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  1. What was the cruelist thing you did in kotor 1 or 2? For me i guess is when i killed any of the jedi masters!
  2. How for when you bad or cruel things in ether kotor 1 or 2 ??
  3. Does Anyone Know If Its Online Play Will Be Free? And What Side Of The Force Will You Be On? Id Be On The Dark Side
  4. What systems do you think knights of the old republic 3 be on? For me PC.
  5. Most radeon cards have a tv out, so you ok if you want a tv out option.
  6. Yes a duo core cpu will do just fine for pc gaming, i have a duo core 2 intel e6550 and it play games just fine.
  7. For those who don't know who zayne carrick is zayne carrick info
  8. It looked ok to me. It look's like there borrowing from the mini series (it's animated style).
  9. I think the first game is better (there's more things to do (places to go, tombs,etc)).
  10. Having your character fall to the dark side is more fun
  11. Yes it's safe to say kotor 3 won, Because i voted for it as well an i'm a fan of the kotor series.
  12. I always let my character fall to the dark side in kotor 1 and 2.
  13. What would you do if you became a sith lord in the star wars galaxy? (1) Conquer A Planet (2) Conquer The Galaxy
  14. I'd be a darklord of the sith, They have more fun!!
  15. If they made a new star wars movie Where should it be set in? (1) The kotor era. (2) After the original trilogy.
  16. Coruscant would be cool aspecialy if you could explore every inch of the planet.
  17. Does anyone agree with me that obsidian and lucasarts needs to comeout with a vista patc for kotor 1 and 2?
  18. I liked all six movies (Yes i did liked 1-3).
  19. Anyone who has gotton it to work on vista (what version was it and what compatibilty mode setting did you use) i'm asking because i reinstalled vista (i've got home premium).
  20. I'd fly the ebon hawk (what a cool ship) and go to the unknown regions of the galaxy and conqoer it with my dark force powers!!!!
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