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  1. Nice idea. My aim is to make each item unique, fit into the game world, not be over powered and and adapt to a build or be the base for a new build. Spears need love! There is one spear that does Pierce / slash? Should there be another? Maybe something Pierce / elemental? There is a poleaxe that does slash/shock and another that does slash/blunt. There needs to be another poleaxe or two, how should they work? Give me some ideas so I can build something. Would a crossbow or arbalest that can do blunt damage be too much?
  2. If I set it to use torch animation the mod's that add on hit proc's stop working. Something about the connection between animation - model - itemods needs to be altered at a level I am unable to modify. I won't change the effect but I will change the enchant name away from ladyboy special to something more friendly. Possibilities: Love's Reward Get what you pay for Brothel Gift Ondra's Gift Sailors Traumatic Disease
  3. My mod adds several new items with increased base penetration vs basic item levels. Typically the increase is a value of 1. I am working on more types of weapons for the next release.
  4. Made a club. Purple flame torch with club fighting animation stance. Reveals fog of war just like a regular torch. Day time Smack em Around - Ability is "Regular John's" ( -7 seconds duration beneficial effects when hitting enemy, -7 seconds hostile effects when hitting ally) Night time Dominatrix - Ability is " VIP treatment" (25% chance to Dominate Kith enemy on critical hit) Ladyboy Special - adds Give'em Herps. Herpes doesn't discriminate, it works day and night.
  5. Will see if any of this can work., Looks pretty possible except for maybe "Hard Beat" Here is the the item description: Night Club Originally crafted by an enterprising Orlan in the Gullet as a stylish torch carried by the harlots of the local brothels. The intention was to emit a softer light than the standard torch, meant to highlight the bosom and hips while simultaneously hiding the more unflattering sicknesses such as scurvy, pox or the dreaded "hot wind" They gained widespread fame after an incident involving a strumpet by the name of Runny Jenny (or her given name Clyde) who used it to beat several customers for refusing to pay for services rendered.
  6. The night club emits a purple flame. Is a fine based weapon and also has burning lash. Should have a couple more mods. I think maybe Burning bash (15% fire dmg to enemies in small aoe on kill) Need direction. Give me some clues.
  7. What color should the flame from Night Club be? Torches are red / orange and we want it to stand out from them.
  8. The night club is now in progress. Hopefully can make it stronger during night time. Will post a s/s here when I have something put together. I think the night club will also function as a torch with burning lash and the FX. Have a decent back story in mind already.
  9. So like a club that works at better at night and sucks a bit during the day? With hangover immunity?
  10. Spears: I have the basic's written out for a spear: +1 engagement - Best of slash / pierce dmg - 5% dmg/ 5% action speed when wielded with a shield. + some other things Maces - I thought this over and decided to opt for adding a war hammer first. It has increased pen by 1. 2/%/hit stacking chance to crit and rather than increase engagement amount it increases engagement radius by 1 which means it is in between a regular melee weapon and a reach weapon. I will be adding a couple of maces. Rapier and stilettos need love yes. Going to post a thread where people can request specific weapons but not silly ones. I think some of my weapons might be over powered a slight bit in the first iteration of my mod release and may need to be toned down or adjusted.
  11. As all lashes that are enchantments these have the same PEN as the weapon being wielded. In this case whatever the PEN on the unarmed attack is which scales per monk level. Yes you can equip 2 rings but most rings in the game are sub-par at best. I created another ring, which is in the mod, it is not monk only. Putting them both on a monk would be over powered but also why do that? Should be spread around a bit. 5% crit / 10% crit on this ring was changed to striding 10%. Crit% on rings is not workable and does not work. Also, I have created monk specific gloves already only usable by monk class. They are in the mod also.
  12. Sorry for you but hey you get a lot of cool games that I don't. Maybe someday someone will port my mod to ps4.
  13. Ahh, not sure? They show up in the combat log like this on a roll of 20 crush you see+ 2 shock +2 pierce but the 10% unarmed damage is builtin to the first 20 dmg of crush and logged as such. So I believe the 10% unarmed is additive while shock and pierce are lashes.
  14. First version, play testers wanted. Adds multiple weapons, trinkets, armor and accessories. All items for sale at Wild Mare. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/415?tab=posts&BH=0 Currently looking for assistance in creating unique NPC to sell items in Port Maje. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New hat for next release Eye of truth bonus spell cast / per encounter levels 1 thru 3 Fifth Gate: bonus spell cast / per encounter levels 4 and 5 Seventh Gate: bonus spell cast / per encounter level 6 and 7 / -10hp Ninth gate: bonus spell cast / per encounter level 8 and 9 / -15 hp / +1 perception The negative hp stacks so total of - 25 if fully enchants + 2 perception +1 bonus spell cast all spell levels. Allows for more flexible tome selection but will stack with Tome of Vaporous Wizardry NightClub Built on request torch / club Smack em, -7 hostile effect duration when hitting ally , -7 beneficial effect duration when hitting enemy. Functions as a torch as well. Enchantable Ring for tank
  15. Armor, ring and other items can be found here. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/415?tab=posts&BH=0
  16. I have created a mod with various weapons, armor, shields, accessories and trinkets. Will be uploading it to nexus shortly if anyone wants to playtest it I will modify things based on feedback.
  17. Scepters- Probably has to do with the modal - self damage is not appealing considering thematically they lend themselves to casters and there are better options. Small shields- With that modal perhaps a small shield favoring riposte should have been added,
  18. Well, rings can in fact be enchanted. I have made a monk specific one. Should fit into some unarmed builds Barbed fists changed to Striding 10%
  19. Does not seem so. Only items with a rendered visual model can get a glowing effect from what I see. Also my idea for invisible weapon for monk is out the door, I can make a weapon invisible but the monk will constantly attack with only 1 hand, the animation for unarmed attacks is not something I can tie to a weapon it seems. Even tuotilos palm when made invisible does this also.
  20. Anything that adds extra slots will put it off to the side of the GUI, (look up 6 man party mod) while it may be possible its outside of the scope of what I am doing. What I really need is a coder more skilled than I am to create a unique NPC to sell the items so I don't have to put them all at the Wild Mare.
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