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  1. Oh yeah. Pirates should be in this game also. And cutlasses, and, and blunderbusses and just regular flintlock pistols and all.
  2. Obviously it depends what level you are. At level one you will probably get your butt kicked by kids, but at higher levels you'll be killing kids with the best of them.
  3. Morrowind is not cool. Not cool at all. Do not speak its name in my thread.
  4. im sure, that project x is KOTOR 2 (as far as i have information...), so, obsidian, you dont give a f*ck, what players want?! do you?! im disapointed by that...dreamed about great izometric rpg, no consol-port s***, like KOTOR is... plz, change the project!!! My eyes! Make the bad grammarian stop! And by the way... KotOR wasn't a port. It was simultaneously developed on the XBOX and the PC. Also... KotOR had extremely good sales on both the XBOX and the PC, as I understand it. This would tend to indicate that a sequel is, in fact, what the 'players' want. Or, not necessarily a sequel, but another game set in the star wars universe. So not KotOR 2, but Star Wars: (insert subheading here. A subheading which has nothing to do with Knights.)
  5. Strangely, it would not have occurred to me to request an option whereby my character offs themself.
  6. Well, surely you could have both Vikings and Ninjas as playable classes. Wizardry 8 also happens to have the Valkyrie as a playable class. My point (well, one of them) is that it would be just swell to have a nice diverse group of classes to choose from. So naturally, I wouldn't object to, perhaps, 50 different playable classes. I don't think that's an unreasonable suggestion.
  7. I like levelling. I've just been playing Wizardry 8, which has a nice amount of levelling, and a nice levelling system. I'd like Project X to have a nice high level cap (somewhere like level 200 should be adequate) and the possibility to just wander around aimlessly, killing stuff and levelling. And preferably also collecting a large amount of fat loot. That would be nice. Also, I'd like the classes (If you do decide to use a class based levelling system) to be nice and diverse, much like those in Wizardry 8. By the way, Wizardry 8 has ninjas and samurai. If you could see your way clear to putting at least one of those character classes in your game (preferably ninjas if you have to choose between the two) that would be swell. So, let's see, levelling, loot, ninjas. Think I've covered everything. Oh yeah, feel free to add discussion expounding on the virtues of the subjects of discussion.
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