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  1. One thing that has occurred to me is that the Channel Tunnel could have been built to allow the Vampiric population of Europe free, easy and (above all) sunless entry into Britain. I say this on the basis that the system as it was built contains far more than just the tunnels the trains pass through. In fact the large digging machines used are still down there - after the tunnel was finished they were basically sent off to dig tunnels where they remain. In a vampiric world maybe the digging machines were not turned off...or not all were used to build the tunnel the trains use.... Certainly this would be another factor in allowing a lower vampire population in London, since if the Vampires had their own tunnel then they could easily keep up to date with events in London and make night-trips there if needed with little trouble from elsewhere in Europe. While the British Rail network is currently a total mess, the networks in the rest of Europe would allow a vampire to travel by rail just about anywhere with a day or two for nothing - and wouldn't require any duplicity with or hiding from civilian or military radar/aviation authorities. More importantly for a Vampire they could probably travel in style - you didn't really think trains in Europe carried that much cargo did you? Maybe the British rail network is in its current state by design - a way to make it harder for vampires to get into the country and vanish without being detected on the boarder. It could also be significant in this context that there have been countless attempts to build a tunnel between France and England over the centuries. In the real world none of these was successful...but in this world who's to say if they were or were not....
  2. Note that if you have Finesse Melee weapons, but not finesse Lightsabres and are duel wielding with a vibroblade and lightsabre it is possible for the to-hit number for the Vibroblade to be higher or equal to that of the sabre, even if it is held in the off hand. This is particularly true for characters with higher DEX than STR. It is also more common towards the start of the game, when you have few or no upgrades to put in Sabres - and often those upgrades that add to the to-hit number tend to end up in the main characters sabre before anyone else's.
  3. And 30 seconds spent doing some googling, or just looking on Wilki, would have given you the answer. Lucasarts pushed the release date for K2 forward by a few months. This meant that the game was released with a lot of cut content.
  4. I think that messing with an X-Box is illegal, so no.
  5. http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showtopic=50140 http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showt...mp;#entry760302
  6. The steps you've taken to get KOTOR2 working on your PC don't always work. There are two threads on this part of the board detailing all the various ways to get the game to work - I'd run down that list. I usually ignore the KOTOR system check, since ever since I played K1 it has told me that the game wouldn't run - this on two different computers. Still, it might be a good idea to double check your graphics drivers anyway.
  7. Just follow the guides linked to above for running K2 on Vista on K1. If anything is going to get the game working it will be one of those suggestions - As I said K1 and K2 are essentially exactly the same game, using the same engine.
  8. The problem is that the game doesn't seem to like the ATI graphics cards, regardless of the cards specs otherwise. Its none to fond of my Geforce card either, but will at least run with some graphical glitches.
  9. I don't think KOTOR likes ATI graphics cards very much.
  10. Both games use the same engine, so what works for K2 *should* work on K1 as well. I'm thinking of the solution to one of the graphics bugs in both games, that is solved in identical ways for both games.
  11. Did you remember to go back and talk to the guy in the cantena before seeing the droid guy when you used the auto-save?
  12. Could this be a problem with running the game on a dual-core system?
  13. Dash posted the 'two weeks' notice on Tuesday 17th, Saturday 3rd or Sunday 4th is still within two weeks of that date.
  14. For those of you not keeping track on the mod on Giza's websight, Dash posted something about Saturday. He has NOT said this is the release date, but is hinting that it *may* be.
  15. It's back up now. I think Dash was just trying to scare the force out of everyone
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