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  1. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/106214-class-build-sorcerer-elemental-arsenal/ I'm thorn between calling it the Avatar or Earth Wind and Fire. It's good enough for PotD and probably some of the challenges.
  2. Tried it. Repeatedly. I really overhauled my playstyle to go from normal and "letting the AI work" to PotD and micromanaging and I read extensively on this forum to find advice, and I just don't like Slicken. Plus even with homemade AI Eder and Pallegina ALWAYS end up in it and I'm out of walls for this squishy guy, it just doesn't feel party play friendly.
  3. I didn't list slicken because despite reading repeatedly how good a spell it was, I never liked it nor did it do good for me too compared to a fleet feet and chill fog opener, which was pretty awesome for the first 9 levels.
  4. Sorcerer, Fury edition Wizard : No Subclass Druid : Fury Version : 3.0.1 Difficulty : PotD Solo : untested, unlikely. After my first sorcerer run I decided do away with the niceties, I realised that I was using only half the spells I had, some of them I had used about once in the entire run, and PEN was a real pain in the ass for the later third of the game. Race : Any, I played Aumauna Background : Rauatai & Scholar (or one of the other giving Metaphysics) Skills : Metaphysics and Athletics Stats : MIG : 16 CON : 8 DEX : 12 PER : 18 INT : 16 RES : 8 T
  5. I'm not a great player or builder or anything but I thought the Sorcerer needed some love I'll just post a new topic for the Fury one and let this one die, it's not bad but it doesn't feel good enough to be a reference.
  6. finished the main quests, just BoW & the 3.0 content to do but the build is having too much trouble with spell PEN in the last quarter of the game, I've got another Fury based with better PEN sorcerer that I'm currently playing, should I post it here? another post? or should I finish the game first?
  7. Thanks for your input Manveru, however since I knew about Teheku's prowess and did not ask for a companion but for building help, this is not exactly on topic.
  8. OK, so after checking the only subclass that doesn't lose AP for spells I don't want compared to Animist is shifter... Not what I was looking for, so it stays Animist. Also, went over all the druid and wizard spells again and I am going to make a few changes, finished (albeit untested) version soon, with more PER (I'm really going to need all the accuracy I can get).
  9. Thanks for all those comments, a few answers; - I really wanted to get Ninagauth's Shadowflame, fireball with paralysed is awesome, but Spore-Loated got all the spells I like/wanted on a wizard, and it feels a bit of a pain to get a Grimoire switch just to get one spell, albeit a very cool one. - The goal here is a druid caster focused on damage and CC, and the 8/9 levels on druid don't feel very good for that, thus multiclassing with wizard for more spells and utilities. - Lifegiver doesn't really lose anything and gets better healing spells, however the heals are not the focus here. I
  10. The -mostly- finished version, in testing, of Waethir the mean. Version: 2.1, POTD Compatible, Solo run untested. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorcerer: Animist / Wizard (No Subclass) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A magical dps that focus on dmg, CC, Debuff and general unpleasantness. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Race: Nature Godlike ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mystic Backgrou
  11. Hmm, there's a Priest of Berath/Animist build on the forum but it's a support/debuff more than a dps... Corrode/Decay/Rot spells for a mean nature guy sounds like something I'd enjoy playing (in a melt your face while smiling sort of way), but there's so many spells in this game x) I guess it's reading time for me.
  12. Raw damage and ilness spreading sounds great, I'm looking it up right now. So many spells though, any rule of thumb I should follow with an evil caster druid?
  13. OK, thanks a lot for the advice. During my run I had Eder, Seraphen, Xoti and Teheku and with those last two buffs I didn't have such a thing as a squishy character, but I worry it won't hold at higher difficulties, Devoted/Troubadour could tank with a little help from Xoti, and once Teheku could cast Returning Storm and Avenging Storm, the fights got really easy since everything was stunned. So I can't build an evil poison druid caster? *disappointment*
  14. I was playing on normal difficulty to discover the quests and story, will probably up to Veteran afterwards. Streetfighter/Sharpshooter would be a good equilibrum of damage and penetration then? Should I go with 16 DEX/ 16 PER/ 16 INT and then boost those with a buffer and items? The Devoted special bonuses and Fighter passives are really nice though, with those recovery and deflection malus, wouldn't I have a harder time in early game? Thanks for the info Manveru but the build was around the Blunderbusses, so changing weapons wouldn't be in my interest ˆˆ. I had 13 PEN before any spell,
  15. Hi everyone, So I've picked up the game and I'm having a blast with it, I've just finished my second run... And I'm itching for more! However I've been trying to wrap my head around the finer mechanics of the game and there are things I'm still not sure about. I've done this run (I'm roleplaying to a certain extent but I like to maximise build efficiency) with this Orlan frontal shooter, using Seraphen's Handmortar and Fire in the Hole (cajole your friends, threaten others, blow **** up was my style, good times). I've picked Orlan for the situationnal crit bonus, and went with tons of P
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