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  1. 1) *friends*

    2)...I'm not sure...

  2. Aww, you were friended by two people. That's sweet.

  3. ;D Maybe... Or like Survivor

  4. 6 is fine. Why? You offering to be a candidate like Accept now?

  5. I think Wee Man is taller than Tom.

  6. I leave this tab on for a bit. I switch between this and my LJ which is currently down for some reason. Stupid LJ. Now I'm stuck between this and KTTC.

  7. That was so bad. Anyway, he spent his birthday watching a cricket game. Talk about no fun. Isn't cricket like bad hockey?

  8. I'll pass on the swede steel. I'll have one Daniel Radcliffe please. And never put that boy down. He is teh sex.

  9. Oh, yeah, and I cursed him out like seven thousand times. I really lost myself one day. I think because I was going through one of those cycles or something.

  10. Stoop lower and you'll reach his level.

  11. That sounds dirty.

    Oh, and happy birthday Daniel Radcliffe! Much love to you!

  12. Oh, and Architect, I only read 5 and 6 once, as soon as they came out, and then forgot everything that happened. But having watched the fifth movie and not re-reading book 6, I was able to comprehend 7. I didn't need to re-read anything at all. I think you could read it in a day and be fine.

  13. Don't be dissing my bands.

    Yay! Accept's back! *throws confetti*

  14. I'm watching Supernatural right now, though.

  15. No, not really. There's literally nothing to do. No fun. The cinema has only two movies: HP and Hairspray, both of which I've seen. And as much as I'd love to see Daniel Radcliffe seven hundred times, I can see him for free on the internet. When I say there's nothing, I mean, there's nothing.

  16. Dude, I hate the beach. I'm not going down there. I'm still here. Oh, and I finished reading HP!

  17. Thanks for the random movie quote of the day.

  18. I recently saw: HP 5 - Amazing film, crappy adaptation. That's all I'm gonna say for the sake of spoilers. Hairspray - I loved it. Thought it was quirky, cute, and a pretty good interpretation of the Broadway show, though Travolta seemed out of place and his accent was confusing. Didn't know what he wanted to sound like. They should have just asked Goodman to come back and reprise his role. But apart from that, it was delightful! Go see it!
  19. Well, when I grab my new Harry Potter book tonight, I shall read through it and hopefully that'll pass some time. *twiddle thumb*
  20. Well, that's interesting. I got my tickets to see the Goo Goo Dolls!

  21. And we should care about you because? Indeed. Why? Go express your feelings in a journal. Just write out all the anger in there and don't bring it here. This isn't your blog. Or go eat your feelings. I think he just wants attention.
  22. Your Score: a Pirate You scored 6 Honor, 5 Justice, 5 Adventure, and 7 Individuality! Arr matey. You may belive in honor, and justice, and you certainly have a sense of adventure. But mostly, you play by your own rules. Your code is your own and you are flexible in most situations. Dress flamboyant and look into a parrot. I think you'll do fine. You scored higher than 99% on Ninjinuity You scored higher than 99% on Knightlyness You scored higher than 99% on Cowboiosity You scored higher than 99% on Piratical Bent
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