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  1. I agree, new worlds would be better rather than going back to, say, Dantooine for the third time and Mustafar and Hoth really would leave you with nothing to do. If Corusanunt is included in K3 then I don't think Correlia or Nar-Shaddar would be there as well, fact is that they are all city worlds-Corrleia less so-so they would end up being to similar in appearance and probably in possible missions-at the least it would stretch the abilities of the development teams to the point where they would no doubt consider dropping at least one of them. Having said that Corrleia has something like five inhabited planets-and at least two of them are not populated by humans by native species-as well as Centrepoint station. So they could include Correlia along with Corusant, as long as most of the action on the former takes place elsewhere in the system. Alderraan would be a good alternative to Dantooine, the planets are, I think, meant to be similar in apperance although Alderraan is the more heavily populated world.
  2. I've never heard that that happening before....I mean ever lol. Are you using any mods? They might be responsible for corrupting the game.
  3. I refure the honorable member to the post I made on the last page. While I was talking about the Exile, some of the comments would hold for playing Revan as well.
  4. Assuming that it takes years to fully master a lightsabre form, and given that Luke only trained with Yoda for a few months, it seems unlikely that Luke would have been considered a master swordsman by the standards of the pre-clone wars jedi. (Yes, the Exile did seem to learn 'new' lightsabre forms quickly, but it is worth noting that A: The Exile was a trained Jedi before he lost his connection to the force, so he/she probably wasn't learning an entirely new form, but relearning forms they knew before but forgot about. B: There are no specific timescales given for events that occur with in the KOTOR games, so we have no way of telling how long it really took him to pick up the forms from the masters (If your playing as a lightsider anyway, which is the cannon). The closest we get is in K1 when Revan is told that '...you have picked up in weeks what many Jedi take years to master...') Although Luke would have been trained in at least two forms-Yodas form and Obi-Wans-and he did seem to know Vaders style (he used that on the deathstar) I'm not even sure if Luke used one particular form in the same way that the Jedi used to. It may be that Luke's lightsabre form is/was a mixture of at least three different styles, in which case he would be far more adaptive and unpredictable than the 'old' Jedi would have been. That might help explain, at least in part, why someone who was only trained for a few months by Yoda would be able to hold their own against a fully trained Sith Lord. Simply put they would not be used to fighting someone who was using a mixture of forms-The same way that Palpatine had trouble dealing with Vaapad simply because he didn't know that form, although there would have been other factors in that case.
  5. Well yes, if I'm remembering correctly they would have been the only two people in the galaxy (or at least the only two known) who could have truely called themselves a Jedi or Sith at that point-meaning that they had been fully trained.
  6. Thats fair enough, and in terms of survival it is a viable stratagy. I think I wrote something a while back to point out that all species can pick one of two stratagies-be very strong individually (Like Bears and Tigers to name just two species), or to to gain strength from groups (Rabbits and humans for example). There are advantages in both cases. Just using food as a quick example it is easy to see that a single animal needs a smaller territory since a smaller amount of food will tide it over, while a group will require a larger area to provide food for all its members. Soloitary animals also tend to be stronger, and therefore taking food is easier for them. Group animals are, of course, not quite as good getting food as individually they are weaker, but as they have more eyes (members looking for food that is) they are more likely to find food. This is the macro viewpoint, but the microscopic view point is very different. If you view all animals with half an eye at the micro world you would see that grouping of organisums is by far the best strategy. The simple fact is that all 'higher' creatures-from humans, to bears, to earth-worms-are in essence a group animal on their own. Their bodies are composed of millions of cells-orginisums-that work together to increase their chances of survival. Even the cells themselves (and this includes single celled organisums too) are not just a single entity, but are composed of different organelles working together to mutual benefit-The primary example would be microcondra in human cells. These were, once, sepperate orginisums that migrated into larger ones to the benefit of both. (Microcondra make energy production of the cell over all more efficent, while gaining significantly better protection for themselves). I would have to agree that Nilhus did have more control than he is sometimes given credit for-he did have enough control to stay hidden for quite some period of time, although it is not clear if he was feeding during this time. The analagy that has been used between Nilhus's power and drug addiction is an apt one, since an addict can sometimes keep some measure of control over themselves if they are getting smaller 'hits', but the urge will eventally take over-and if they are offered the chance to get a big hit it can be next to impossible for them to refuse or stop themselves from taking it. It is worth noting that while Nilhus was able to keep enough control over himself to remain hidden for quite sometime, it was the (False) information that Telos had a large number of Jedi (His best food source it seems) that led him to attack that world without checking to see if that information was correct first, and therefore placing himself in a no win situation-Even if the Exile hadn't killed him Nilhus would have starved to death anyway. I'm not sure that destroying all force sensitives was Nilhus's real goal, I got the impression that they just provided the best and richest food source for him. I'm not even sure that he had a goal, I'm unclear if his image of a lifeless Galaxy was what he intended all along, or if that was the logical outcome of him continuing to feed off living things.
