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  1. Try reinstalling your graphics drivers, might help. You could also try uninstalling then reinstalling the game-as I keep pointing out the saved games are not deleted during uninstall unless you tell the program to do so. As a last resort try installing windows again-this always makes people wary, but you can run the windows install program from windows and it will just over write the basic files without deleting anything other than the old windows files. (Windows is designed so you can upgrade from an earler version by installing over the older OS, the same program allows you to overwrite even if its the same version). Word of caution-although windows shouldn't remove anything from your PC such as programs, and it should automatically detect and install all the relevent drivers, web links etc it can sometimes do strange things for no reason. Therefore before you even think of doing this make sure you have all your passwords written down, backups and disks for drivers/internet etc before you start.
  2. The OS shouldn't make any difference (unless it was Vista, which it isn't), so its likely to be a problem with either the disk or with the drive-or both. Cleaning the CD and the Drive would be a good idea-if the CD lens is dirty its not going to read the cd correctly, and if the drive is older it might be less able to handle even small smudges on a CD. A CD cleaner should set you back something between
  3. It could be the CD drive, older drives can sometimes skip or just fail to read CD's for no apparent reason-is your computer an old one?. The first thing to try is to get a CD cleaner and use that, see if it helps. If not the only solution for a bad CD drive is to replace it (Which is a very simple thing to do, but fairly expensive depending on what drive you opt for.)
  4. KOTOR tends not to run well on anything but normal PC's, and (like more than a few games) it hates Laptop type graphics cards-it also seems to dislike radeon Cards in general-so I doubt that you will get it working. Sorry. You might want to check on the Lucasarts forums, there is a technical section for the KOTOR series on there, and someone might be able to give better advice there.
  5. I don't think the translation work is included in the list if issues, given that the translators have only been on board for something like two weeks this build increase seems to show that things are progressing rapidly at least in some areas.
  6. I should have added that from both LA and Biowares point of view releasing Mass Effect before K3-and assuming Bioware is K3's developer-might, if the game gets good reviews, help to reasure people that K3 is going to be a quality product and not a rushed project that will be full of stupid bugs.
  7. Welcome to the boards. Known facts; Games are released at a date calculated to sell. LA has stated that the time given for a games development is 18 months LA makes the developers sign a non-disclosure agreement. Conclusions; The best date to release a computer game is around Christmas, since everyone is looking for presents for people during this time reviews are (At least to start with) less important as a large number of games will be bought for other people baised on what they might like-IE 'They like Starwars so we'll get them this'. Afterwards people with new computers/consoles will be looking for games and, likewise, will be more likely to buy whats on offer. Although games are, of course, released all year around LA does have a habit of releasing their major games around X-Mas-this in fact is why the development of K2 was rushed. As K3 would be a big Starwars game it would be somewhat surprising if K3 wasn't released around Christmas. The only alternitive would be if they intend to release K3 around a time when interest in SW was rising, which since there are no more films in the works could mean its intended for release when the live action series is out-which would be 2009? If K3 follows the 18 months development standard and is intended for an X-Mas release then it would, logically, be slated for a 2007 or 2008 release date. While K3 could be set for 2009 I think that this would be to long a gap between the games, and no matter how good LA's marketing people might be they would have a very hard time getting people interested in the game after such a long period. If K3 is intended for X-Mas 2007 then the game would have been started in or around June 2006, if it is intended for 2008 then they would have started work about a month ago. If the game is intended for release in 2008 it would make perfect sense of everything that has (and hasn't) been said. Consider that Bioware could well be K3's developers, but if it was intended for a 2008 X-Mas release then they would only have started working on it in the last month-and their comments about 'If LA asks we'd be happy to work on it' could be explained as Bioware not having signed anything at that point. Just because we haven't heard anything about K3 from any source isn't all that surprising. Whoever is (or has been) chosen to make K3 wouldn't be able to say anything. LA is a big company, and one that has a well known trademark. Starwars games, no matter how bad they might turn out to be, tend to sell quite well and this is to the advantage of the devlopers-not just because of the money they get from the sales, but also because they can point to a high selling game in future. Therefore keeping quiet about K3 so LA doesn't get annoyed at the developers and would be willing to give them more work in the future makes perfect sense. It should also be remembered that the disclosure agreement is a legal document, if the developers did say anything LA would not only be able to pull the plug and give the game to someone else but they could sue the company in question-which even if it didn't