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Found 6 results

  1. After patch 2.1 This change mainly affect four spell : cipher's Disintegration, druid's Taste of The Hunt, priest's Cleaning Flame and wizard's Combusting Wounds. After this patch we won't get a lower damage(every 3s) when we have higher INT, and Graze/Crit won't increase/decrease the damage(every 3s). Now higher INT increase the whole damage for these four spells. However, when I test these spells I found a new issue(bug?). The damage bonus(from STR/food/buff,except pl) of the four spells becomes extreamely low. I did some research and dicovered the exact formula: For other D
  2. The -mostly- finished version, in testing, of Waethir the mean. Version: 2.1, POTD Compatible, Solo run untested. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorcerer: Animist / Wizard (No Subclass) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A magical dps that focus on dmg, CC, Debuff and general unpleasantness. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Race: Nature Godlike ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mystic Backgrou
  3. Hi guys, Description: Wounding shot description : Deals 20% weapon damage per 3.0 sec for 6.0 sec ​I did several tests with 1H, 2H,2x 1H weapons, and it never deals 20% weapon damage, but only 10% ​Is this a bad description or bugged skill ? In my example, i deal 48 damages + 3 * 4 damages over time (instead of 3 * 8 ?) Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Shot random NPC ? (in my case, I apologize to Xoti) Screenshots:
  4. How stated in title. Two examples of that are Sacred Immolation where the Raw Self Damage isn't showed and Cloak of Death where the Raw Damage dealt to the enemy trapped isn't showed Not sure but could be related to any DoT damage
  5. Bringing out the big (testing guns) .. Made the first test run to make sure I have all the tools in place.. Hopefully during this weekend I will be able to Properly test various DOT/HOT abilities (amounts inflicted with maximum precision (float numbers) and timings (down to milliseconds) ).. Will be able me accurately measure multiple DOTs/HOTs running in parallel .. The timing down to millisecond part might might actually be more accurate for measuring attack speeds than frame by frame analysis (we'll see - another topic) .. Here a few test samples - actual testing to fallow l
  6. Some spells do Damage Over Time (im looking at YOU Aloth!), and in the description I see intelligence increase their duration ... 20 damage over 10 seconds (with int 20) vs 20 damage over 1 seconds (with int 1) i'm not sure if high intelligence actually makes DoT spells worse by spreading the damage they do over longer peroid of time, or if the damage dealt by DoT spells is per 'tick' and if so what this 'tick' is ?
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