  7. That sounds like something Stan Lee would say....not that I'm going to say he did say that, just that it sounds like he might. He did create the Hulk didn't he? So he should know.
  8. This is a trick question, regardless of if you only intended to take over a single world you'd end up at least attempting to take over the known Galaxy. The problem with the Sith and their obsession with power is that they are never satisfyed with what they have and crave more-they never truely believe that they have enough power. So while I'd start with a single world, I'd then covert another world for their power, or I would see them as a threat (Most likely because I didn't control them, rather than because they really were a threat) and move to take over that world as well. Then I'd view another world or group of worlds as a threat and.....well you get the idea. Being a Sith means treating anything and everyone who you do not control/have power over as something to be taken for yourself , or something to be destroyed. So a true Lord of the Sith would never be satisfyed with a single world-Unless the world in question is Corrusent which would allow you to be the effective ruler of the Republic and therefore most of known space. Even then you'd end up looking outwards for more worlds to conquer...unless (As was the case with Palpatine) there is some internal threat to distract you.
  9. I can understand what you are saying here-Humans are physically weaker than most species. Just about everything else that lives on the planet has some form of natural defence-claws, teeth, physical size and strength, poison/fangs, armour plates, good senses to detect threats and so on. In that regards you are quite correct, a human who attempts to have a one on one fight against a bear is going to die....unless said bear gets so excited at the thought of a free meal it has a heart attack. On a purely physical level we should never have managed to avoid being eaten on a daily basis....but we changed the rules. Human defences come from our intelligence, or given human history maybe I should say that our defence comes from the ability to invent and create tools. The tools that we can create provide us with the power to not only protect ourselves, but also to alter the enviroment we live in and control it to some degree. Control the enviroment and you also gain power as some species that would normally threaten you will not always be able (or want to) live there. It is not weakness to rely on technology as such, it is our strength and without it we wouldn't be here. While the word technology often brings up a mental image of cars, computers and cell phones it is worth noting that technology simply means tools. A simple rock used to hit someone with is a tool, its also a bit of technology, it allows you to hit something harder than you could with your bare hands.....although against something like a bear you would need one hell of a large rock. That is part of what a tool does-it allows you to do things that normally you would be unable to do, or do things better than you could do unaided. Using the internet I can talk to someone 6000 miles away, and I quite often do, something I could not manage by shouting. This is power, it is just a different type of power than almost all other species on the planet have. Of course while technology/tools are our greatest strength, they are also our greatest weakness when we rely on them so much we forget how to live without them. (I wonder how many people on this board would be able to go a month without using a computer or cell phone at all). Power always comes at a price however, and tools are no exception. The price of us getting power from tools is twofold; It can be too easy to get, and therefore misused or we fail to understand how dangerous using that tool can be-nuclear weapons being a prime example. They can be used by almost anyone. As you pointed out a child could pick up and use a gun, and a trawl through police reports will tell you that happens more than we'd like in some places. That is the duel nature of power from tools-if you can use it so could someone else, which is why the military guards its armouries so well and tries not to let on exactly how their latest equipment works. In simple terms whoever holds the tool has the power, as long as they choose to use that power. Having the power and using it are not the same thing. Just because I have a gun does not mean I have to use it....although a charging bear would tend to settle matters for most people...and even if I do decide to use it I don't have to shoot the bear, I could always fire into the air and hope the bear runs off at the noise. (If it doesn't I then have to hope I haven't just run out of bullets or the gun jambs, knowing my luck both would happen). Being able to choose how I use a tool involves being able to control it, and being able to control something means you have power over it. In the case of a monkey or baby with a gun the water is muddy here, since it could be argued that they are incapable of choosing to fire the gun and therefore have no real power as you said.