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  1. I will. For Giuliani

  2. Oh, similar to the Canadian rivalry, eh? Us versus the Canadians, eh? Eh?

  3. I know! Less than a week now.

    *ignores Accept*

  4. He's not completely meaningless.

  5. History is teh fun.

    But having battles about whose country is better is slightly well... you two have fun with it.

    And brunettes > blondes for sure because I'm a brunette. Yay for brown haired people!

    Yay America.

  6. Thanks, Architect. Shut up, Accept.

  7. Yeah, okay, I do. Just don't say I have a beard ad smoke cigars.That's my dad. Minus the beard.

  8. Is this what you guys do on the weekends?

  9. I hate you both.

  10. Besides, sex is better than ****.

    And Xard, I have no idea what the hell is wrong with Accept. I think he was just born that way. Or his mother didn't breast feed him.

  11. I'm Hispanic, not Native American.

  12. It's better to be equal to sex than ****.

  13. I wanna go to Brown!

    Take the pink away. That's mine, bitch.

  14. I will keep the pink.

  15. Yeah, sure. I just can't stop thinking about sex. Sex all the time. All I want to do is have lots of sex. *rolls eyes*

    And that name is retarded.

  16. Maybe I should turn mine off.

  17. And why doesn't Accept label himself as male with the status thing? Is he a hermaphrodite? Or bi? Or unsure of himself?

  18. I know, I should be used to it by now.

  19. Another comment box where the first thing I read is sexual.

  20. And Xard, you look like the spawn of Lucifer...but less mean and bitter.

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