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Found 6 results

  1. After patch 2.1 This change mainly affect four spell : cipher's Disintegration, druid's Taste of The Hunt, priest's Cleaning Flame and wizard's Combusting Wounds. After this patch we won't get a lower damage(every 3s) when we have higher INT, and Graze/Crit won't increase/decrease the damage(every 3s). Now higher INT increase the whole damage for these four spells. However, when I test these spells I found a new issue(bug?). The damage bonus(from STR/food/buff,except pl) of the four spells becomes extreamely low. I did some research and dicovered the exact formula: For other DoT spells: final_dmg = base_dmg * [ 1 + pl_bonus ] * [ 1 + other_bonus ]. For these four spells: final_dmg = base_dmg * [ 1 + pl_bonus ] * [ 1 + other_bonus / ( base_duration / 3 ) ]. For example,the base damage(every 3s) of Disintegration is 240 / (15/3) = 48. If I have 20% bonus from pl and 20% bonus from food, the damage(every 3s) should be 48*1.2*1.2 = 69.12, but the actual damage in game is 48*1.2*[1+0.2/(15/3)] = 59.904. So only the pl_bonus works well for these four spells, bonus from other source bugged. The extent of the negative impact is decided by the spell's base duration. Higher base duration results in lower bonus. But,why only these four spells ? I checked the "statuseffects.gamedatebundle" and found that their "ApplicationType" are all "ApplyOverTime",which is the same type as POE1. Meanwhile,other dot spell whose "ApplicationType" is "ApplyOverTime" in POE1 now has a new "ApplicationType" : "ApplyOnTick" in POE2. Why these four special ? They work nearly the same as other DoT spells and should have the normal damage bonus from pl & other sources. So I simplely speculate that the dev forgot to change it when they transplant them from POE1 to POE2. PS: Fighter's Unbending, Ranger's Wounding Shot, Rouge's Deep Wounds, Blightheart's Heartbeat health are also "ApplyOverTime", but their dot damage/dot health were originally designed not to benefit from pl & other bonus so there is no bug in them.
  2. The -mostly- finished version, in testing, of Waethir the mean. Version: 2.1, POTD Compatible, Solo run untested. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorcerer: Animist / Wizard (No Subclass) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A magical dps that focus on dmg, CC, Debuff and general unpleasantness. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Race: Nature Godlike ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mystic Background ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Might: 15 Con: 8 Dex: 14 (+1 NG) Per: 15 (+1 NG, +1 White that Wends) Int: 15 Res: 8 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skills: Metaphysics (for the Chromatic Staff), Sneak and Sleight of Hand (for fluff) or any you want. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weapon Focus: Medium Shield, Dagger, Staff, Flail ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spellbooks: Ninagauth's Grimoire & Snakeskin Grimoire ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spirit Form: Stag ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abilites: Free (f), picked upon leveling (p), Grimoires (g). Abilities I won't use from the grimoire are unmentioned. lvl 1: Sunbeam (f), Chill fog (p), Nature's Mark (p) lvl 2 : Fleet Feet (p, replace once you get DAoM) lvl 3 : Talon's Reach (p, replace with Touch of Rot later) Slicken (g) Sunbeam and Chill Fog both blind, but don't deal the same dmg/target the same defense. Nature's Mark makes Sunbeam and Talon's Reach hit easier. Talon's Reach got great early dmg, but will be replaced with Touch of Rot for additionnal DOT dmg to synergize with Combust wounds. Fleet Footed will be replaced by Arkemyr Dazzling Lights. lvl 4 : The Moon's Light (f), Infuse with Vital Essence (p), Insect Swarm (p) lvl 5 : Automn Decay (p) lvl 6 : Combust Wounds (p) Could pick Combust Wounds earlier