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  1. Actually, in one of my previous runs, my 2H Marauder(Assassin/Berserker) with Amra outDPSed my DW Votary(Helwalker/Bleak) with pistols. Now, it could have been the weapon choices and perhaps having similar weapon damage types might make the difference less notable, but the Marauder was at least 30k higher than the Votary. I'm sure in certain cases the opposite could be true, but I think in reality either one should work well in TB.
  2. If you are playing RtwP, Streetfighter/Ascendant with dual Blunderbusses can get pretty crazy. Running with the modal to give you the Flanked status, your recovery is halved and you should fill your focus with the first barrage. Once you hit Ascended, you can spam your cipher spells and decimate the enemies with debuffs and shred spells. Add to the fact that they get the Brilliant buff at PL7 and they become a pretty awesome team player that helps keep your team in fights longer. If it's TB, I would almost recommend a Soulblade/Fighter with a focus on two-handed weapons. Since soul annihilation is only a primary attack, two-handers will hit a bit harder. If you are wanting to dual wield, then I would pair with a flavor of rogue, either Trickster(more defense and debuffs) or vanilla. Most rogue attacks are full attacks and will attack with both weapons. Ascendant makes more sense with rogue, but in TB I found the buff to be underwhelming because you can't spam cast like you can in RtwP. You might want to consider a Beguiler/Trickster, it's actually pretty potent especially when you can spam tons of debuffs on the enemies and let your team mop them up. *One caveat is that TB is still in Beta, so things may change, but with the one action per turn that they currently have, it limits some builds that are strong in RtwP that rely on recovery.
  3. Look into an Ancient Druid. Gets bonuses to Plant and Beast spells, which their DoT spells are based around. Add in the unique staff, The Spine of the Thicket Green (with the upgrade to +3 PL to both Plant and Beast spells), and your dots just destroy groups. If you have a decent INT, the AoE radius is quite large and the duration is increased. Add a decent Might to up the damage. The class also works as a decent healer if you choose the rejuvenation spells. Going single class allows for greater choice of you DoTs and heal spells. Makes for a potent character. I ran this through Veteren, all up-scaled and it was 2nd in overall damage behind my Amra Barbarian/Assassin Magekiller, while still being the main healer of my group. Quick edit to add that the DoTs are raw damage, so fairly good against pretty much anything not poison/disease immune.
  4. Just to add to this, it happens with allies too. A few times my guys will move a tank out of engagement range and mess with some of that engagement interaction. It's a bit annoying, but rectified in the following round. TB makes this a bit more apparent, and sometimes causes you to not make disengagement attacks when you had previously positioned a character to do just that. While a minor inconvenience, it's still something I hope could be changed in upcoming patches.
  5. I've noticed that NPCs outside of the current combat still move and path in normal time when you enter turn-based mode. It makes it especially hard in places with guards to go through an entire combat when you can randomly get an NPC add because their pathing interfered with your combat. The random adds make things difficult at times. Loving turn-based mode, so glad it was implemented. This is more of an annoyance than anything else. I would almost like anyone outside of combat to pause while the battle shakes itself out. Makes for less surprises in the end! Please excuse this if someone has already brought it up, I didn't see it on the forums, but I don't want to make multiple posts if there is already a topic covering this. Sheyde
  6. Changling's Mantle is a soulbound chest armor from SSS that grants a random non-combat pet every encounter, I believe.
  7. Combine that with Citzal's Spirit Lance, and you can get some crazy melee AoE. It's been a lot of fun in my first post 1.1 PotD run. What's attributes did you go with? Sounds like fun! I did max Might, Pen and Int, while putting as much into Dex as I could. I dumped Con and Res as I felt the defensive spells wiz brings covered most of what I lost from dumping those two stats. It is a little rough in the beginning as you don't get the Lance until 13, some of the monk skills help you still close things out. I also picked up the PL1 Parasitic Staff in case I needed it. This combo is my number 2 damage dealer behind my Sharpshooter/Barbarian combo that is just sick and awesome. I am trying a solo PotD run with this build, but I am running Shattered Pillar as opposed to Helwalker because I am not a masochist. Good skills to get on the monk side with Helwalker are: Swift Flurry, Dance of Death, Torment's Reach(and upgrade), Duality(Int), Turning Wheel, Heartbeat Drumming, and Spin Kick(for fun). The class really turns into a badass when all your wizard buffs last longer than most fights. I have only had to empower my resources one time that I can think of, and that was early in my journey(pre-lance). Hope that helps!
  8. What kind of abilities do you recommend for the Rogue if I want to be a debuffer? Confounding Blind, Blinding Strike upgrade, is pretty awesome, Deflection penalty keeps getting better the more they get hit. I also like opening with debilitating strike, gets a couple debuffs on them which helps. I've run Streetfighter as a rogue, I was going unclassed until I saw the Blunderbuss modal which basically ups your recovery by 50% as it makes you Flanked. It does take away some accuracy, but I think the benefits far outweigh the penalties. I usually open with a Blunderbuss shot of Debilitating and then switch weapons and go for a Confounding and then switch back to Blunderbusses and COnfounding...you get the idea. It's actually worked very well in my party so far. The debuffs help and my Streetfighter/Beguiler does do some decent damage when I need it.
  9. I must be doing something different. I was really just using the extra summons as a distraction for the casters/ranged while my muscle worked their way through everything. If they killed the caster, awesome. If not, it usually buys me enough time to kill their meat shields with my melee and ranger/barbarian. It's actually been working very well so far.
  10. Combine that with Citzal's Spirit Lance, and you can get some crazy melee AoE. It's been a lot of fun in my first post 1.1 PotD run.
  11. This build looks like a lot of fun! Love range builds and really love the RP concept. I smell a new play through coming on! I think I may try this for my first foray into solo PotD. Nice job!
  12. I had the same exact problem, lol. I ended up just taking the Everything Bad history and created my entire team, Vox Machina-lite. Kinda helped ease the restartitis I kept falling in. Running 5 characters that I created is vastly more satisfying than just one! Though I do wish the team would banter more...ahh well, I'll just have Critical Role playing in the background...
  13. My main ran the first two PotD runs as a ranger/monk and the Swift Flurry procs are not to be taken lightly. I was able to clear 75% of the screen, with the Frostseeker, in a matter of seconds. Almost wish I had screenshot it, but I was in shock, haha. I'm now running Sharpshooter/Devoted to see how that compares. It's a bit slower on the draw but hits like a truck with all the crit and accuracy you can stack. I've also tried Devoted/Darcozzi pistol specialist that was pretty awesome, decent defense and some nice damage to boot. I was channeling my inner Percy. My current run includes 4 ranged and 1 melee + pet (Vox Machina-lite) and it's working wonderfully. Just threw a bunch of firearms in the team's hands and let them go!
  14. Very nice build! I was going down the path of the Shepherd (Dracozzi/Stalker) but this trumps it in damage! I was going sword and shield, which is pretty survivable, but the fights take a little long, haha. Great job though! I think I'll try this out tonight!
  15. I was attempting a Troubador/Evoker build, but this one looks amazing. Great details as well. Nice job!
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