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  1. Have you checked that the game disks have no scratches or smudges on them? May sound like a daft thing to say, but I've tried to install K2 before only for disk four to be rejected-the problem was solved by cleaning the disk in question-which had a small smudge on it which was stopping the PC from reading it correctly. Have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling the game? Unless you tell the undelete program to do so it will not wipe your saved games. Have you scan your harddrive for errors? Might be worth trying even if yours is a new PC, and it will cost you nothing but time. Have you checked the Lucasarts message boards? There is a board just for the KOTOR games, and they include a technical help section. Even if your problem isn't listed you can post there and see if anyone there can help. (I think there is a link in the FAQ section here)
  2. I'd be quite happy to upgrade my computer as soon as someone gives me the money-I only need a new processer, motherboard and (probably) graphics card.......anyone interested?
  3. Yeah, Radon cards really don't like KOTOR much which is why I avoid them. Have you tried looking on Lucasarts message boards? There is a whole section for KOTOR, including technical problems so there might be something useful on there, if not you can always ask.
  4. I have had a similar problem with games locking up without warning, and the problem was the graphics card. The only solution in my case was to change the card. You could try reinstalling KOTOR 2 and seeing if that helps, the uninstall program doesn't delete saved games unless you tell it to so even if it doesn't work you'll only have wasted some time.
  5. What do you mean by choice? ( switch yo Kreia she can make any med) How does that work? I have switched to Kreia. I still can't make advanced medpacks... Thats because you are trying to make medical supplys at a work bench-you can't. Med packs, implants, stims, granades and mines are all made at a Lab bench/station, not a work bench. Its easy to forget or miss this, since both lab stations and work benches look identical. And for the record (and the third time on twenty minutes) there are no Lab stations on Nar Shadaar period. (There are, in fact, very few through out the game). The closest Lab Station is going to be Citadel station in the Ithorian Compounds location-there is a medical area towards the back of the module contaning the Ithorians, inside there is a Lab station.
  6. Theres also no assurance that the fixes are going to be any good, or that their going to be completed, they could run into a problem that completely ruins the ability to play the game. AND the mods that you want dont exist either and your doing fine..... Yes, but I won't have to pay for TSLRP whether it's good or not. And they're seemingly quite a bit closer to completion as well as have as source material a source I trust. They can either improve upon it, or not do anything. Either way, it's free. A lot more reliable to me than "cancelled" plans for a game that's not even explicitly planned as it is. I have to agree, the RP is free, can only add to K2, has had more time spent on it that the game did origanly and above all has less hype that K3 is going to get (Which is related to the free part, since no one is trying to get us to fork out money on it). Above all I know that the RP is going to work on my PC, while K3 might well require me to upgrade the computer.
  7. Go back to Citadel station and use the lab bench there, or if you have him in your party talk to disciple-he can act as a mobile lab station.
  8. There is no such place in the arena, its a circular room.
  9. There are no lab benches on Nar Shadaar, if you are playing as a female Exile the Disciple can act as a portable Lab bench. But there
  10. Yeah, you can say what you like about GL but he at least knew that as powerful as the bad guy might be, they still need to have a weakness the hero can use against them-or that will defeat them in the end. In Palpatines case it was overconfidence and arragance-he assumed he would win, and assumed that Vader would never turn against him......In the EU it always seems as though the 'Uber Force user of this trilogy' is either beaten into a bloody pulp, beaten by accident or beaten by something out of their control.
