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  1. Also the autopause for spotted enemy maybe tiring but is lifesaver in some situations.... WM2 by the end.... cough cough....
  2. I finished WM2, Chapter 3, all quests except LLengrath, all bounties, I´m about to go to endgame and Azzuro has NEVER shown up in my stronghold. (fully upgraded some time ago) Bug?
  3. I won´t go on the 5 pages but know this, the Alpine Dragon is if not the most difficult one of the top notch ones and purposedly with greater difficulty. It is like in FFVII the Arma weapon with 1million HP, is NOT balanced, is an intended badass
  4. There wasn´t too much option when I tell Devil of Caroc that he throw the torch.... btw I used the shadow move (with Devil) per day and the other one critical and 76 HP down and killed, is scripted the critical ??
  5. Have killed Adra and Alpine Dragon, Concelhaut,and I made all vanilla missions, only WM2 remains so Lengrath is there right?
  6. You need to have one disposition point in 'cruel'. Having multiple disposition points in cruel actually makes a surprising amount of characters respond to that fact during dialogue, so it's worth the effort to gain them, in multiple ways. Point taken, I´ll stop being a wuss
  7. how to sacrifice people at Skaen? I wasn´t given the option
  8. Example 1: Remove all stealth status when combat starts (I´m used to this way and is a lot of pain to remove stealth manual) 1.06, combat style Example 2: Auto switch weapon on ineffective weapon Guys post your suggestions, thanks
  9. Have to agree a bit with OP that lot of fights at the beginning supposed to be easy for a level 12 party but as always I have to micromanage every encounter if I don´t want to get hurt. The difference with me is that I like blood muahahaha moar fights!
  10. You may have a point, but your manners invite not to read anything at all, If i were dev I will just ignore, if I were mod I will close. Maybe more polite next time?
  11. My idea is to leave the vanilla spells per encounters mode level 1 and 2, and put an one level 3 spell (but all can be chosen every time) per encounter at level 13 etc instead of the current single spell mastery, how about that devs?
  12. but for White March part 1 level 12 should be enugh right? On the immunities topic, I quite remember that on BG2 bosses all bosses with the default Stun, hold, charm, instant death (that was understandable), which by default were immunity to ALL altered states, which yes produced more challenge, but for the con of playing a less "realistic" battle, which to be honest, i didn´t like those battles for that reason
  13. 1st Congrats on the patch, I thought the Adra Dragon would be uber tough with the immunities and that´s the reason 1st playthrough was on 1.06, and I managed to beat her with more or less same strategy. Now I´m finished ALL vanilla missions except going for the Burial Isle, I wonder if I can start White March, where to start? I still can freely roam the open world. Thanks
  14. hmm just my opinion, but asking for developers advices on combat and then calling it a stomp.... don´t mind me much but is a bit of light cheat to ask for advice from those with very deep knowledge from the game
  15. The one that indicates me when the character is going to have next action, is disabled, it is because I choose hard or expert mode or both?
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