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  1. Such great news, I just hope the DLC takes place after main story and we'll be able to play it after main game plot, instead of "interrupting" main quest to go explore the new asteroid.
  2. I just hope that microsof will give them a big budget to make The Outer Worlds 2, so that we can have a much bigger world to explore, more different ways to achieve our quests and to acquire leverage on people, with a deeper karma / reputation / faction system. Also, romance options and different storylines outcomes for our companions would be great. Depending on our actions and way to talk and play with them, we could either seduce them, make them start to hate us, make them your slaves, or even push one to become our enemy etc. Some optional mods for ship could be fun too, like cloaking
  3. All I know is that I can't wait to hear anything about it. It's been 6 months since the DLC announcement and Obsidian didn't say any word about it since then, which is a bit concerning. Does it mean that we'll get a very big DLC with lot of content and 20+ hours of playtime, or does it mean that it's been delayed because of covid crisis ? We don't know anything. Maybe it's just taking a lot of time because they only put a very small dev team on it. I just can't wait for new adventures in the Unreliable with my fantastic crew
  4. Oh yeah !! That's the best christmas gift you could make ! Thank you guys, can't wait to play it. Keep doing great work and improve. I'm glad I voted for your game, you deserve our love.
  5. 81 hours ? Man what did you do ? Because I'm pretty sure I went everywhere, behind all rocks, spoke to everybody, did everything and all side quests I could, and it took me 45 hours, with some lazy times for rolling my cigs. This game sure isn't the biggest or the longest, but it's the funniest and most immersive I've ever played, with quests, dialogues, and gameplay mechanics near from table-top rpgs. We sure would have loved it even more if it was a 100-150 hours game, as big as mass effect and the witcher, without all the boring stuff the last of these series added, but they don't
  6. Yeah, I mostly refused all the flaws I could get, except for food addict. So if I didn't eat all the time, I had lower attributes which impacted on my gameplay. The combat is too easy most of times, and I also had tons of useless items I never tasted. The system just need to be improved along with the combat, so it would be more coherent and useful. Should also see changes on the character depending on the flaws you'd get during your adventures. A drug addict would change physically, and have quest linked to it, things like that. Flaws are a good idea but got to improve it and go dee
  7. Found them fun, and not overpowered, just unusual weapons made by weird scientists. I would have loved more use to them. Like, for example, you could shrink someone to kidnap him / her without being noticed. Or, we could use the gloop gun on a door to unlock it, things like that. One of the things I loved about the skills in the game, was they were efficient in dialogues, in exploration, in combat, everywhere. Science weapons, as special weapons, should also allow more interactions with the universe, to unlock secret passages, or scare people. Like, you're in the office of
  8. The game sales and number of people playing it with game pass will most certainly help them decide to do some additionnal content or not, but as far as we know, there's sadly no plan for it. So, all we can do is cross fingers, and hope the game will sell lot of copies, show our love to the title and the studio behind it, so that Microsoft and Private know they could make money with the franchise soon, and not only in a few years.
  9. You want a flawed and imperfect character but you complain that you made a mediocre character ? If you character wasn't flawed at anything, it was like perfect ? How did you manage that ? As far as I know, you can't max all skills to 100, so you most certainly had flaws and were better in some domains than others. Your example is priceless. Like, knowing how to Dodge and Block attacks has totally nothing in common. It's not like they could be part of a global knowledge known as martial arts, close combat etc. It makes perfect sense that they're linked, because it's how it works for r
  10. No, you can't explore them. They have no city, atmosphere and humans can't live on them. We could hope for DLC / expansion using them, but since Obisidian didn't say anything about it, not sure it's gonna happen.
  11. Obsididan and Private Division first made a deal with Epic because Epic offers them more money than other game selling platforms. After that, Microsfot bought Obsidian, and probably managed to offer a new deal to Private Division in order to get it on their store and game pass. Steam prefers to take all the money for themselves and give little to developers, and this need to change. That's why going with epic was the best move. Also, it's a way for them to be free from steam's control over the market, and this can only be good.
  12. Whether you like it or not, the way your skills and character evolves in-game is actually the most accurate and realistic I've ever seen to date. Because you can't be the best in everything, you've got to specialize. Like in real life. Being able to talk your way out of some situation requires very special skills, and so does being able to hack high security computers, or steal from people without them noticing. You can take any example, weapons, science, it works the same in real life. Someone who's good with guns will also know some things about how to use rifles or other weapons,
  13. Could it be that nobody found the way to unlock any of them yet ? Or just that there is no city or spaceport there to land ? Would be great to have additional DLC or expansion for them anyway.
  14. You are right there, I know what you mean. It's like when you play a batman game, and you look at the map and ask yourself "brainstorm time, how am I gonna enter this buidling, there are so many different options" and then you realize, you will enter it the same way you did for 99% of the places you visit, through a ventilation conduct. In all 3 games. When I think about all the rpgs I've played in the past 20 years, they were all so much better, they didn't have any hidden place to find. Most rpgs give you only one road to reach your objective, and all players make the same trave
  15. Don't know whether they've plans for DLCs with additional places and quests, but would sure love that ! Moreover, I'd totally pay for extensions in the spirit of those made for the witcher 3, adding 10+ hours of playtime to this brilliant and refreshing masterpiece.
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