but felt like I needed enough DOT to make it worthwhile (YMMV). At this point I rush to Neketara to do the Arkemyr Manor and get my grimoires and some items. lvl 7 : Returning Storm (f), Infestation of Maggots (p), Llendrath's Displaced Image (p), Arduous Delay of Motion (g), Ninagauth's Death Ray (g), Noxious Burst (g) lvl 8 : Deleterious Alacracity of Motion (p) lvl 9 : Expose Vulnerabilities (p) lvl 10 : Conjure Blight (f), Moonwell (p), Heart of the Storm (p), Ninagauth's Shadowflame (g), Ironskin (g) lvl 11 : Calling the world's Maw (p) lvl 12 : Form of the Delemgan (p) Here I got Nannasin's Cobra Strike. It doesn't work that well with the build, but I must try it once to see if it's as cool as it seems. lvl 13 : Plague of Insects (f), Relentless Storm (p), Rapid Casting (p), Ryngrim's Enervating Terror (g), Malignant Cloud (g), Ninagauth's Bitter Mooring (g) lvl 14 : Embrace the Earth Talon (p) lvl 15 : Llengrath's Safeguard (p) lvl 16 : Sunlance (f), Venombloom (p), Death Ring (g x2), Ninagauth's Freezing Pillar (g), Gaze of the Adragan's (g) lvl 17 : ? lvl 18 : ? Another two slots I'm not sure how to fill. I already got all the spells I wanted, so either more spells (if I missed something important, do tell) or passives. lvl 19 : Lashing Vine (f) Nature's Bounty (p), Lasting Empower (p), Tayn's Chaotic Orb (g), Ninagauth's Killing Bolt (g) lvl 20 : Potent Empower ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Equipments! Weapons: Dagger and Medium Shield at first for the increased defense using the modals (only if I read correctly and the additionnal recovery time is only for weapons), then options are; The Spine of Thicket Green, Chromoprismatic Quarterstaff, Magran's Favor or Watershaper Focus & Sun and Moon, Griffin's Blade, The Eye of Wael are all going to be in my bag. Griffin's Blade and Chromoprismatic Quaterstaff have my preference however. Armor: Aloth's Leather Armor, Miscreant Leather, Effigy Husk or Spider Silk Robe all feel like good choices. Gloves: Firethrower's Gloves Neck: Baubles of the Fin, Charm of Bones or Stone of Power Rings: Kuaru's Prize, Ring of Greater Regeneration Cloak: Ajamuut's Stalking Cloak Belt: The Undying Burden Shoes: Footprints of Ahu Taka This build plays pretty easely; Buff up, throw a spell that include Crowd Control or Debuff that your enemy is weak against, throw a few DOT spells, add Combust Wounds and wrap up with Infestation of Maggots. Although I included more defensive spells and items, it's still pretty damn fragile and qualifies for the crystal chekhov armory. I intend to have a pretty amoral POE1 backstory to have Effigy ressentment (CoC). This build can Blind, Stun, Petrify, Sicken, Weaken, reduce defences and attributes... I hope I'll make Galawain proud.
  3. Hi guys, Description: Wounding shot description : Deals 20% weapon damage per 3.0 sec for 6.0 sec ​I did several tests with 1H, 2H,2x 1H weapons, and it never deals 20% weapon damage, but only 10% ​Is this a bad description or bugged skill ? In my example, i deal 48 damages + 3 * 4 damages over time (instead of 3 * 8 ?) Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Shot random NPC ? (in my case, I apologize to Xoti) Screenshots:
  4. How stated in title. Two examples of that are Sacred Immolation where the Raw Self Damage isn't showed and Cloak of Death where the Raw Damage dealt to the enemy trapped isn't showed Not sure but could be related to any DoT damage
