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  1. Thanks for the info! Wasn't there a kickstarter tier that was offering the expansion as bonus?
  2. Hey I was wondering if the patch 2.0 will come out for the physical DVD soon? I find it unfortunate that I paid extra to get the DVD but in the end I'm always behind patch wise :/. Also quick question about White March. The fact that I bought the physical collector's edition of Pillars by Kickstarter does it give me White March? Also can we instal white march on the DVD version of the game?
  3. Seriously I was hoping that too... like either an autopatcher or just the link for patches...
  4. Anybody got an idea when we will have access for patch for DVD version? It's basically a download link that we need no?
  5. I hope it will be soon since my game is at 1.04 :/ ...by the way I am pretty sure BG2 had a check update button.
  6. Heya just got my physical game installed but I wonder how can we patch this version of the game? There is no check for update anywhere.
  7. Obviously I want a polished game I don't mind the wait but I would like some feedback about it though :/
  8. Good to know that I'm not the only one! I find it unfortunate that we didn't have much feedback since :/
  9. Heya, I didn't see any thread about it since a while so I was wondering if anyone received their cd yet? Got my collectors box beginning of April but I'm waiting to play the game with the real CD just for the old times sake
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