  11. Perfectly true, the most powerful weapon ever developed is only as effective as the person using it. I'm not sure that anyone would really consider Juyo to be the 'best' of all the forms-in fact this slightly contadicts your comments about all the forms having their strengths, but also having weaknesses. Juyo might be considered the 'best' for a one on one fight in many ways (The Sith would probably agree with this), but it would still have drawbacks-being so agressive the main weakness is quite likely to be a form of tunnel vision, where you concentrate so much on one opponent that you can miss a sudden or new threat until its too late to do anything about it. All forms of warfair and fighting follow an evolutonary model, and I imagine the Lightsabre forms would too-there is no reason why they shouldn't, and using real world sword styles as a guide, every reason why they should. What happens is that someone invents a new form a warfair/fighting/weapon, and for a while it reins supreme since no one has the faitest clue how to deal with it. Over time however methords are developed that counteract the advantage-sometimes by copying what the other person is doing. For example the Tank was a weapon the Germans in WW1 had great trouble with, they countered this by trying to make their own (copying what the other guy was doing) and then by figuring out the weaknesses of Tanks and modifying their current weapons (Say, by including more armour Peirceing rounds than they had before). Forms that don't/didn't work in battle would quickly be dropped, as anyone using them is going to be killed, so all the seven lightsabre forms must, logically, fall into one of two groups; Those that are effective in battle in some way-The Maskatui form was a very powerful form for lightsabre combat, as Dooku proved, but while wasn't used or really learnt much because it was next to useless against blasters, it could be assumed that it remained around as it could still be useful in a duel. Those that are required in order to learn another form-as I said Nimian is needed before you can learn Juyo, even if after Genosis no one used it. One thing that is a *DOH!* moment for both of us was the assumption that Juyo was a Sith invented form. The problem here is that the Jedi knew it as well, which would to me imply that Juyo was developed by the Jedi and passed onto the Sith at least in part. (I can't see the Sith giving the Jedi instruction for their own style, or the Jedi following a Sith form, so I can only conclude that Juyo was invented by the Jedi and passed on by an errant Jedi who became a Sith). I would also raise one comment about a form circulating; While quite true and reasonable for the Jedi, I can't see a Sith Lord with a major advantage (a new powerful form) willingly passing on information about it to anyone else-this would be against the Sith mindset, at least in the millenia's before Darth Bane. This would bring us full circle back to Kreia's comments about the Sith of old, since it could be taken that Juyo is a copy of a much older Sith form developed by one of the old Sith Lords but who's details were lost with them.
  12. It looks like the only way Mira will beat the Wookie is the same way Aiden Jast beat Malak in KoTOR I. Run in a circle and stop to shoot( Jast threw lightsaber but it's still ranged) and lead the Wookie through all the mines in the pit. There are a few tips you can use to help Mira win;
  13. Hulk is the strongest Charactor in Marvel cannon, as has been said he gets stronger the angrier he gets, and has the potential to shift a planet if he gets mad enough. The confusion over how strong the Hulk is might have something to do with the fact that there are something like four (or more) different Hulks-or rather four+ differing Hulks Banner can turn into. Some of them are smarter than others (One is basically Bruce Banner in the Hulks body) but the smarter they are the weaker they are. The strongest Hulk was/is the first Hulk, the one who can only say things like 'Hulk Smash!' and is about as smart as a five year old. Marvel changed the character since, I would assume, it is rather hard to write meaningful diologe when your main character is limited to Hulk Smash!, and coming up with plots for him.....well there would be one; Hulk gets mad and hits someone/something very very hard. The in universe explination is that Banner had a trumatic child hood (Along with everyone else in the Marvel universe it seems) and each Hulk is part of his personality.