finish the company off would make sure that no major project would be offered to that developer again, which would finish them off soon enough. In answer to some of your comments; Sort of, it would be more accurate to say that the people who played the first two game would be interested in K3. But I've read enough from loads of people who played the first games who have stated that, due to K2 having been rushed and crippled as a result, they will not be running off to buy K3 but who will sit back and wait for the detailed reviews first. Assuming that K3 isn't rushed and is a good game in its own right, LA is either going to have to settle for slow sales to start with or do a lot of work to convince people that the game hasn't been rushed and full of bugs. Since I doubt that LA would be happy with the first would forsee a lot of information coming out in the two or three months prior to K3's release, and possibaly a lot of people getting to play the game during this time-if K3 is due to be out this year I'd expect information to start cropping up around September/October. This makes no sense what-so-ever. Bioware is not going to screw around with LA directly or indirectly, if they did LA would simply take their business elsewhere. Also bare in mind that Starwars is, like Star Trek, a brand name that sells regardless of content, Mass Effect-no matter how good-is not going to be able to compete with a Starwars game since there will be a lot of people who don't normally buy games but who will buy something with Starwars on the box. LA might be respectful towards Bioware-there is no practical reason for them not to be-but this wouldn't stop them from competing with them. All is fair in love, war and marketing and LA would not hesitate to set K3's release date at the same time as Mass Effect if they felt the game would still sell. Most of this is conjecture, and would imply that Bioware is well aware of LA's plans for K3 and LA is in turn aware of Biowares plans for Mass Effect. If Bioware isn't developing K3 this is frankly impossible-they are totally different companies and wouldn't share such information. On the other side if Bioware is/will be working on K3 then they would of course know the details, but this would also mean that the comment about Mass Effect being intended to make people forget about K3 is nonsense-Bioware would not want people to forget about their next major game. I fail to see the logic. Why would Bioware want to help LA out with K3 if they are not working on the game? Even if the developers for K3 are close to bioware they couldn't tell Bioware anything about the game because of the nondisclosure agreement. This also fails to tally with the comment about Mass Effect being intended to make people forget about K3-helping them cover up wouldn't go with this. The only sense I can make of this, and the only way I can bring your comments together, would be to assume that Bioware is, in fact, the developer of K3. If they were then they would, of course, know when K3 is due to be released and would be able to set the release date of Mass Effect so the two don't clash-which would be in the interests of both Bioware and LA. The hype/marketing about Mass Effect would and could serve as a good smoke screen for K3, allowing Bioware to work on that game without being pestered for information and giving LA more latitude in exactly when K3 is released should the project run into trouble. This, of course, is conjecture and at present there is no indication that anyone-let alone Bioware-is working on K3, let alone when K3 might be released. That Knights of the Old Republic 3 will happen should be given basied on current information/comments from Lucasarts and the unlikely hood that they would fail to finish a game series that will sell.
  8. I think part of the problem with Vapaad was that they decided Mace should have his own unique fighting style, either because of the way Samuel Jackson tended to handle and fight with a sabre or because they wanted to explain why someone so (Relativley) young was on the Jedi council-inventing a new lightsabre form would imply a great deal of skill knowledge and general ability. However they had also decided that Jedi should have various lightsabre forms, and I'm guessing that when they 'invented' Vapaad they hadn't quite decided how many forms there would be or their names. (Having several lightsabre forms makes perfect sense to me, and is something that I quite like). I'm guessing that what happened is that they named all the forms, and set how many of them there would be, and then realised that they had either forgot about Vapaad or had failed to tell whoever was writing about Vapaad what they were doing-which has lead to lots of running around while they attempt to correct the error and lots of confusion, not helped by having someone give a Sith lightsabre form the same name. It would be interesting to see at which point they decided and named the forms-I'm guessing that it happened between Phantom and Clones. I'm also wondering if the lightsabre forms came about because of K2, if they did it would-to the best of my knowledge-be the first time a Starwars computer game altered all Starwars cannon. This is, however, conjecture as I've never seen anything to tell me quite how or when the Lightsabre Forms came about.
  9. I'm not totally sure, but I think the question (Where did the Ebon Hawk come from?) Is only avalible after a particular point in the game-regardless of how much work you've done on T3 or what your int, awareness or persuade skills happen to be. (You can use awareness or inteligence to get the question I think) I'm not sure if this point is getting the Exile to a particular level or the number of planets you've been to, but I do know that its not so much the work you do as the fact that you gain influence with T3 if you repair him enough.
