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  1. I'm having a lot of fun with this build. I'm playing a duo with Eder as my tank, only on veteran, and the big game Hunter hits hard as advertised. I'm finding I have so much accuracy I may Respec and drop the pet talents and get the Monk stun instead as i find myself rarely summoning my pet. I would probably stick with your build if I was playing party based on POTD. The big damage with the Red Hand along with the lighting lash (it's a bummer turning wheel is melee only, that would be overpowered with this build!) does a serious amount of damage with high accuracy.
  2. Someone else just posted a great Monk ranger guide today, I'm on my phone so I can't link but it's on the first page. It uses an arquebus but would work just fine with a bow.
  3. Thanks for clarifying on the crew not participating in combat and thanks for posting this thread, I know I enjoy the ship to ship combat more than most people seem to.
  4. OP now I understand your chart. I think a chart would need to be customized for each type of ship to be more useful to look at this alongside the amount of time it takes to jibe for each ship. Most ship to ship combat is based off firing, then jibe, then wait, then fire, then repeat. So the damage from a single Cannon over 24 turns might be too short off a time to get real data. I think a better data point would be average damage divided by reload time.
  5. OP could you clarify what your Google document represents? I've found the ranges listed on the cannons to be just a guideline. If i have cannoneers that have decent rank my double bronzers (range listed as 250-350) seem to hit just fine anywhere between 200-500m out. Due to the have damage inflicted with the double bronzers and their ability to hit away further than their tooltip states, I can't really find any use for other cannons except for maybe on a dhow which jibes in 2.
  6. Does using grapeshot to down crew members actually change how many enemies you face when you board? I thought it didn't.
  7. Unless you are on the starter ship, i only use double bronzers as the 8 turn reload is perfect to jibe,wait, fire, jibe,wait,fire. If on the starter ship, i do double bronzers on one side, shoot with that side once, jibe, shoot with the 3 turn reload starter cannons twice, then jibe and fire the big ones again.
  8. I found ascendant and ranger go well together to reach ascended status very quickly (especially using frostseeker on aoe packs) but haven't ever used single class to say if the extra PL is worth taking longer to get ascended.
  9. I'm having fun playing Maia as a scout (rogue/ranger) with the Red Hand arquebus/Frostseeker. Red hand does great damage on smaller packs and single targets and frostseeker helps clear the bigger packs of enemies. She keeps up in damage with my melee rogue/fighter.
  10. Brute (berserker/ fighter) is really fun and does a ton of damage so you barely notice it's squishy-ness between cleave stance and Carnage killing everything. Once you get the rage refund for barbaric strike on kill the brute clears trash very quickly while still hitting single targets very hard.
  11. I really like the cloak sold by the berath blessings vendor in port maje on my berserkers. It activates a rogue like escape ability when your bloodied or below so it's a sort of cheat to see your berserkers health. I rarely actually use the escape ability so the one use per rest isn't a big downside. The cloak gives stride and disengagement defense so it's not particularly useful once you get wild Sprint, but my Barb is usually fairly powerful by then and dying less than in early game.
  12. Frostseeker is a lot of fun but i still can't seem to make a ranged gun/bow build that can keep up with my melee dps. WoTEP is one of my favorites too, the offensive Parry upgrade is a lot of fun if you stack some deflection with buffs.
  13. Fascinating, thanks for doing the research. This was one of those simple things that I understood the concept behind, but never had any idea what the actual math worked out to be so this is really cool.
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