  14. (Pissst, check about for tips in my last post)
  15. thanks for the reply. Ok so far: Landing Rights: I've defeated the bad guys outside the Ebon Hawk but can't seem to finish off the ones inside. Plague carrier: I spoke with squid face and got him to ease up on the refugees and bought back that woman's daughter also. Ebon Hawk ID change: I still need a new data card or steal an existing one New Fuel Source: I'm looking for Goto. I can't find him. I guess I need to go on his yacht. Intergalactic reunification: I'm still looking for that guys wife. I talked to Fassa, the dock manager and got him to let the guy with the cryo energy cells to accept some of those for a dock exit fee I ran the errand for the scientist in the flophouse, found the dead twilek in dock three and returned to the flophouse and got the data pad. I did the dancing for the Hutt thing and got into his secret warehouse. (the Juma Juice thing) that covers most of it, at least that's what I can remember. ) I put together the landspeeder, found the captain inside the Poisonous Bar, returned the driod to the guy who will make the new ID for the Ebon Hawk, Ok, in order (and since you might not have finished the game I'm going to put some of this in spoilers); You need to beat the guys inside before you will progress any further. Theses two quests That would be the woman standing near Hussef (leader of the refuges). He can be found in the middle of the main refuge area, she is standing nearby. There are a few quests you missed from the sound of things; The swoop race track, you can get the exchanges with a small quest there-talk to the twilek woman you can see. The traders in the main area-talk to the rodian, then talk to the duros. Follow the quest (involves running backwards and forwards a lot)
  16. Funny how no one ever adds Exar Kun to lists of powerful Sith Lords, he did afterall manage to say alive for 4000 years on Yavin IV.....
  17. OK, strange one. Try running scandisk after the games crashes-I know this can take forever, since you have to restart the PC under XP-but if the problem is a corrupted file somewhere scan disk *might* pick it up. Run a program that will look for registry errors-Win mechanic is a free program you can download to do this. Try cleaning your harddrive-it could be that your harddrive is almost full and loading then saveing KOTOR is enough to prevent K2 from using the disk space it needs. (click on my computer, right click on your main drive-normally drive C-then click on properties. You'll see 'disk clean up' next to the capasity pie chart of the drive. The tools tab at the top will allow you to run scan disk and defragmenter. I just mention this as not everyone bothers using these programs, so might not know where to find the programs are) As a last resort you could try reinstalling windows-you shouldn't have to delete windows, just install over the top of it. The install program shouldn't delete anything except the original windows files-or in other words it shouldn't remove all your programs, and should automatically detect the drivers etc you allready have and use those. I do say *should* since windows can do the strangest things for no apparent reason. If the problem is with conflicting, missing or altered windows files that scandisk has missed (which it may well do, since it only looks for damaged files) then this *should* solve the problem. (Just remember to jot down all passwords, and internet adresses etc before you start, and it would be a good idea to make sure you have the disks for your more important programs close at hand just in case Windows doesn't add them to the start menu-for example details of your internet connection-like I keep saying it *should* be able to tell what programs are on the harddrive and add them, but it might not. You've been warned ) I've had the same type of problem of games not working after a while, or after reinstalling them, and found this helped solve the problem. (Not saying this would solve your problem for the record)
  18. I've never heard anyone claiming to have had problems with KSE, and any problems are more likely to be down to people putting the wrong codes in than because of the program itself.
  19. Not always, there are real life fencing forms that are used in some areas that have next to no real martial merit-of course you could argue that fencing in general has little to no martial merit in the real word, since swords are only used on the parade ground these days. In a StarWars context it would be safe to assume that the forms as they stand have been around so long for a number of reasons; The current forms are the development of millenia, and contain all the experience gained over that time. As such they could be considered to cover everything that was in earlier (unknown) forms. You have to learn some forms in order to learn others, Therefore some of the lightsabre forms might have stayed around not because they are/were really effective, but because you had to learn them for other reasons. For example Niman is cited as a form you have to learn before you can learn Juyo. The comment Kriea makes about the Sith of long ago on K2 should be taken with a pinch of salt. While I'm not saying she was lying-apart from anything else there is no reason for her to lie