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  1. Regarding a mod in progress which creates a few items for theme based builds that alter power levels of certain keywords, example: Elemental, Ground. Want to give more flexibility to player without breaking game experience on veteran - potd. List of Druid Abilities for Reference: https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Druid+Abilities
  2. I have the same issue running v5.0. I think it is only certain weapon models though but could be tied to certain itemmods
  3. Gives me an idea for a new item, Now I need to find a way to change model of Principi clothing to look like Dracula's cape and give it an ability that applies fatigue, curse of mortality,and weeping wounds on the target and Robust inspiration to the caster. I actually will try to make this but adding a new model is beyond me, might have to look like some other cloak that exists already.
  4. Thanks! I was able to find these in the statuseffects bundle and I don't see might or resolve either I did find these I did find immunities but they are tied to destructibles but may be of use for my purposes. DebugName": "Destructibles_Immunity_Afflictions_Inspirations_SE_MIG_InspirationImmunity", "ID": "31b17862-ec41-4bd5-8462-9fab5960ead7",
  5. Working on a mod and ran into a road block. Looking for the identifier for the following items which I cannot seem to locate. Seems like when these are active they cause a negative ability on the player / enemy to scale up 1 level. Example if the player has Weakness: Constitution Afflictions and is hit by an attack that causes weakened, that attack will be strengthened and cause Enfeebled. Combat log doesnt really show what the scale exactly is it just says xxx strengthened by weakness:xxx Not sure if these are status / affliction / abilities but I cannot find the identifiers for them. Weakness: Intellect Afflictions Weakness: Might Afflictions Weakness Constitution Afflictions
  6. I am trying to correct a mod for myself that was broken by the turn based patch. I am thinking that the Line TacticalDescriptionOverride, -1 needs to be added to correct these things. Where do you add this line in a gamedatabundle file to correct issues with mods that have items with the description of "arbalest" Or an ability description that shows "shaken on hit". Is it supposed to be at the end, or at the beginning or a specific place somewhere else? If someone could post a screenshot of an example of each that would be helpful. (Nevermind, I have figured this out. I have corrected a MOD named "TT1 Unique Items" found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/111 I am going to contact the Mod author and ask that he posts the changes I made.
  7. Just getting back into POE 1 and something with my memory is jumbled. In 2016I was able to adjust some items in the game, weapons specifically and their damage values, description etc at one point. I am trying to remember how I did it. I have looked at the tutorials here and none of the tools look familiar to me such as UABE. Was there a way to mod items without this program or have I smoked one too many?
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