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  1. Yes, and about to play KotOR 2 again.
  2. Since Nevada has a "none of these Candidates" option on the ballot, can't help but wonder how many votes it will get this year.
  3. Also supposed to be getting a physical copy, and have been waiting pretty patiently so far, but... All I ever see when I check "my orders" on the pillars site is "shipping soon". Sigh. Never been a fan of Steam, and really miss being able to buy a retail boxed version of a game. Did get Skyrim as a gift, but still had to use Steam, so I really don't count that as a "real" boxed version.
  4. You know, for all the flack it took, I really liked NWN2 also. Playing it now actually, although fighting it every inch of the way on an 11 year old computer with XP.
  5. Well, I know I never asked those questions, because stayed as far away from that book as I could.
  6. I've tried a short time with the beta, but my computer hated it. Had to run in "fast" instead of anything else and it still stuttered and lagged something awful. Sure hope I can play the the game at release.
  7. Wasn't Original Sin specifically written to have more fun in co-op? Rather than SP?
  8. My first choice would be horror and then science fiction. But, horror wasn't an option. My grandson saw the list and said it should be a space-post-apocalyptic game. Wonder how that would work.
  9. This is a great update. Thanks so much. One thing, though, on one of the images that mentions finalizing the orders, it says November 31st. Since there isn't such a date, will it be Nov. 30th or December 1st? Just wondering.
  10. Think I'd draw the line on backing a tree, grass game, but I'm all for SF or horror.
  11. Everyone needs a quiet corner in which to sip steaming chamomille tea and read about new and improved torture and dungeoneering techniques. Interesting update...but, I'd rather just have a house.
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