about this-it should be considered that all her information is from second or third hand sources at best, she never saw these Sith lords in action herself (Which also implies that there were no recordings of them in battle for someone to study) and she stated that the only primary source of information was lost long ago. Because of this I'm wary of taking her statment as being one of absolute thruth-If the information about these Sith came from other Sith they might have overstated quite how good these swordsmen were, maybe because they were their followers and were singing their praises, because they were opponets who wanted to explain why they never beat them, or because they did beat them and they wanted their victory to sound better. (I beat the best swordsman in the galaxy sounds better than I beat the guy who once cut his own leg off during training). Even if Kreia is correct there could be other reasons for the Sith of old being better swordsmen than later years. It could be that they simply faught more often-given the history of the Sith more than likely-so they were simply more experienced than later generations. Or it could be that the Sith Kreia was talking about invented one or more of the current forms-whoever invented and used Juyo first would have a major advantage over opponents for example. (Consider that the first Iron Clad warships would always win a fight against conventonal wooden sailing ships, not because they had better crews or weapons but because they were effectivly immune to the cannons of the older ships). One other thing to consider about Kreia's statment is that we don't know if all the Sith she was talking about were using conventinal blades or lightsabres-and yes it makes a difference. While the basic forms and styles could be used with either there would be some moves you could not do with a conventonal blade but could with a lightsabre and vice versa. For example if your sword has a single edge you could hold it against the forearm while blocking, which you couldn't do with a lightsabre. Since lightsabre blades have no weight they can be manipulated more accuratly and more quickly, and since a lightsabre blade will cut whatever it touches regardless of the amount of force behind the blow or which part of the blade makes contact, it can be assumed that lightsabre fighters use much more rapid and shallower movements than conventonal swords. Someone who mastered a lightsabre at a time when his/her opponents were still using swords is going to chew them up very quickly. Agreed, its getting silly with all these superpowerful force users running around-mainly because most of them seem to be Sith, which raises the questions as to; Why we are never shown any Jedi who fall into this grouping, except Luke Skywalker. Why, if the Sith keep turning up these demi-gods, none of them managed to totally wipe out the Jedi order long ago-are they that imcompitent? You can use the standard seven forms with a dual bladed sabre, or with two single blades at once-Windu used Vaapad while duel welding sabres, so their is no technical reason why you couldn't learn all seven forms or use any of them with a duel sabre. Practice is another matter. Maul was said to be using Juyo when he was fighting, and since I have heard someone once say that duel blades are for people who want to create as much damage as possible I would assume that is the 'standard' form used with duel blades. More defensive forms for use against blasters would prove a problem. As you said the duel blade sabre can't do some things as well as a single blade, down to the simple fact that you can't hold it in some positions as the second blade would hit you. The diffence in techniques between duel and single sabres is that the former requires the user to be constantly moving around to bring the blades into position, while the latter can get away with just moving the sabre alone. If you have pleanty of room to dance around duel blades are at least as good as a single blade-if not slightly better since you can bring the other blade into action for a counter attack quickly-but woe betide the duel sabre fighter who ends up in a confined space or who is unable to dance around.
  20. Mace couldn't-it is mentioned in the book (and I think it was seen in the clone wars animated series) that Mace fought Grevious on Corasant just prior to the opening of the film. (The reason Grevious was coughing at the start of that film was because Mace force crushed Grevious during that fight-this is mentioned on the comentory for the DVD). Mace couldn't get past Grevious's defenses, which was (mentioned in the book anyway) why they sent Obi-Wan after Grevious rather than any of the other Jedi masters. Given this, and that (again, in the book at least) Mace says that Obi-Wan was a better swordsman than himself leads me to hand the title to Obi-Wan over everyone else. Even going off battles fought Obi-Wan is the only one of his time to face no less than three Sith lords (Maul, Dooku and Vader), beat two of them (Maul and Vader) and although he didn't beat Dooku he faced him twice and lived to tell the tale....admittidly only because Yoda showed up to distract Dooku before he could finish Obi-Wan off in the first fight, and Anakin was there to fight Dooku in the second case.
