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  1. Strange bug (?) I encountered yesterday. I booted up 2.1 for the first time and made a Nature Godlike Lifegiver / No Subclass Sorcerer. After making to level four, I self-buffed with Infuse Vital Essence, shape-shifted and then cast Moon's Light. I was getting a +40% PL buff (+8 power levels). Should have been +6 (+5 Lifegiver, +1 Nature Godlike). After playing around with it for a bit, it seemingly looks like Lifegivers are getting +2 PLs to healing, +5 extra when shifted, for a total of +7. I thought that it worked differently in the past.
  2. I'd probably go with Lifegiver instead of Animist. As long as you're planning on casting Moon's Light and Moonwell, it's almost a no-brainer. I used to be meh on Lifegiver, but then I tried it. I'd probably go Lifegiver / Cat Form. Start every combat by shifting into Cat and activating Cat Flurry [available every encounter!], buff up quickly, cast Moon's Light with a whopping +6 PL [+5 Lifegiver, +1 Nature Godlike]. Then go to town. You can probably get all your buffs / debuffs out along with a round of attack spells. I might also consider moving Dex down to 10 and putting the rest into Might / Int / Per (whatever). With Fleet Feet and Cat Form Flurry, you'll be throwing out spells super fast. Now granted that's only for as long as Cat Form lasts, but still ... Other than that, your spell choice looks solid to me. I would be hard pressed not to use Nnigauth's grimoire for Shadowflame, but YMMV. I actually really like this build. EDIT: I'd also pick up the Spine of Thicket Green early on for another +2 PLs to Druid healing. That's +8 PL while shifted. +8!
  3. Of those, Vigorous Defense does stack specifically with Mirror Image. I did not test with Displaced Image. A Battlemage or a Swashbuckler (Trickster) can hit some wild deflection values.
  4. With Dance of Death / Enduring Dance, it works fine. Shattered Pillar would be kind of useless with this build. Most of the point of going Helwalker is to get the extra point of might per wound, to maximize damage output of the Arquebus. It's also capped at 5 wounds. I'd probably go ordinary no subclass before I went Shattered Pillar.
  5. I ultimately did start running a Druid multiclass with a Jedi flavor, but went with Ascetic instead. Lifegiver / Helwalker. Once you get to lvl 5, it feels unstoppable. Get Moon's Light and Firebrand up, profit.
  6. All of my fighters and fighter multis are 10 con; I've never noticed an issue. I'd probably have to play around to see how I felt about losing 7 deflection, but I can't imagine its that big a hit.
  7. Casita is realistically capped at 10-11 deflection. .25 points of deflection per intimidate. That is insane?
  8. I would try to do a Shadowdancer Monk/Streetfighter build similar to Teesinz's Mirke build: https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/8t0qn6/mirke_the_speed_demon_shadowdancer_leveling/ I would make a few changes: - Armor: Bloody Links with Armor Rating upgrade - 2nd weapon: Tuotilo's Palm - Ring: Swap one out for drunkard's regret I am thinking of trying this myself, but I've already played Shadowdancer once. It's such a good class.
  9. Good to know. In that case, I'd say Gipon Prudensco is criminally under-rated - should be right up at the top with the other big 4. +25 deflection vs. disengagement attacks, +10 deflection, +20 reflex, steadfast inspiration to open combat, immunity to flanked. Can't see why we'd put the Casita Samelia's up there and not Gipon Prudensco.
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