  10. No, as far as can be told from all sources it had no effect on him at all. In the exiles case I think they became a wound not just because they were there when Malacore was destroyed, but also because there were so many Jedi killed at the same time. Since there were no Jedi on either the Death Star or Alderaan*, let alone any that were killed, it would have had little if any effect on him. Part of the reason the Exile was affected was because A; The Exile had the ability to create bonds with people around him/her, this bond was stronger with others who were strong in the force-ie Jedi. B; It could safely be assumed that the Exile would have known most, if not all, of the Jedi Killed personally to some degree. Therefore the Exile would have been much more sensitive to them dying than the average Jedi would have been, it would have been rather like loosing almost your entire family in one go. Since none of this applies to Vader-no ability to create force bonds, and no one on the planet he would have known or cared about-he would not have become a wound in the force. (*Before someone comments there was, aparently, at least one Jedi Knight on Alderann when the planet was destroyed but this wouldn't really make any difference in this case.)
  11. When skills or feats increase every few levels they refure to the levels since that character became a Jedi-Otherwise the moment you Jedify a party member they would get whatever feats their class gets right up to their current level, which would totally unbalance the game. In the case of the main character you don't start as a Jedi, or at least you have no force powers/class feats until you reach level two. Hence the first defence bonus is at level 2, not level 1, so you should gain the bonuses at levels 2, 8, 14 etc.
  12. I think the problem is with the graphics card, Radeon cards are not, in my experience, the best cards to use, plus 128mb is maybe not quite good enough to be playing at maximum settings regardless of what the auto configure program is telling you. (It once set the graphics to high even though the card in question only had 64mb ram) My advice would be to lower the detail settings one notch, but be aware that you will probably get lag in one or two areas regardless-I always get some lag when controling T3 no matter what the graphics options are set to.
  13. Since Nazi has dark overtones I though it was better to go into some detail to explain (or try to) that it meant different things to different people-not every Nazi in Germany would have agreed with everything the Nazi party said or did, most would have been Nazi's only in a very vague way and many were truely horrifyed at what the Nazi's had done in their name. Otherwise it would be easy to mis-read things to mean that you were defending everything they did, or at least not saying that they were really all that bad. Yes, there were evil people in Hitlers Germany who clung onto power by any means nessasary, and it would be hard to argue that those who decided on the deliberate killing of several million people basied purely on religious and race issues was anthing but an evil act. But it would be wrong to say that everyone who was a Nazi, or who was part of that party, was evil because of the actions and decisions of a few. Rommel might well have been a member of the Nazi party, but that didn't mean that he was evil-in fact I don't think anyone has ever called him a Nazi general, but a German general since that appears to be where his loyaties ultimatly lay.
  14. By 1944 Rommel was in charge of the Western German army-he was more accuratly the comander of the forces intended to repulse the allied invasion of France (He wasn't in France on June 6 as he was on his way back to Germany on leave at the time). Rommel had been promoted to Field Marshal in North Africa, but moved out of that theater when it became evident even to Hitler that the Afrika Korps was going to lose there. Rommels exact position in regards how much authority he really had was always unclear-even to him-since the German Army at that time had so many overlapping areas of command that the technical commander often couldn't give orders to some of the units that were under his command. On June 6 for example the Panzer devisions could only be given the order to move out by Hitler himself, which is why they never took part in the fighting. Hitler never liked to give any one commander to much authority, in case they decided to use it against him, even when it was clear it would prove detrimental to a campain. Rommel was, like many in the German high command, wary of overthrowing the German Goverment for a number of reasons. It should also be considered that Rommel was a very well known and well respected German general, and as such Hitler kept a close eye on him-something Rommel was well aware of. (Rommel was respected by the Allies as well, one of the reasons his name came up in regards to the plot against Hitler was that it was assumed that the Allies would respect him more than anyone else. The Germans were more willing to surrender to the British and the Americans than the Russians-understandable considering what the Germans did in Russia-and felt that they needed someone Britain and America would trust to make the initial overtures towards peace, and someone who they would take seriously. Had Hitler been killed as intended Rommel would, most likey, have been the one to try and work out a peace treaty with Britan and America) There were many reasons why Rommel tried to stear clear of any potential plots against Hitler, and why it took him a long time and a lot of convincing for him to take a side. I also seem to recall reading somewhere that Rommel, while aware of the plot against Hitler, wasn't really part of it and may have been implicated more because Hitler Feared a man who could count on the support of a large proportion of the military yet wasn't one of his cronies, than because Rommel had any part in it. Anyone in a high ranking position within Germany at that time would have had to swear allegience to Nazi Germany. A distinction needs to be made between those who were 'Nazi's' as in a member of the party because they had to be-Goverment officials would have been required to have been a member of the party for example-And those who were Nazi by pholsophy. The SS were all Nazi's in the latter sense, as were most if not all of the senoir Goverment officials. While the average German was not a Nazi in idelogy, being more loyal to Germany as a country than to Hitler or the Nazi party. The problem for