  21. (I forgot to reply to these before, and by the time I remembered I couldn't edit my last post-hence the double posting) No really, Stunt doubles are used for many reasons, and the only one that is legal is that the insurance company will sometimes refuse to cover a film if the Main actors are doing stunts themselves. Other reasons include; Actors not having the skills to do a stunt-for example stunt doubles are often used during fight scenes because the stuntman knows martial arts far better than the actor. The stunt is to dangerous-no one wants someone to get hurt or killed filming, but if it does happen its better (from the view of the entire film) if its a stuntman who gets hurt rather than one of the actors. If one of your actors is hurt and unable to be on set the whole film can screech to a halt, and that costs money. The actor refuses to do a stunt-many actors will refuse to do a stunt, either because they believe its to dangerous for them, or they are being asked to do something they really don't want to do (Say be covered in Spiders). Actors can't be forced to do a stunt they don't want to do, which I guess is a legal limitation to some degree, no matter how much the director screams, shouts, cries or threatens the actor. There are quite a few actors who will chearfully do as many stunts as they will be allowed to do-Harrison Ford is (somewhat appropreatly) an actor who will do as many stunts himself as he can get away with. (In one case while he was filming Clear and Present Danger there was a scene calling for this charactor to be hanging onto a rope ladder handing from a helocopter. The director told Harrison to let go at about six feet above the ground and they would get a stunt double to do the rest. When they filmed Harrison didn't let go, and ended up sixty feet in the air before the pilot set him back down. Needless to say the Director took a while to calm down afterwards). Other actors who do all their own stunts include Jackie Chan and Willem Dafoe-who did all his own stunts in Spiderman. The limit to what stunts an actor will do seems to be a mixture between what they are willing to do, and what the studio/director/producer will let them do, rather than any legal limitations. They went through several different types of lightsabre props during the films. They tried carbon fibre rods-which cracked-and aliminum rods-which bent. A broken length of carbon fibre hitting someone in a lunge could potentally be almost as bad as being impailed on a real sword, while a metal pole is going to cause some major bruising even if it doesn't break the skin. I think you are correct in saying that lunges were used once or twice in the films, but If I'm recalling correctly I think those lunges were done at range-meaning that even if they had connected the 'blade' would have not had enough force to do any major damage (Lunging with both hands probably also helps, since a two handed lunge isn't going to go as far as a single handed lunge.) I think in other cases the camera angles would lead you to conclude that the lunge was made closer to the body than it really was, or the lunge was done in such a way that they were not aiming at someone directly but towards the camera.
  22. I *Think* that the clone masters on Kamino created some clones who were free of the Empires programming in an attempt to gain their independence, and the Empire sent their own clones in, rather than risk having to fight a war against another clone army. I don't know the full details, but in the end I think that either all the equipment was destroyed, so they couldn'y make any more clones, or they decided that relying on a clone army exclusivly was too dangerious-someone could potentally do the same thing to the clones that Palpatine did-ie given them hidden programming. Having your entire army made from clones would also be a major problem if someone developed a biological agent that only affected the clones-you'd lose your entire army. I do know that the clones had a short life span (there is a load of stuff about this with Boba Fett in the EU about clone degeneration), so if they stopped being produced within a few years of the end of the clone wars, by the time of Yavin most of them would be either dead or in no condition to fight. This would nessasitate finding replacements. It could be assumed that the Clones were a stop-gap, and were only intended to fight the clone wars, turn against the Jedi and help set the scene for the Empires early years. After this the new Empire would be able to start recruiting from the normal population. Having 'normal' (non-clone) armies has a number of advantages, it is cheaper since you only need to pay for them when you are training them and since they don't all look alike all a stormtrooper has to do to blend in-ie if they are spying or acting as plain clothes bodyguards-is to take off their armour. And I would imagine that the thought that the people who were employing the empires rule of terror were the sons of those being terrorised would be quite delightful for a Sith Lord.
