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  1. As an aside; The lightsabre 'Forms' used in the original trilogy were devived from fencing styles in the real world; Rapier, Epee and Sabre-In fact the guy in the Vader suit during the fight on Bespin was a real life fencing master. By the time of the prequals they started to shift towards other swordfighting styles-such as Kendo, which seems to be the basis for Qui-Gon Jin's form. I'm not sure why this happened, unless it was easier to find a fencing master schooled in the western styles than it was to find someone who knew easten forms when they made the original films. Every type of fencing teaches different ways to fight, in some cases this is because of a different aproach to how you fight-Japanesse fencing styles for example tend to be more about delivering a single killing blow than defending yourself-in others the difference is down to the type of weapon-Again, a lot of Japanesse fencing moves involve slashing strokes since a Katana has a single slightly curved cutting edge. While Western fencing tends to be more about lunges, since most western blades are designed for thrusting. The weight of the weapon is also a factor, since a lighter blade can be moved more quickly-An epee or Rapier fencing match is a blur and a hell of a lot faster than a sabre fencing match since the blades are lighter. When it comes to the forms as seen on screen what we have is a mixture of varying styles, with (I assume) some differences in the on-guard position to denote differing forms. Since lightsabers have no effective weight (One of the things that is consistant throughout the entire StarWars universe) and because the blade can cut just as well regardless of if it is thrust or slashed they most likely just picked the most visualy impressive moves, and added one or two impressive moves that probably are not used in the real world. (During the Mace/Palpatine fight Mace at one point parries a swipe by turning his back and holding his sabre one handed down his back. Somehow I can't see that being a very smart thing to do in a real fight...). One interesting thing I have noticed is that lightsabres are never used in a lunge, even though the blade should be very effective used in this way. (Luke Skywalker, while training Mira Jade in one of the EU books, does pass comment on never this when she impales something on the end of her sabre). I can only assume that given the nature of the lightsabre props it was considered somewhat safer for the actors, in the case of a mistake or missed parry, for them to be belted over the head with the pole than impaled on the end of it. Since the films were also intended as family entertainment someone probably also decided that it was better if the kiddies didn't recreate lightsabre fights with lunges.
  2. Even if the Death Star hadn't been destroyed Palpatine would still have been thrown down the shaft by Vader, and Vader would still have died afterwards. What would have happened to Luke is a good question, chances are he would have been killed trying to escape from the DS, or he would have taken Palpatines place...... ....None of which would have kept him or anyone else alive since according to parts of the EU an assasin droid had downloaded his programing into the DeathStar and it was just about to open fire and destroy Endor when the station was destroyed. What would have happened is that the droid programing would have taken over the station, vented all the air out killing every living thing on board, then gone on a massive rampage around the galaxy destroying worlds until it either broke down, or was stopped by Palpatines clone.....somehow....When the Yuzhong turned up there wouldn't be much for them to take over, or many ships left to fight them.
  3. It's just one of those errors that crop up when you try to write about events that are history from a characters point of view, but haven't been 'seen' and therefore get changed later. There is a similar problem in the Thrawn books, where a lot of the information about the Clone wars (or rather the clones) seems to imply the clones were the enemy, when of course they were not (Unless you happened to be a Jedi). Being fair however none of the information seems to directly contradict anything said or seen in the prequels. There is something of a problem with the Stormtroopers however. GL has stated that they are all clones, which contradicts what happens in the Thrawn trilogy since everyone seems surprised that the Empire is using clone troopers. It also condadicts information given in later books-specifacaly the Jedi academy series (Kryp's brother is a stormtrooper in one of the books), but it occurs frequently-when it is clear that many of the stormtroopers are not clones at all. The best explination that I can think of is that 'Stormtrooper' is a general term, and it was simply used for all the Empires ground/combat troops in the same way that 'Soldier' can be used for anyone in the army-even if they are in special forces. This still doesn't explain why everyone was acting so surprised when Thrawn started useing clones, as unless all the clones were killed on the two death stars some of them should still have been around and serving in the Empire.
  4. The same problem occures in the film Return of the Jedi, when Leia tells Luke that she remembers her mother-even though Padme dies just after naming her children. GL did have a line added to the book Revenge of the Sith where Leia is looking around and taking note of everything in the room, and I *Think* there is a brief scene in the film where you can see baby Leia's eyes open and looking around. Yes it is a rather lame explination, but at least they noted the error. I thought the better explanation was that she remembered her adopted mother. She probably never even knew she was adopted. I think Leia always knew she was apopted, and I don't think she was talking about her adopted mother. Luke asks what Leia remembers of her mother-her REAL mother-and Leia doesn't seem to show any surprise at being asked this. Another explination that could be used is that Leia is remembering one of Padme's handmaidens who went to Alderan to look after Leia for a while. The X-Wing series was good, as was Specter of the past, vision of the future and I Jedi. But otherwise I agree that most of the EU doesn't deserve to stay alive.
