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  1. Even though i've gone back to using xp, I do like vista it does have a lot of nice things in it but it also has some glitches in it as well.
  2. If you suddenly found yourself in the star war universe what ship would you want to fly? 1. The ebon Hawk? 2. The Millenium Falcon? Plus Where would you go?
  3. I 3rd it! Also i reinstall windows xp and kotor 1 runs fine now.
  4. Qui-Gon because he was interesting to me and bastila even though to me she was annoying.
  5. I tried it again but this time in WIndows XP compatibility mode here is the error i got both times. If anyone else has gotten this error in vista please let me know that i'm not the only one.
  6. Does any one know if ether kotor 1 or 2 works on vista?
  7. Kreia was downright annoying and i seldom selected her in any of my parties.
  8. Yesterday i bought a hp pavilion computer and it has onboard video (it's a ati xpress 200) it doesn't have agp support and all my old video cards are agp only, does anyone know if it will work with this video chip? If it doesn't i'll have to wait until i buy a pci express based video card.
  9. And even more scarier if any one of us was a sith lord!
  10. What would you do if you found your self in the star wars galaxy? :joy:
  11. If i didn't conquer the republic , I would explore the unknown regions of the galaxy and conquer what ever inhabited planet i found !
  12. I've played kotor and i do think i would make a good movie if done right.
  13. I would like to see Alderon, even though it was destroyed in the first movie a new hope. And i too would like to see Tatooine.
  14. Do you hope they will make a knights of the old republic movie?
  15. Lets hope they do make knights of the old republic 3.
  16. Does anyone know if Radeon x1300 pro video card works with knights of the old republic 2? :">
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