them was that since the Nazi's were in total control of Germany being loyal to ones country also meant being loyal to the the party. It should also be remembered that Hitler did take a country that had been badly mis-treated after 1918 and was falling apart, and turned it into a country that could be considered a world superpower at the time. He managed to bring order to a country that was slipping into chaos and self respect to a Germany that had none. I'm not defending any thing he did later on, just trying to explain why so many Germans would have trusted him and the Nazi's. It was, and still is, next to impossible to work out quite how many Germans truely believed Hitler or the Nazi's. Many would, understandably, be wary of admitting to being a Nazi after the war. Others would have never seen beyond the propoganda to the real face of what the Nazi's stood for until after the war, and most would in any case never brought the subject up post 1945. It is likewise difficult to say if Hitler was, given the explinations above, truely evil. Were his actions against (amongst others) the Jews brought about because he truely believed they were in the best interests for the country, or because he simply needed someone to blaime all Germanys problems on? They only person who would really know has been dead since 1945, and maybe even he didn't know the answer-assuming he ever asked himself that question. It all comes back to this gray area-and yes many people would disagree here-but was Hitler (and the rest of the Nazi party) evil scum willing to do anything to stay in power? Or were they just trying to do the right thing by their country, and justifyied the means by the desired ends? And for the record I am not defending anything the Nazi's did, or saying that you could justify their actions. I'm just asking if, in the classic sense, you could consider them as truely evil.
  15. The con score used for implants is the base level-that is the level before any bonuses. Therefore LS mastery as a Sentinal will not, in your case, allow you to use lv 16+ implants if the basic stat is only 15. All mastery will do in your case is give you more hit points.
  16. Walked into what? Rommel wasn't a Nazi he was a patriot who was implicated in the plot to kill Hitler. Implying that he was a Nazi-or that all the seniour members of the military were Nazi's-is somewhat offensive to them. I can't remember if he was even a member of the Nazi party, but even if he was many military officers had to join the party so as not to be excluded from high office. This did not mean that they agreed, or even knew, what the party was getting up to let alone that they took part in such things. (Before you ask I'm not German, and my grandfarther fought against Rommel in North Africa. He always talked of Rommel with a degree of respect, even though his attitude to Germans in general wasn't exactly good). This does raise and interesting question; Does supporting an evil group, even if you do not believe in what they are doing and don't help them directly by taking part in their activities make you evil by default? It would be easy for us to say yes, considering that we are not the ones who have to worry about someone turning up in the night to cart us and our families off to god knows where.
  17. yes, the dex increase is a waste of time unless you get an underlay for his armour that increases its possible dex bonus, the regeneration increase is not enough to be helpful in a hard fight but the strength increase is +2 which can make all the difference.
  18. He has a implant built into him-one that doesn't appear on the equipment sheet-that can be toggled between regeneration, strength and (I think) dextererity. If you select him as main character and look to the bottom left of the main screen you should notice it down there. Note that he can have another implant as well as this one-so you can give him a strength enhancing implant in addition to this one for example.
  19. Tactic one; The conflict between the Sith Lord and minions only kicks off when you get to close (which is to say that the cut scene then the fight kicks off when you walk to a particular point). A tractic to try here is to have whatever character you happen to be controling hang back and provide nothing more than fire support from the open door while you allow the other two to wipe out the rest of the Troops inside in close combat-Ie don't run after the troops, let the AI controled party members handle them and do not switch to them. A soon as everyone but the Sith Lord and minons are the only ones left standing your party should walk back to you-until the cur scene is triggered they are not hostile so your party doesn't attack them. This gives you the chance to recharge force powers and health, and to activate shields. Using stims before the fight doesn't seem to work well, neither does force boosting powers since they tend to wear off during the cut scene even if you flick through the diologe at top speed. Save these for the very start of the battle. The real trick is micro managing the party. Left to their own they will tend to attack different targets, so you have to make sure that they are all targeting the Sith Lord first (Lots of pausing and switching characters involved here). You should also keep an eye on all the party members and keep reactivating their shields as they run out. Make sure everyone is fighting with a mellee weapon-not only do all melee weapons cause more damage but lightsabres will just deflect blaster fire. Remember that Mandolore has three built in implants, one of which is strength-make sure this implant is the active one before the fight. Force powers; Force wave works wonders here, if you have it. Even knocking one of the Sith off their feet will give you a few seconds when you are, at the most, only having to deal with two Sith rather than three. Wave is more useful than lightning or scream, since when it works it will knock them back and stun them-the other two powers never seem to stun no matter how powerful you get Force heal is also very helpful (All Jedi should have force heal anyway) since it will allow you to quickly heal the entire party. Its difficult to give more accurate advice than this, since I have no idea what equipment you have or what feats you've picked for your party during level ups. Mira for example can be quite effective with master critical strike, master dueling, lightsabre finesse, dex increasing equipment and a single sabre with a keen modification-which gives her a very good chance of getting a critical hit.