(A monkey wouldn't know how to use a gun without being trained, in which case the monkey becomes a tool of the trainer. An untrained monkey, or a human baby, wouldn't be deliberatly firing the gun but doing so accidently, which again means they had no choice, therefore no control, therefore no power). You also said it was a weakness to rely on others, again there is a small amount of truth in that, but this is over shadowed by the fact that humans are pre-programed to work in groups and rely on each other. This is the second way we survived. A single human with a stone axe is unlikely to be able to tackle a bear. But a group of humans armed the same way will make short work of it. True, there is a good chance that at least some of the humans are going to get hurt or killed, unless the know exactly what they are doing, so from the prospective of those individuals this is not a great stratagy. But from the view point of the species working together allows them to handle situations where an individual would fail, or finish a task in a shorter space of time. From an invididuals view point groups are a good thing too. To start with instead of being a single target, you are just one of several potential targets-hence the odds of you being picked out by a potential predator are lower making you less likely to be attacked and, therefore, less likely to need to defend yourself. Even if you are attacked if the group has a strong bond (and human groups, or at least the smaller ones, tend to be very strong in this area) then you are more likely to have someone else turning up to help you defend yourself against an attacker. Anyway, the only part of this that is directly applicable to the thread is that about control and power. In order to have power over something you have to be able to choose to use that power-not for good or ill, just the ability to use it when you want to. Nilhus couldn't choose to use his power to drain life, he had to use his power to drain life-if he didn't he grew weaker, and as was mentioned in the game he would eventally have died regardless of what the Exile did-In fact he would have been dead even if the Exile had decided to stay away....That he had no control over his ability means that it did not make him powerful, in fact it means the opposite.
  10. Lets see, the estate agent said this was perfect for the Megolomaniac who wants to rule the galaxy..... Man, that new Wal-Mart is something else. (Exile) What is it with men and the size of their space craft...?
  11. The KOTOR series seems, at a basic level, to rely on the search for something-K1 it was the StarForge, K2 it was the Jedi and Sith. If K3 follows the same patten then the general plot would most likely be one of two things; The search for Revan and/or the Exile The search for the big bad. Given that Revan already seemed to know what the big bad was/is, or where to find it, and it was five years between games-enough time to have found it one would assume-that would to my mind tend to eliminate Revan as a player character, unless *rolls eyes* he/she loses their powers and memory....again..... Exile as the PC is possible, since they could well pick the story up right from the end of K2. There are problems with this though, including; Having to have two different starts, depending on if you pick the Exile as LS or DS. New players-meaning people who didn't play K2-would get lost very quickly. They would have to either start the Exile at a high level-to give the idea that they have been around for a while-or magically make him/her lose their force powers....again. You would be hampered by having some of the same Party members as in K2-they couldn't kill some of them off without conflicting with the plot of K2, or Kreias predictions for them. The only way around it would be to say that they left-this would be something of a problem again for some of the characters who swore to stick with the Exile (I'm mainly thinking Atton here, but some of the others wouldn't have any reason to leave straight away). This is not impossible by any means, but it would involve at least some detailed working out for anyone who has played K2 and wants to know where everyone has gone. What about all the equipment you picked up in K2? Do you allow a load of random junk to be kept on the ship from the start, or just say the Exile got robbed? Ballance-if the Exile does start at a hight level then you'll end up with a uber Jedi right from the start, you'd never have to worry about feat selection or running out of force powers unless they made the fights very hard, which if done right at the start would put more than a few people (ie, new players) off straight away. I would think that from a plot, development and game play viewpoint the Player character will be someone new, rather than the Exile or Revan given the above. Could they turn up during the game? Sure, no reason they couldn't-after all Revan was in K2 in a way-so the two of them could show up. But I doubt they'd be playable characters.