  5. Bringing out the big (testing guns) .. Made the first test run to make sure I have all the tools in place.. Hopefully during this weekend I will be able to Properly test various DOT/HOT abilities (amounts inflicted with maximum precision (float numbers) and timings (down to milliseconds) ).. Will be able me accurately measure multiple DOTs/HOTs running in parallel .. The timing down to millisecond part might might actually be more accurate for measuring attack speeds than frame by frame analysis (we'll see - another topic) .. Here a few test samples - actual testing to fallow later .. (10 INT ranger with estoc) Wounding shot . Ranger Wounding shot 33.3 - DR (15.0-5.0) = 23.5 pierce (Wounding shot) hits Sneaky, Hobbled (12.0 sec) +0 ms |Health Damage 23.309601 // Estoc weapon hit +38 ms |Health Damage 1.971191 // wound damage ticks +5175 ms |Health Damage 1.971191 +3024 ms |Health Damage 1.971191 +3002 ms |Health Damage 1.971191 +3005 ms |Health Damage 1.971191 +3028 ms |Health Damage 1.971191 +3016 ms |Health Damage 1.971191 +3024 ms |Health Damage 1.971191 Here's a wounding shot with Blunderbuss 1 graze, 4 hit 1 Crit // pellets hit +0 ms |Health Damage 1.780579 +9 ms |Health Damage 1.939209 +8 ms |Health Damage 1.627869 +9 ms |Health Damage 1.177551 +9 ms |Health Damage 1.967072 +13 ms |Health Damage 2.363129 //first DOT tick round (per projectile) +72 ms |Health Damage 0.493500 +1 ms |Health Damage 0.537445 +1 ms |Health Damage 0.451172 +0 ms |Health Damage 0.652710 +0 ms |Health Damage 0.363464 +1 ms |Health Damage 0.654938 //3 seconds later another 6 wound damage tick +2982 ms |Health Damage 0.493500 +0 ms |Health Damage 0.537445 +0 ms |Health Damage 0.451172 +0 ms |Health Damage 0.652710 +0 ms |Health Damage 0.363464 +1 ms |Health Damage 0.654938 +3022 ms |Health Damage 0.493500 +0 ms |Health Damage 0.537445 +0 ms |Health Damage 0.451172 +0 ms |Health Damage 0.652710 +0 ms |Health Damage 0.363464 +0 ms |Health Damage 0.654938 +3011 ms |Health Damage 0.493500 +1 ms |Health Damage 0.537445 +1 ms |Health Damage 0.451172 +1 ms |Health Damage 0.363464 +1 ms |Health Damage 0.654938 +3022 ms |Health Damage 0.493500 +1 ms |Health Damage 0.537445 +1 ms |Health Damage 0.451172 +0 ms |Health Damage 0.363464 +0 ms |Health Damage 0.654938 //3 dots expired quicker +3005 ms |Health Damage 0.363464 +3005 ms |Health Damage 0.363464 +3069 ms |Health Damage 0.363464 Monk - 2 weapon style - dual fist - 19 DEX - for attack speed +0 ms |Health Damage 11.332977 +1018 ms |Health Damage 19.631348 +916 ms |Health Damage 11.370148 +1039 ms |Health Damage 10.968414 +1005 ms |Health Damage 4.430481 +1033 ms |Health Damage 7.485748 +1021 ms |Health Damage 19.314636 +1004 ms |Health Damage 6.898499 +966 ms |Health Damage 9.861145 +994 ms |Health Damage 11.060150 +1064 ms |Health Damage 10.717163 +1005 ms |Health Damage 9.395050 +943 ms |Health Damage 6.106934 +971 ms |Health Damage 2.704590 +924 ms |Health Damage 17.065369 +961 ms |Health Damage 9.399628 +935 ms |Health Damage 9.286469 +1003 ms |Health Damage 18.605988 +914 ms |Health Damage 16.781799 +1000 ms |Health Damage 17.733490 Deep wounds + Wounding shot (2 chars in paralel) +0 ms |Health Damage 13.950195 // ranger estoc wounding shot weapon hit +39 ms |Health Damage 2.277130 +2120 ms |Health Damage 4.253906 // monk with consoled deep wounds , fist hit +33 ms |Health Damage 3.810822 +849 ms |Health Damage 2.277130 +2151 ms |Health Damage 3.810822 +870 ms |Health Damage 2.277130 +2133 ms |Health Damage 3.810822 +895 ms |Health Damage 2.277130 +2121 ms |Health Damage 3.810822 +889 ms |Health Damage 2.277130 +2069 ms |Health Damage 3.756958 // 3.81 is deep wound damage tick, 2.277.. was wounding shot damage tick .. The ran in parallel for the duration . //Paladin Flames of devotion with flaming weapon +0 ms |Health Damage 19.305084 // Surprisingly the summed weapon + lash damage is applied (subtracted) at the same time to target's health testing methodology https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq59wttu2Po
  6. Some spells do Damage Over Time (im looking at YOU Aloth!), and in the description I see intelligence increase their duration ... 20 damage over 10 seconds (with int 20) vs 20 damage over 1 seconds (with int 1) i'm not sure if high intelligence actually makes DoT spells worse by spreading the damage they do over longer peroid of time, or if the damage dealt by DoT spells is per 'tick' and if so what this 'tick' is ?
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