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  1. How much though? Is it THAT bad? I mean, for god's sake, it's a X3k card..it should be more than enough to run the game... Driver problems? Should I downgrade to a INSANELY old driver? (like catalyst 5, even if HD3000 series are not supported)
  2. Once you've found the datapad at #2, use this computer to create an ID, then for training library access, enter your ID: 3401726-B853S5O0X001. This will open the locked library door at #4. Proceed to the library at #4, explore the area there and use the console to "study" for your test. When you get back, use this console again to take the Level One Test. Skip #3a below if you want to figure them out for yourself. # a) Level One Test: The answers to the questions in order are as follows: 1: Freedon Nadd 2: 20 3: Gizka 4: "I always lie" 5: Passion, strength, power, victory. After you successfully answer four of five, you automatically are granted level two training access, at #6. This will be the last time you need to use the training computer here.
  3. Hello Okay, so here are my system's specs: MB: MSI - NB78 BL/B (Intel 845PE Chipset, AGP 4x, IDE, Onboard LAN&Audio) RAM: 768 (I don't know the manufacturer) CPU: Intel - Pentium 4 Celeron 2.4 Ghz - overclocked to 2.8 Ghz (tried it at 2.4, even lower, but the same results in games) VIDEO: ASUS - AH3450 (ATI HD3450 256 MB DDR2, 400x2 Mhz Memory Freq, 600 Mhz GPU Freq) AUDIO: Realtek AC'97 HDD: WDC 80 GB 7200RPM MONITOR: Daewoo 518X Driver versions: Chipset: ************************************************************ * Product: Intel DxDiag.txt swkotor2.txt
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