  12. So, I'll take the 250,000 troopers on the left and you'll take the 250,000 on the right and we'll meet up at the bar afterwards.
  13. Yes, I remember reading that somewhere. Think they got halfway through the film and realised that if they included everything they wanted to in it the whole thing would have been nearly four hours long. I know they filmed and cut a huge chunk out of the film at the start to shorten the film as it was. (You can see some of the cut content on the DVD)
  14. Its only a text problem...not like they have to go back and start again......oh wait, they just did....
  15. As Luke's twin Leia should, in theory, be just as powerful as him. Of course being President of the New Republic and having to look after three kids, to say nothing of having to jet off to save her husband/brother/children etc twice a year probably didn't leave a great deal of time for Jedi training. I don't think she was mediocre, but I do think she never lived up to her potential as a Jedi.
  16. I think I posted about lighsabre blades altering depending on what crystals/upgrades you put in them ages ago (Ages meaning about two parts ago lol). Thinking more on it, and with a better understanding of K2 I can see why they didn't add this to K2, and ironically I agree that the time needed to do this probably wasn't worth it for that game-which was rushed as it was. What I can't understand is why they didn't include this to K1, given that you can only put two crystals into a sabre in that game. I would have thought it would have been quite simple-you have three crystals so you just split the lightsabres blade into three areas each of which can alter depending on the crystal. I guess no one thought of it *shrugs* If nothing else unique blade colours would allow you to find your lightsabre in your inventory should you be forced to drop it at some point-or for that matter work out who is meant to have which sabre if you've been upgrading a few at once. Currently I either have to make sure I'm the only one with that colour blade, or I have to check the stats and try and recall what I put in my sabre.
  17. The problem would be that it would smack of them running out of ideas. Having vague tie-ins with the films and later periods is fine-it would be rather hard to avoid that really. What I would object to is basically using the plot of something that occurs at a later date and reusing it that much. Yes, the plot for KOTOR does have quite a few eliments taken from the films (Superweapon that can destroy the Republic, being captured by the Lord of the Sith...superfast smuggling ship) but it has just enough originality not to feel the same as the films. Including the Yuzhang would also leave a major problem in the EU-Given that Revan seems to be so well known if he first faced the Yuzhang and drove them back would the Jedi-even after Palpatine all but eliminated them-really have forgotton about them? We know that Luke Skywalker had access to at least one Jedi holocron, and at one point he was using it to get information about Sith Lords prior to Vader. It would also be natural for him (or at least one of his students) to have looked at information about great Jedi Masters. Regardless of if he was looking at Jedi or Sith I would be astonished if Revans name didn't crop up at least once. At another point Luke and his students were looking at Jedi who lost their connection to the force to aid a Jedi who had lost their connection, in which case it would, again, be very surprising if the Exile didn't show up while they were researching that. I'd find it hard to believe that they would have failed to get information on Revan and/or the Exile that didn't meantion what they were fighting. Even if they never got the name surely someone would have noticed that the Yuzhang bore a resembance to what Revan was fighting. *Shrugs* of course for all that logic the threat probably will turn out to be the Yuzhang after all, adding in some explination about never finding out their name....or Revan and the Exile never coming back....or collective amneasia.....
