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  1. Cloth armor using Dancers outfit 1 the bare chested with leather arms and legs. Raised recovery time from 0 to 10% for balance fully enchanted but can still go from exceptional all the way to mythic, base armor is 3 like any robe but will probably raise to 4. By default armor has Mighty Defender Risen champion - Second wind -------- Enchantment route is Skillfull Attire Iron Clad - Iron skin Evading vestments 10% of incoming hits converted to grazes, 10% of incoming Grazes converted to misses.
  2. It vary's from .005 to .25 but the way the game handles things you could very easily hit 90% crit rate I think with an item like this if I do it wrong.
  3. scaling .05 hit to crit with a skill is definitely doable but also way to strong in m opinion. It would have to be something like .01 / or .02 streetwise point probably
  4. Tutilos palm scales with TS. This weapon unlike my others will be a straight copy of tutilos so it will behave the same, and like tutilos will have slightly less damage but will scale, it will be a claw icon or maybe a ring and use unarmed attack animation (where are brass knuckle icons ffs). You will not see it on the character only on the paper doll. Will replace the 10% unarmed damage enchantment with 10% unarmed damage as pierce. Since it will be coded as a shield, you won't be able to wear it with tutilos palm which would be a bit crazy I think. Many trinkets have been created, class specific and general use. Rogues and stealthy types got a lot of love several items, daggers etc. Need an idea for a stiletto or rapier or some other under represented weapons. Gamblers Ring: Will make it, not sure if can enchant rings? But I like the idea its going to happen. If I can get through all of this over the next 2 days I will release the mod on the Nexus, Currently is exists there as "TT1 Unique Items Compatibility" But that is a rough version of what I am doing,. Every item that already existed is changed out from the original iteration in some way. Many many new items have been created and obviously based on ideas you all provide me I am creating more.
  5. Thanks! I will look it over and see what I can do. I am sure I can add the 10% pierce damage to the monk armor I created. The armor as it is now has 0% recovery. Since cloth has 0% recovery how much recovery do you think should be added to a cloth armor that has 10% damage dealt as pierced to unarmed attacks? For balancing. Opinions help. I think this armor is going to have an enchantment choice to make it barb . monk friendly. 10% damage dealth as pierced for unarmed attacks. or On Critically Hit (with % chance) Frenzy:
  6. Unable to put wounds onto an item, i looked for an existing item that already did it and could not find one, also no way to put pierce damage in clothing sadly. But I have completed monk specific gauntlets and they are super dope.
  7. I came up with something for you. A weapon version of Tutilos palm with unarmed attack animation because it is invisible.
  8. So I am actually making some monk armor and I am leaning toward giving it some sort of deflection bonus, not as much as Tutilo Palm of course wich can reach 28 but a small bonus to allow for monks who want to dual wield to have some sort of deflection source. God idea or bad? I don't play monk much.
  9. Male dancer armor is being added, may or may not be monk specific but definitely melee / barb / monk at the minimum.
  10. Well these are just items that I am creating, not modifying base game files so it is up to the player if they wear them or not. Not every item will affect a keyword or a power level so plenty of variety. That being said I guess it would be appropriate to attempt some balance, so where an item geared for Druids increases the PL of all ground based spells, it should decrease PL of all electricity spells etc, There is a mod that adds more keywords but I have not looked it over, I could and maybe come up with some items that make use of them. Will see what I can do.
  11. Hmm seems a mod I had installed totally broke that skill and took it out of play. Got it back.
  12. Trying to figure out where to manipulate whether an armor overrides the player color pallet or not. Some armors do such as Effigy Husk and other do not such as Principi Clothing. Want to create armor that takes the players chosen color pallete and does not over ride it but using the base of existing plate armors that do. Any clues where this is or if it is possible purely through .gamedata manipulation?
  13. Currently working on a heavy armor / brigadine that reduces recovery time if the wearer performs a crit. Not sure game flags melee crit differently than spell crit hopefully it does not that way as long as a crit is registered recovery time on next action is reduced no matter what.
  14. Got an example of an armor in game that already does this? I can look at it data values and work out which one is doing this.
  15. Cost in this game sucks. Or at least I cannot grasp the algorithm yet. I inherited the mod from someone else and everything was priced at 50k... 50k seems like a large amount of money to come by without using the console. Using the console is not something I want to force anyone to use. After much fiddling the average cost of each item is 10 to 15k with the highest items being 27k. I think I would price this at 20,000 with the following., base cloth robe: Armor rating 3, +2 arcana, (+1 metaphysics, +5 Pierce resistance,) Or ( +1 pl illusions) -1 con, cloak of death 1/rest. + Opinion on price or features? Help me out man!
  16. Thats a level 9 spell. It that too strong to have on an item even if it is 1 /per rest? May I call it "Boeroer's Black Bastion? With a back story that matches it's ability. Cloak of death will be renamed to something like "Boeroer's Imprisonment" or "Curse of the Tortured"
  17. All things being equal, if an armor has say the ability from the Reckless Brigadine Go Not Quietly: +5% Action Speed in Melee (Increases per Engaged target), +1 enemies Engaged, but placed onto armor with recovery time of 20% what should the negative offset be? Maybe +10% damage to wearer? Balance is something I struggle at with armors.
  18. I dont know that I can alter models. Well I probably can given enough time to read into it, experiment and see what happens. The armor you posted looks similar to the Dancers Outfit, Cloth_Outfit_Brothel. I actually am turning this into an armor geared towards fighter / barbarian setup.
  19. i feel like there definitely needs to be more brigandine - all my tanks feel samey because they all seem to converge on plate armor or Reckless Brigandine. -Done deal. Will have a new tank armor with brigadine base done today. Will be caster orientated and keyworded. Cleric or Wizard focused as I just don't see a Druid wearing heavy armor, (Trying to make themed based items mostly) Everything has lore so the "Battle Ships Hull" heavy armor will have it's own back story involving the color pink and a female child, if you have a name in mind for the story just let me know. I think the recovery penalty will be dropped to 50% via some special detail in the story. If I can find a way to prevent color override I will but could also combine husk and humility into a new pink robe!! there also needs to be magical clothing- Have 2 built already, maybe even 3. Might need to see if I can change colors on them. Aside from "Pink" what colors should 0% robes or 0% clothes have to spice things up? Lastly - more keyword interactions! There's tons of keywords everywhere. I have already created new items using various keywords such as: Rejuvenation, Ground, Decay, Plants, Restoration and Punishment. Most are accessories right now, a couple armors. But still more to create. Have 38 items right now. Would like 50 before I release it and then will work on spreading them around to various vendors but they will all be available from a single vendor on the first release.
  20. Hey everyone, I am almost finished up with a MOD that adds numerous new items into the game to give more variety. Need some ideas on armor. Let me know what your ideas are as far as abilities an armor should have, and if it should be light, med, heavy etc. Did you have a build but couldnt find the right armor? Let me know what you were missing. I already have models in mind for the armors but ANY input is appreciated.
  21. This is what I am doing... Creating trinkets, etc that buff certain types of spells. The spells are tied to certain keywords and the items will modify abilities based on the keyword associated with it.
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