  23. Yeah it's the only plausible explanation; given the amount of time he had to design it. And on further inspection; most of the moves he does are almost identical to Palpatine's (well except for a couple which he does solely). And as i've said i like that explanation as it means Vaapad and Juyo are both the same and different simultaneously; Vaapad for Jedi, Juyo for Sith. Although i can't really decide who's the better swordsmaster; Mace got my vote; though i think i like Yoda better. Again, I have to fully agree. Vaapad as a variation of Juyo for the Jedi makes perfect sence, explains everything about the form we know-even the ability to reflect dark force powers to some degree could be explained as a side effect of the self control the user has to have in order to use the form, rather than a deliberate part of the form. Considering that Mace probably developed the form sometime before the Jedi knew for sure that the Sith were back, and hence they would have had no reason to assume they would ever be facing an opponent who could use the force against them, it would seem strange if they deliberatly invented a form that could protect against force powers when there didn't seem to be any need for one. It explains why Vaapad is listed as form seven, yet also considered as a form in its own right-something that on the face of things seems conradictrory and confusing-Why Palpatine had real trouble dealing with Mace (he just wasn't used to fighting a Jedi who is able to use what is, in effect, a sith lightsabre form-and it should be remembered than unlike his predicesors fighting someone useing Sith fighting styles would have been the exception for this Lord of the Sith). And why only three Jedi ever learnt or used the form; In order to learn Vaapad you would need to have learnt/mastered Juyo, and in order to learn Juyo you first need to have mastered Nimian (I'm not sure what the prerequsite for learning Nimian is, but I'd assume you'd have to have learnt at least two other forms first-one defensive and the other agressive). Given all of what you'd need to learn before you were at a stage to even be considered for training in Vaapad it could be assumed that; Learning Vaapad takes a long time, as you have to master at least two other forms first. Chances are most Jedi who might have considered learning Vaapad simply didn't have the time needed. Since Juyo wasn't used by many Jedi-it was considered a dangerious form as it was so agressive-very few would have wanted to pick up Vaapad as well. Those who did want to pick up Vaapad would probably have decided to stick with Juyo once they knew that form. The number of Jedi who were good enough Swordsmen to learn the prerequsite's for learning Vaapad was always going to be small. If you only have a small number of Jedi who were good enough to potentally pick the form up, and if most of those would have either decided not to learn it (or Juyo) or wouldn't have had the time to do so then your left with a very small number of potential Vaapad users and almost none who would have been in any position to learn it. The last word however should go to Mace Windu; "Who is the better swordsman? The inventor of a new form, or the master of a classic form?" (Mace Windu to Obi-Wan Kenobi explaining why the latter was the only Jedi who could beat General Grevious-taken from the book Revenge of the Sith-I might have misquoted slightly). Or in other words even Windu considered Obi-Wan to be the better swordsman of the two of them.
  24. (And back on topic) I do see your point, and useing the form in real combat would allow you to fully understand a forms strengths and its weaknesses. However you really would want to test any new form as fully as you could in a situation where discovering its weaknesses doesn't involve dying shortly afterwards. That would take time, and I would assume that (Ironically) the middle of a war would not be the best time to start messing around with a new fighting techneque without a very good reason-I'd assume that Mace was quite skilled using Vaapad before the clone wars started or he would have stayed with Juyo during the war. I have to agree that your explination does make the best sense, and also would explain why Vaapad is listed as form seven(?) along with Juyo, rather than being form eight. I do feel the need, however, to point out that there were some Jedi who were using Juyo so the basic form didn't need tinkering for Jedi to pick it up as such. It might be more correct to say that Vaapad is Juyo at its full potential, rather than completed. Since Juyo is an agressive form and Jedi are not meant to be agressive it could be safely assumed that the Jedi version of Juyo is probably not quite the equal of the Sith version. From everything I've read about how Vaapad seems to work it could be said that Vaapad is as close to the Sith version of Juyo as they can get, and at least its equal-if not better in fact, since the Jedi has to be more careful about maintaining control it probably would provide a slightly more defensive mindset, as well as allowing the user to plan ahead better than a Sith who's caught up in a fight.
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