  18. Thats a game bug, as far as I know there is nothing you can do about it but I don't think its anything to be worried about.
  19. Or; To have power one needs control. To control something is to have power over it. Nihilus has no control over his power, His power controls him, Nihilus has no power.
  20. *nods* Niman was also called the Diplomats form due to most of the Jedi using it being involved in diplomacy-which unless some some of the SW races have some very strange ideas on what constitutes diplomatic talks probably didn't leave a lot of time to sharpen their combat skills. (Having said that I can imagine talks between Wookies and Trandlosians getting a little heated lol) I would say that one advantage Sith tend to have over Jedi, at least at the begining of a conflict between the two, is that they are the more experienced fighters. After all Sith phylosophy is about conflict and struggle, so they prepare for combat far more often than Jedi do. This would in fact fit with known wars between the two groups-Sith tend to get the upper-hand at the start of a war, but the Jedi start to improve over time. Again, I'm wondering what Lightsabre forms Jedi favoured at different times. It would be sort of interesting to see if they tended to drift towards one set of forms-such as Niman-in protracted periods of peace, and then drifted back towards other forms after a war started. I'm guessing that they did, since during times of 'Peace' most (If not all) of their opponets would be using blasters so their would be less need to know a form that was good against lightsabres. By the clone wars things would have been even worse than normal-during Revans time there would still be Jedi masters who had faught against Exar Kun, so they would probably have made sure their students knew how to fight against a lightsabre opponent-By the time of the Clone wars however the Jedi thought the Sith had been dead for 1000 years, so I doubt there were any masters who thought lightsabre verses lightsabre battles would ever happen. Intresting, and something else to further muddy the waters as to who would be the best lightsabre user, since Jedi who were trained during a peaceful period might not have been using the form that they would have been best at, and in any event they wouldn't have reached their full potential due to lack of experiece-Even Yoda might not have been quite as good with a sabre as he had the potential to be, given that the number of lightsabre opponents for him to fight during his lifetime prior to the clone wars was most likley very low-ie the odd fallen Jedi but no Sith, who were hiding. As to the best.....thats a hard one. I think the only person on the list who we know was not beaten in a lightsabre fight at some point was Mace Windu (We can't include Exile or Revan here, since we just don't know enough about their history to say if they were ever beaten). Palpatine was beaten by Mace, and drew against Yoda, Luke Skywalker was beaten by Vader, Vader was beaten by Dooku, Luke and Obi-Wan....Using this logic then the best lightsabre user would have to be either Obi-Wan or Windu. Windu managed to beat Palpatine, but Obi-Wan managed to beat General Grevious (who Mace failed to beat), Vader and Darth Maul (When Obo-Wan was still a pawadan). For taking on and beating more powerful/stronger opponents consistantly I think the title should really be held by Obo-Wan-even if Dooku beat him twice-rather than Windu.
