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  1. I am about to start work on a 3rd iteration of my item mod: There really is not a good example of a helmet with a skull visual in the game, and I cannot make them, but if you pick an existing helmet I can create the item and add it into the mod.
  2. Latest release is live on nexus. 50 items total at this time. Player feedback to address any balancing issues is appreciated. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/415/
  3. This ring is now live on the latest version of the MOD and can be found here. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/415/
  4. New release is live as of now. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/415/
  5. Thanks for the Idea. This is being added to the MOD release for tomorrow. I plan on working on the DeathDealer items that Kaylon asked about next,
  6. Coat of Arnd - Completely immune to physical attacks. with protection from elements. Yes I could do that lol but honestly its not on the top of my to do list. Maybe when all is said and done something like that would be the last item to go into my MOD. You might as well console GOD mode. My take on a toned down item (from complete immunity) would be something like: 33% chance to turn enemy graze / hit or crit to miss. 33% chance to reflect spells. +4 PL priest / paladin / chanter Damage shield not sure but could do damage reduction for sure. Staff of Magi. Definitly could create a weapon with several high level abilities from druid / priest / wizard / cipher list. Could be per encounter or per rest. To make it have charges that recharge when hit by enemy spells, I think I would have to look at Major Grimoire Imprint to see how it is coded and how it can be modified.
  7. Yes the robe and hand in current MOD version are a bit OP. Was looking into making the major injuries when you put them on for the first time permanent but got side tracked. They were part of the MOD before I took it over, so far I have only adjusted the lore to them. Robe of Vecna: Lore to this item states that it adds spell alacrity / casting speed. I created a heavy armor in the MOD with this ability. If I tied this to a robe, which I can do, that might be the only feature it has aside from maybe +2 Metaphysics or something but could definitly make a robe with casting speed AND spell reflection. I have added quite a few wizard / druid robes, wands, accessories to add power and variety for playstyles. I imagine a wizard fully decked out in my items could have an easy time of it with fire and shock, My next goal after I get some feedback on item power from users who actually use the MOD is to create a custom NPC or several to sell some of the items and also, if possible to include the items in lootlists. I need to do another full playthrough though so I can correlate enemy difficulty with the items I have created and place items into their lootlist accordingly.
  8. So after looking though this, yes I can do this and I really like the idea. I do not have enough time to get it done before my next release this Friday due to work, life etc. I am going to create this as a separate MOD add-on, it will require the main files from my MOD but can be downloaded separately at players discretion. My goal is to have this done and published by 5/19/2020. I have a book titled Ring Of Winter https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/The_Ring_of_Winter_(novel) I am going to create a ring based on this lore and your idea. I was mulling over adding another ring into the MOD so I will have this done and published to the Nexus with the next release in 2 days. Something like this: +2 Frost power levels +2 illusion PL -1 Resolve OR weakness resolve afflictions / Possibly Enchant recipe to remove penalty Spell Like Ability 'Ninagauth's Freezing Pillar" Once per encounter OR once per day
  9. I have implemented a few items that give + PL to Fire and - PL to Frost such as a wand. I will see about making a wand that gives +frost and Illusion and -Fire / something.
  10. I will look through the item models after work today and see what I can change. Regarding armor, some models cannot have their color changed (or at least I don't have the ability to) but some will adapt to the players chosen color palette and I can find a model that adapts and mod it accordingly. This is actually a 5 item request!!! I might be able to do it all by Friday evening though.
  11. New robe for next release. New trinkets Some items may be considered over powered, I leave it to the player to decide how to use these items.
  12. Finding myself with time to spare before my next MOD release. Will take an item request if it is reasonable. Any item type works Should not be over powered, I probably need to tone down some of my items already. Custom Models are beyond me so feel free to pick an existing item model in game. I do have the ability to re-animate some spells. Got an idea for a character build and need an item to fit it, let me know! Link to MOD:
  13. Dueling boots made to be used with Vivamus Rapier but will function when the off hand is empty and the main hand holds a weapon that is not ranged. New head item. New armor built on request.
  14. Some per rest abilities are just too strong to be set as per encounter I think.
  15. New Large Shield - Can be enchanted / upgraded Accuracy penalty reduced by 2 Elemental Imbuement - When large shield modal active add damage to each main hand attack. Abilities tied to paladin levels cipher keywords. Unique animations. Gravity Well - Functions like pull of Eora but ticks twice as often and a much greater reduction in stride - for when you need the enemies where the tank is. Can upgrade Gravity well to 2 per rest. Modified medium shield from previous version. Added bashing attack this is separate from Shield Bash ability which 1 / encounter. Bashing will scale with enchantment level - requires Noqn Shield bashing fix MOD which is integrated into Elric Galad's Balance MOD (links will be published in suggested mods on my Nexus page)
  16. Thank you!. The next release is scheduled for 5/15/2020. Currently working on: Adding new medium bashing shield. Modifying a medium shield from previous release to have bashing. A large size tanking shield - adds lashing effect to Main hand attack during shield modal with some CC abilities. Paladin Trinket ------------------------------ If time permits. Accessory for One-handed Dueling Rapier build, only works with Off-hand empty.
  17. Ah I see we just use the same values as weapons get with each enchantment level. Yes I can send you over data from a shield I created but I guess what I am seeing is Best Defense a small shield / legendary is base damage 7 - 10 while Magrans is medium / exceptional shield is 11 - 15 base damage before the % increase from enchantment level , yes it does get the % increase from enchantment but the base values between Magran and Best defense are different and I am looking for a what to set on each shield I create , small, medium or large that makes sense since the value is not constant.
  18. With the Noqn mod here are the base damage values for the vanilla bashing shields Best Defense (small shield legendary level) damage 7 - 10 Magran's Blessing (Medium shield exceptional level) 11 - 15 I have the version that skips Tuotilo's Palm which is also at 7 -10. Is it somehow filtering out the shield " best defense" ? Or perhaps it cannot apply the relevant enchantment level to a shield that is by default at that enchantment level. I noticed with my shield it did not apply the exceptional level enchantment because it was by default exceptional level but when I upgraded it to the next level it did receive the correct scaling. Pretty sure I need to combine what Elric Galad is making with your Mod to effect vanilla shields correctly. Edit: I think what I need is the damage and pen values each type of shield should have at each enchantment level. Will Pm Elric
  19. I will send you a completed layout for a bashing shield I created and maybe you can see why it is not working.
  20. After testing the shield damage proc PEN does scale with level. Also scales with passive abilities such as Spirit of Decay. Currently a level 17 character gets the following PEN 7 base 2 level 1 Spirit of Decay Damage amount scales with Might 23 might adds +39% damage after roll Will adjust any passive abilities accordingly based on what you have added to your MOD
  21. Looking for informed opinions to assist me in balancing shields I created. To get around the problem of trying to create a better bashing shield I have created the following. Obviously these will have more enchantments but for now these are what they do. 1. large shield - 100% chance damage enemy in melee whenever the enemy is hit or crit by wielder. Currently only works with Large shield modal on. damage is 10 to 10 pierce / corrode keyword to plant and decay. It benefits from Spirit of Decay for Penetration currently. No testing for plant keyword is done yet. Damage scales with might. Even at 10 damage this is a pretty strong effect. Basically each animated attack results in 2 separately rolled attacks , main hand and shield. Other: 2. large shield - 100% chance damage enemy in melee whenever the wielder is hit or crit. Same effect as above, What do you think these damage values should be? Should the be changed to % / activate or left as is? What should the keywords be? Should the modal be left on or taken off? Also, how would I go about testing plant keyword? Looking for Ideas to make a couple more shields with. Any input is appreciated!!
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