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Sorcerer, Fury edition


Wizard : No Subclass

Druid : Fury


Version : 3.0.1

Difficulty : PotD

Solo : untested, unlikely.


After my first sorcerer run I decided do away with the niceties, I realised that I was using only half the spells I had, some of them I had used about once in the entire run, and PEN was a real pain in the ass for the later third of the game.


Race : Any, I played Aumauna

Background : Rauatai & Scholar (or one of the other giving Metaphysics)


Skills : Metaphysics and Athletics


Stats :

MIG : 16

CON : 8

DEX : 12

PER : 18

INT : 16

RES : 8


To be boosted with Gift of the Machine, Effigy Ressentment, Cauldron Brew, Savage Cunning (I wanted to go all PER but I forgot to change effigy, so it was DEX)


Grimoire : Ninagauth’s


Weapons : dagger and medium shield (start), Cadhu Scalth (Old City) & Griffin’s Blade (Random encounter Neketara), Chromoprismatic Staff (Nemnok)


Armor : Aloth’s Leather Armor

Rings : Kuaru's Prize (Huana Quest line), Ring of Greater Regeneration (Brass Citadel Shop)

Gloves : Firethrower’s Gloves (Berath’s Blessing Merchant or Ashen Maw)

Belt : The Undying Burden (Delver’s Row Shop)

Boots : Leaping Boots or Footprints of Ahu Taka (Whenaru Cleft)

Headgear : Horn of the Bleak Mother (or any +PER)

Necklace : Protective Eothasian Charm (Gorecci Street)

Cloak : Cloak of Greater Protection or Shroud of the Phantasm (Berkerna’s Observatory)


Abilites: Free (f), picked upon leveling (p), Grimoires (g). Abilities I won't use are unmentioned.


lvl 1: Dancing Bolts (f), Chill fog (p), Sunbeam (p)

lvl 2 : Fleet Feet

lvl 3 : ADL (p)


lvl 4 : Infuse with Vital Essence (p), Burst of Summer Flame (f), Insect Swarm (p)

lvl 5 : Weapon and Shield Style (p)

lvl 6 : Automn Decay (p)


I didn’t write in Burst of Summer Flame at the beginning, but that’s because I didn’t notice the cast time. It’s a great little instant damage button, sometimes Insect Swarm is not the right spell.


lvl 7 : Returning Storm (f), Infestation of Maggots (p), Expose Vulnerabilities,(p), Ninagauth's Death Ray (g), Fireball (g)

lvl 8 : Llengrath’s Displaced Image (p)

lvl 9 : Combat Focus (p)


lvl 10 : Hail Storm (f), Calling the World's Maw (p), Ninagauth's Shadowflame (g), Secrets of Rime (p)

lvl 11 : Overwhelming Wave (p)

lvl 12 : Heart of the Storm (p)


Hail Storm is not great except for its massive AOE, I enjoyed using it as a out of stealth opener.


lvl 13 : Plague of Insects (p), Relentless Storm (f), Rapid Casting (p), Ninagauth's Bitter Mooring (g)

lvl 14 : Embrace the Earth Talon (p)

lvl 15 : Llengrath's Safeguard (p)


lvl 16 : Sunlance (f), Venombloom (p), Death Ring (g), Ninagauth's Freezing Pillar (g), Gaze of the Adragan's (p)

lvl 17 : Scion of Flame

lvl 18 : Spirit of Decay

lvl 19 : Rusted Armor (p), Tayn's Chaotic Orb (p), Ninagauth's Killing Bolt (g)

lvl 20 : Accurate Empower


This is not a difficult build. Stay back, buff, throw a Stun/Blind/Paralyse, look for the smallest AR/Defense rating, cast, repeat. Plenty of room for adaptation, no grimoire/weapon switching, no PL to keep track of.

The last quarter of the game was spent casting CC in a chain and watching every possible ennemy getting their ass helplessly handed to them by Eder and Maia, while still having the highest dps.

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I didn't list slicken because despite reading repeatedly how good a spell it was, I never liked it nor did it do good for me too compared to a fleet feet and chill fog opener, which was pretty awesome for the first 9 levels.

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You can always add Adriatic Glow on top of that for another +1 cast on level 1. Slicken after Chill Fog will generate much needed space and time. 


Once you see how good it actually is, you won't go back. 

Tried it. Repeatedly. I really overhauled my playstyle to go from normal and "letting the AI work" to PotD and micromanaging and I read extensively on this forum to find advice, and I just don't like Slicken. Plus even with homemade AI Eder and Pallegina ALWAYS end up in it and I'm out of walls for this squishy guy, it just doesn't feel party play friendly.

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1 hour ago, Faraleth said:

How would you modify this for an Evoker+Fury? Does the Evoker bonuses apply to druid damage spells? And does the Fury bonuses apply to elemental spells from wizard?

Unfortunately because of the keyword system, the Evoker +2 PL only applies to Evocation Wizard spells and AFIK the +PEN of Fury is limited to Druid spells.

I think there are different ways to build a Sorcerer that blasts everybody with spells but one outstanding synergy is to combine all the pulsing/ticking/storm spells you can get with spells like Combusting Wounds and Infestation of Maggots. The damage can quickly snowball into a thing of madness, however beware of not destroying your party in the process (I played a Solo Sorcerer so never had to care about party positioning).

Here's the Sorcerer build I played if you're interested.


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48 minutes ago, Not So Clever Hound said:

and AFIK the +PEN of Fury is limited to Druid spells.

Indeed. The +1 PEN of Furies only applies to damage dealing spells that are keyworded with "Elements" - and only certain Druid spells have that keyword.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Hm... maybe subclasses which would "borrow" Druid spells could also profit from the Fury's passive.

For example: in theory some of Tekehu's special Stormspeaker spells could profit if he were a Fury instead of a Watershaper.

From the top of my head I don't know any non-druid subclass besides Stormspeaker that uses one or more "elements" spells though.

But maybe cool for a modded main character. I think Stormspeaker + Fury makes a lot of sense thematically.

But that's not a sorcerer then of course. :)

Edited by Boeroer

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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9 hours ago, Boeroer said:

But maybe cool for a modded main character. I think Stormspeaker + Fury makes a lot of sense thematically.


sounds really cool for an island aumaua + deadfire archipelago playthrough, I could roleplay this!

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I just used the console to give a Stormspeaker/Watershaper (Tekehu) the Fury subclass - inkluding the Fury's +1 PEN passive:

unfortunately the "elements" keyword were stripped form those invocations and thus the +1 PEN of the Fury does not apply. :( 

Still a nice concept thematically though. 


Edited by Boeroer
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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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