking about a making a rapier that would get benefits when not using a shield or 2 weapons.
  15. Also for next release Maces are not used often. Here is one worth using. New Warhammer
  16. Your request sir has been fulfilled. It's a cape though so I half-assed it. Soul Torture is the Wizard spell Cloak of Death. Usable 1 / per rest.
  17. Item attacks have an engagement radius and I think this is what controls the distance Example }, { "$type": "Game.GameData.AttackMeleeComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "EngagementRadius": 1, "IsUnarmed": "false"
  18. Could it be that some of the effect is wearing off due to time? I have been manipulating the on-hit effect of Bring Low and the duration is set to 6 seconds, however this is not constant even when testing on a dummy. The effect will randomly last longer than 6 seconds or as little as 3 seconds.
  19. Am working to create this now. I am thinking I will put an effect on it that functions like Deltro's helmet but not shock. I am rolling the dice tonight to decide between fire, frost and decay. Planning to use Berath's cloak as the item model since that item has no abilities and is not worth wearing in it's current form.
  20. New Morning Star for next release Aft Sweeper Can enchant to remove -1 dex penalty Ability Mighty Blow 1/per rest Cone attack , push enemies 5m and knock Prone for 2 seconds causes interrupt. New cloak built on request Grants Soul Torture 1/ per rest- equivalent to level 9 wizard spell Cloak of Death
  21. What about a Mace with one enchantment with % the reduce AR by 1 on crit or hit and another that adds Brilliance % on any hit or just crits? Viable for a priest / fighter multi?
  22. Most likely its function is to decrease the status effect inflicted by 1 increment. The opposite of weakness which I tested So enfeebled turns down to weakened, Inflicting weaken will cause sickened and inflicting sickened is probably nullified.
  23. Thanks I will see if I can find it. I think the next direction I am going to go is to see if I can create an NPC, I would like to create one to sell some of the items from my mod, and maybe make a scripted encounter tied to one of a few of my items.
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