  20. I think this is an item that was meant to be included in the game but due to time constraints during development it was never implemented. This is similar to the Assasin rifle meant for HK-47, this is included in the offical guides but as far as I know never turns up anywhere in the game.
  21. Don't you mean Visas? Mira lost her entire family, but either way you look at it she hardly lost her civilization. I seem to recall reading somewhere that there are more Female gamers than there used to be. The majority are still male, but not by that much-I think the percentage here is about right. That said I think KOTOR is somewhat more gender neutral than the average game-and far more than most of the other StarWars games that spring to mind-since not only can you pick the gender of the main character but it does have some effect on how the game unfolds, without being offensive or falling into the more normal trap of pretending that gender has no in world effect at all.
  22. LucasArts employs (or employed) someone who's job is to check all Starwars books and written material to make sure it conforms to what has been said before. Even the computer games have to pass through this check before they will be licenced (although I would guess that they are granted more lattitude in some technical areas to gameplays sake). This is why if you pick up a StarWars source book from 1983 and compare it to one written in 2007 all the various Starships have the same number and type of weapons in both (even the same model of blasters etc). As I said, I think the games are given a bit more freeway, since-for example-the A-Wing is a fighter you can fight with in X-Wing (Set just before and during A New Hope) even though all the sources say that that class of fighter wasn't designed until after the Battle of Yavin. That does, however, lead me to a contrictiction-since the A-Wing was meant to have been designed by General Dodonna (The guy with the white beard who gives the briefing for the attack against the first Death Star) after the Battle of Yavin IV. However the X-Wing series of books (and a few other EU sources) make it clear that Dodonna was captured by the Empire on Yavin IV shortly after the Battle.....and by shortly I mean within a few weeks at most.
  23. Quite true, Galeleo was, if I remember right, burnt as a heretic because his scientific ideas were not in keeping with the teachings of the church at that time. In his case he clamed that the Earth orbited the Sun, not the other way around. (Correct me if I've got that confused) Some people might argue otherwise, at least in some parts of the world. It is worth considering (as you have) that there are two ways to define good and evil. The first (and the one that applies to the StarWars Universe) is that of morals. The second way is social good and evil. Some of the things that would have been considered 'evil' in years past were social concepts. Not all the laws of a society are written down, many are hidden or knowledge that is or the most part known only to the people within that society. Consider that a strong willed independant woman who refused to marry could have been considered 'evil' not all that long ago. This was (as far as I know) never specifically written down as a law, but was part of the hidden social laws of that time. A more up to date example would be that giving a twelve year old a pint of rum every day would, in the present time, be considered evil (or just bad parenting). However it was only 150 or so years ago that this would have been quite normal in the Royal Navy and considered a good thing. (And just to top things off they would then let the kids climb and play something like 80+ feet above the deck in the ships rigging while drunk) Greed in and of itself is not evil any more than love could be considered evil on its own. What makes them evil-or makes someone do something 'evil' is taking them to extremes. Eating one last slice of cake-even if you've already had most of the rest-is genrally not considered evil. Stealing the cake or killing someone so you can have the whole thing for yourself is evil, and is greed taken to far. Loving someone is never considered evil, unless you take it so far you are willing to do anything for that person even when you know it is wrong. In Starwars terms it might be better to consider Evil as the act of taking something that is not yours to take, either by force or deception, where you give nothing, or nothing of equal or near equal value back in return. In essance all evil acts are acts of theft-from taking someones life to (as the Sith do) taking power from the Force without giving anything back in return.
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