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  1. I am playing the beta patch 3.0 and noticed the bug is gone! Everyone is speaking of their own accord with no regard to interrupting anyone else. Thank you so much, everyone, from the bottom of my heart. I need to start another playthrough, haha!
  2. Happened to me, too. If you load the game, the text showed up again.
  3. I'm gonna tell you about it anyways, because it is in parts about nostalgia. If you replay Baldurs Gate II now, the dialog is often really cringe worthy. And descriptions and mechanics aren't up to par for this age. I look at BG II with rose tinted glasses, because it might be my favorite game of all time. But I was 20 years younger back then, and I was more excitable and knew a lot less about most things. Personally, I find it impossible for games now in my early thirties, with all the games I have played by now, to replicate the feelings I got when I played Baldur's Gate II the first time, thou I admit Twitcher 3 did a grand job of trying. But if I played BG II for the first time now, it wouldn't be nearly as good or impactful for me, as it was then. You may like BG II more, but that is not objective. I like PoE's mature and complex writing much more now, than I like the immature, D&D trope style writing from BG II. So don't discard nostalgia like that, because it does play a significant role in your perception of games you play now. I remember when I was a kid and played through BGII, I thought the Jaheira romance was so beautiful and romantic. The best I have seen in any game. Now when I replayed it a few months ago, It seems rushed, suddenly over, and I was left with an overwhelming "...that's it?" Such is nostalgia, I suppose.
  4. Waiting too. Can't wait for the DLC! Think I'm gonna do a whole party of my own characters this time on PoTD, as I did my first playthrough with the companions.
  5. Bump for any progress? I did some more investigating on my side and it seems the sounds only fail to play when someone else is already talking, almost like there is only one 'active' vocal sound/channel able to play at a time, which seems to be why they are being interrupted by other voices. Sword slashes, explosions, and so on seem to function normally, however. If everyone is quiet, the spell vocals play every time, and they only fail to play when someone is currently speaking, regardless if it is a battle cry, spell incantation, groan, etc. This is most noticeably less of a problem with only one or two active party members, since there aren't many party members available to cause interruptions by cutting them off. I definitely don't remember vocal interruptions happening with earlier patches, and there are many videos I've seen where this doesn't happen and you can hear two or more people talking at once and none of them being cut off. Hope that helps.
  6. Thank you for your reply, mate. I appreciate your time and consideration. This is a video showcasing what's going on. I listed the interruptions in the video's description with time links for easy jumping. My Wizard's first spell is interrupted, just 3 seconds into the video. His "A ulu thenn" gets cut off at the end. There are interruptions throughout, and many of the characters (mostly my wizard, it seems) casts quite a few of his spells without any incantation to them. Here is my savegame. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c0ma5584x5m8gps/Sylvio%20Embermoon%20%2840e0d593-08a6-4e34-bf8e-d3cd8c029c7e%29%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0 Provided my DxDiag too, just in case. If there is any additional information or items I can provide, please let me know. The incantation sounds are one of the things I love the most about this game, and I would really like to hear them play wholly through. DxDiag.txt
  7. As of patch 1.1, whenever my characters talk or make sounds during battle, they seem to overwrite anyone else that was previously talking or casting a spell. This can happen with short lines like Pallegina's "Belfetto!" or even someone's groan for swinging a weapon. The vocals being interrupted seems to happen moreso to player created characters (my Watcher) than the companions like Eder or Pallegina. This didn't seem to happen at all before the latest patches. Also, for my Watcher (male Wizard), spell incantation sounds "Athek werthan roth!, etc." rarely play at all anymore for him during combat, but seem to function better for everyone else. Out of combat, the vocals play almost every time. I am using the male Kind voice, but I changed it a few other ones and the problem still happens with him in combat. The sounds are my favourite thing about the game and it really breaks immersion that this happens.
  8. I just beat the game. Found a few bugs. Spell incantation sounds sometimes don't play. "Moeith Ixi Anath!", etc. This seems to be random, but sometimes solves itself when clicking on a different character, moving them, and clicking back to the original spellcaster. They don't get interrupted by other sounds, though! The game will freeze at a random interval for a milisecond, up to a second's worth of time. The NPC you need to talk to to continue Pallegina's quest, Lil Woody doesn't spawn, leaving her quest uncompleted. The Huana ending is impossible. When you bomb the powderhouse (thus doing what the queen wanted you to do), you are still put on trial. The queen then banishes you from her service no matter what you say. While editing custom character behaviors, often the behavior will not save, no matter what you do. The game crashes when loading a savegame, due to a "6205" error. This happens during play, but doesn't happen after loading a savegame just after starting the game. The Soulbound Arquebus (with corruption powers) shows that is it harming party members (Saying things like "Sylvio Crits Xoti, etc.), when it isn't actually causing damage to them. During one of the fights in the fampyr/undead reef on the bottom right side of the map, 3 of my characters disappeared from the map, but were still taking damage and fighting as normal. There was no way to move them or target them. Xoti still seems to have flirty dialogue with Eder, even if you are romancing her. That just seemed really out of character for her, since she admits that she doesn't think of him in that way and is completely into you. The gloves that grant +2 power level to Evocation spells, I am not sure they are working properly. I didn't see their name in the damage calculation, but I could be reading it wrong. The achievement for finishing the Principi's questline never unlocks.
  9. Looking forward to the spells and abilities the most. And the ability to create a unique and cool party that can handle anything thrown at them.
  10. I'm gonna play again on PotD for the first time too, I think. I've beaten the game on normal and hard, but PotD looks fun. I've soloed Tyranny on it, so this can't be that much harder... I hope. Haha
  11. Thank you, mate. I appreciate your replies. Here is the video. Of the four times he casts the spell, only the full incantation can be heard the second. It seems to be cut off all other times at various intervals. Here is my specs and such, too.
  12. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83031-audio-issue-character-voices-cut-off/ One of the notable posts I've found. The same thing is happening to me. I'll post my system specs when I get home, I can upload a video too if that will help.
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