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  1. Berath Temple quest(s) should. I recall getting some unique dialog there as a death godlike and there was a few Priest of Berath options that i'd assume are similar.
  2. Here's an example i posted in the build forums on how to set this up. Wizard buffing
  3. I was going to suggest Trickster/Enchanter but quickly found out that Enchanter disables Trickster's bonus spells. So you'll need this mod to play that.
  4. Recruit Serafen or not Go to the FortYou can enter by using a Principi Flag on your ship You can sneak into the Fort at night You can attack the FortDeal with Benweth (sp?)By fighting everyone By blowing him up By not blowing him up By rescuing prisoners, prisoners steal his ship, and you fight him on top level of the fort Wait a while and the quest will split into a branch that you'll be told via messages. Furrente Quests - Old Blood Princpi Aeldys Quests - New Blood Principi Both quest chains go to the same areas but different objectives. You'll need to progress the Main Story at som
  5. If you've done certain quests they will attack you. A few different quests push you towards that area.
  6. You can talk to Eder about the quest on the boat afterwords. If the quest goes "badly" he definitely brings it up in party banter and his dialogue at the ending.
  7. Double bronzers on both sides if you want to do cannon stuff. Grab the mod that makes instant boarding do no damage to your ship if you prefer boarding.
  8. I think you can work around that. For example. Wizard/xxxxx No Smart - Cast Infuse Vital Essence - Self (default duration) Has Smart - Cast Infuse Vital Essence - Self (modified duration - 4* seconds to take advantage of Smart) No Smart - Cast Defense skill - Self (default duration) Has Smart - Cast Defense Skill - Self (modified duration) *combat happens around 4s intervals and this is to prevent a recovery period stalling refreshing VE. You can also make copies of this for different levels (1, 5, 10, 15, 20) or gear/stat arrangement (WIZ/X 10 INT, WIZ/X 20 INT, WIZ/X 25 INT
  9. It will check the first spell and cast it if it's available. If not it will use the next one. You'll want to set up three different conditions. The caster defaults are more for the enemies (naga will skip to sunlance while a plant person uses plague). Right Click the skill and look at the duration. Set the delay to that # or # + 1.
  10. I've used her as priest, priest/monk, and monk. For a full companion setup I'd go with the multi. If don't mind using a druid/priest adventurer I'd make her a full monk.
  11. Casters (druid/wizard/priest/cipher) would need an overhaul to cast/recovery times. Making a more interesting behavior setup really needs casters to be able to react to a situation immediately. The current timings don't really leave much room for that.
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