  21. Very ineffective form as a matter a fact. Virtually all who used this form DIED! Who is to say WHAT KIND of energy it reflects. All that is known is that when Mace wants to he can use to to reflect others powers back at them or use their powers for his own. Your the one that's says is like the same thing as juyo. Juyo is the greatest form (was till vapaad) against a lightsaber user (of any kind but mabey not alot at the same time) ever during it's time. Mace vapaad owned against droids as shown over and over throughout the books. Mace beat a whole droid army. They were shooting hundreds of blasters at him and he was reflecting them all. He even killed jango fett. It ownes against ALL that stuff as PROVEN throug what he acomplished by using it against them. He didn't even struggle to reflect droids blasters and than own them. I don't think any lightsaber form would of saved mace from anakin. The point is if Mace is OPENLY going to fight people he CAN face all the force sensitives very well with this form and focus opon all of them. Vapaad can switch STYLES do you understand that? If he KNOWS he needs to face multiple foes he will adjust as his form can adjust and is VERY UNPREDICTABLE. It is NOT just juyo. All who used ninman died but others who used other forms survived. Many sources say is is a brand new form BASED off juyo meaning that is how you learn it by mastering that form first. You keep saying vapaad is a offensive form and but it was clear in the books and movies that Mace WAS on the defensive against palpatine. IT IS UNPREDICTABLE and can switch. Surley you can understand that. Mace always let palpatine attack first cause he adjusted HIS lightsaber form to BE unpredictable like that. He basically resulted to obi-wons form to strike only when the foe is open but with much more skill and a super conducting loop using palpatines speed and agression against him proving that it can even DRAW off the OTHERS lightsaber skils to FURTHER adapt. So it has the potential (especially against another lightsaber user) from a master of vapaad to show no weakness to another lightsaber user. And yet again you read only what you want to read and making comments that someone else made in the posts you're replying to-for example you say; Which, if you had bothered to read and digest my post was the same as me saying; If you can put together a reasoned, logical argument instead of erratic statements that don't hold up and accept that no matter what you wish is true in Starwars, George Lucas and LA have the last word on it then I'll start considering listening to you again. As it is you are not having a discussion, you are just arguing for the sake of it.
  22. That is, quite possibly, the most stupid comment I've ever read on these forums. Humans invented guns, and gun powder therefore the power is ours. You are talking purely about physical strength, and if that was all power of any kind relied on humans would be extinct. Human power comes from our minds and the ability to make tools. No, its not everyday you meet someone who can type while wearing a straight-jacket......
  23. Yeah, I was thinking that last night for some reason. One of the weaknesses of Vaapad would be that its not all that powerful against a Jedi-it works by reflecting darkside energy back at an opponent, and of course Jedi are Lightsiders by definition so it wouldn't work. I'm also wondering how good it is against droids, since they are not living beings as far as the Force is concerned they couldn't provide anything to reflect back through the force. Vaapad isn't defenceless against droids-if it was Windu would have been killed on Genosis-but its unlikely to be anymore effective than any other form against droids. Focus is a problem for most of the forms. The more agressive forms can lead to focusing so much on a single target you miss new threats or react more slowly against them. More defensive forms are less focused, which while allowing the Jedi to react faster to new threats, means that attacks are weaker. Mace's distraction in ROTS wasn't, however, down to Vaapad as he wasn't fighting at the time. It was more down to Mace not considering Anakin a threat and not being on his guard against him. I do, however, agree with the problem with focus being to narrow. This in fact is what I meant when I said that one of the weaknesses of Vaapad would be in situations where there are more opponents than you can take out quickly, due to its high focus on a small number of targets the Jedi would be reacting more slowly in defence and therefore be more likely to be hit. Niman is potentally the most powerful of all the lightsabre forms as its principal focus is on adaptability and balance. In theory Niman should allow the user to react equally well to any sort of threat in any situation. In practice however its lack of focus is a major drawback if you are coming under a tightly focused attack-This is why Janga Fett was able to shoot the Jedi that threated him Dooku on Genosis and get through his defences. All the Jedi who were killed on Genosis were, apparently, using the Niman form and this lead the Jedi to stop using it in combat after Genosis. (Although it was still taught, Niman is a prequsite for learning the more aggessive forms-at least for Jedi, Sith might not have bothered. Its impossible to know if Niman was taught to the Sith since the only two Sith Lords who were not Jedi at one point were Sidious and Maul, and we have no idea which of the forms they knew-only the form they faught with.) It would be interesting, in a general way, to know which where the most popular lightsabre forms used by the Jedi after Genosis, and the forms the Jedi used most often during Revans time. I'm wondering if Jedi tend to default to the same general forms during times of war, which would tell us which forms were most effective in combat-assuming Jedi that used the less effective forms were either killed or wounded and decided to change to a different form as time went by. Why bother? You'll just read what you want to read and scream 'Superconducting loop' anyway. Vaapad is classed as form VII, thats an agressive form regardless of what name you give the style of fighting.
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