  5. If I'm remebering correctly the other Jedi to use Vaapad was Windu'd apprentice, which would strongly imply that Mace was using that Form before the clone wars since he didn't have an apprentice during the clone wars. Plus the clone wars were only something like two years or so long which doesn't seem quite long enough to 'finish' or invent a new form given that Mace was a Jedi Master sitting on the council, and therefore one of the people most involved in the war. In order for what you said to be true Mace would have had to create Vaapad in a matter of months, test it, master it, master it well enough to be confident he could teach it to someone and then teach it to someone else. He'd have to do all this while handling the Jedi order's day to day buisness, helping to run the war and attempting to find out more about the Sith. Frankly I have serious doubts that anyone would have been able to do this. Learning one of the forms in a few months is quite possible (Luke Skywalker managed it) but creating a totally new form, or even finishing one, would require testing it as much as possible and therefore require a much longer time. And of Course Luke was only training when he learnt the lightsabre forms, he wasn't doing anything else. That Mace was a form 7 master at Genosis doesn't surprise me, regardless of if Vaapad was a finished Juyo or a new form in its own right it was based on Juyo, meaning that he would have had to know Juyo before he started using Vaapad and before creating that form he would have had to be a master of that form. It should also be realised that some of the stock moves from Vaapad are probably identical to Juyo-and since before the clone wars all of the jedi's opponents would have been using blasters a Vaapad master deflecting blaster bolts would probably look identical to a Juyo master. There probably was a Sith form called Vaapad. Mace Windu called the form he created Vaapad after a very dangerous predator on his home world. The most likely explination-and the simplest-is simply that the Sith called one of their forms/styles after this creature too. Otherwise you have to explain why/how; Did a Jedi Master get enough information to copy a Sith fighting style a thousand years after the Sith order was believed to have been wiped out? The only people who would have been able to teach such a style were unknown to the Jedi before the battle of Naboo. Why would a Jedi master on the council want to use or learn a fighting technique from the Sith? Any Sith fighting style is going to rely on the Dark side of the Force, altering it so that you could use that form using the lightside would imply an understanding of how the original form worked-meaning you'd have to use the darkside to use/learn the orignial which wouldn't have gone over well with the rest of the council. Also the changes would lead to a similar, but not identical, form which would raise the question as to why you'd use the same name. Yes, both the Jedi and Sith call the main lightsabre forms the same names; Ie Juyo is juyo for both the Jedi and Sith-but the first Sith Lords (meaning darkforce users, not species) were origanly Jedi who left the order. Which is to say that the main forms were created by the Jedi and then used by the Sith, so they kept the same names.
  6. To be fair its mentioned on the comentary of the Revenge of the Sith DVD, although I can't remember if it was GL who said that or someone else.
  7. I think it would be reasonable to assume that a Jedi master would be unable to learn a Sith lightsabre form (Or very unwilling) without becoming a Sith or Dark Jedi themselves, and since Mace Windu developed/started using Vaapad at a time when the sith had been gone for a thousand year there shouldn't have been anyone around to teach him that form anyway. The best explination for this is the simplest-its a coincidence. Vaapad was named (according to the book of Revenge of the Sith) after a lethal preditor on Windu's homeworld, it would be reasonable to assume that the Sith might name a lightsabre form after such a predator. So I'd say that both 'forms' of Vaapad just shared the same name, in the same way that 'Cannon' can mean both the main armament of a wooden sailing ship or a gun used on an aircraft. The same problem occures in the film Return of the Jedi, when Leia tells Luke that she remembers her mother-even though Padme dies just after naming her children. GL did have a line added to the book Revenge of the Sith where Leia is looking around and taking note of everything in the room, and I *Think* there is a brief scene in the film where you can see baby Leia's eyes open and looking around. Yes it is a rather lame explination, but at least they noted the error. One that I've always noted is that the explination as to why only Jedi (or Sith) can make lightsabres differs. In one book (I forget which book, but I think it was the Return of the Jedi) it is said that only a Jedi can align the crystal correctly. In 'I Jedi' though it is said that the Jedi uses the force to intergrate all the differing components in such as way as to dramatically increase their efficency. On the same general subject Luke tells Leia in one of the Heir to the Empire books that he can make her a lightsabre anytime-the implication being that for him its not that hard (Potentally correct). But again in 'I Jedi' it is stated that the 'normal' way to create a lightsabre takes a month, and the miniumim time is two days.....
  8. palpatine was in no way keeping up with Mace Windu in their fight in palpatines office. If you actually read the book, it sys that palpatine was in full retreat of Windu's Vapaad, WHICH HE DID NOT ACTUALLY CREATE, IT WAS ONE OF THE SEVEN SITH LIGHTSABER FORMS BEFORE THE PURGE OF THE SITH, ENACTED BY DARTH BANE, LORD OF THE SITH!!!!!!! all im trying to say is that sith kick the crap out of jedi when it comes to lightsaber fighting. Of course the Sith tend to be better swordsmen than the Jedi; Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion I gain strength. Through strength I gain power. Through power I gain victory. Through victory my chains are broken The force shall free me (Code of the Sith) The sith code stresses strength through conflict, therefore sith will prepare/train more in the arts of warfare. The Jedi on the other hand are more interested in peaceful resolution to conflicts than in smashing someones face in. All else being equal-age, species, strength in the force etc, a battle between a single Jedi and Sith will be in the Siths favour simply due to the siths better experience in fighting. As for Vaapad it was created by Mace Windu, not by the Sith. I can quote from the book Revenge of the Sith; Besides which, how exactly would a Jedi Master learn a Sith lightsabre form a thousand years after Darth Bane and the Sith vanished?
  9. Number going up also indicates progress. I still prefer the kind of progress where the numbers get smaller. That always happens with my bank balance....does that mean I'm getting richer?
  10. As far as I am aware you can't open either of those rooms no matter how you play, and I don't think they contain anything anyway.
  11. I don't think you can take the game in any other direction. K2 was badly hacked as LA released it before all the work on the game was done, which has lead to loads of content being missing-as well as a shed-load of bugs. There quite a few files of the missing content on the game disks which (I'm told) you can get access to. If you want a different ending to the ones you've seen so far you'll have to wait for the restoration Project to be compleated. They have (and are) working to bring back as much of the missing content as possible, which includes different endings to the game.
  12. The only problem with that is that you could end up getting stuck for not picking the right skills if done to early on in the game. Later on you'd just add someone useful for that task to your party, then get rid of them after you've opened the door/console etc unless they stop you from changing party members when away from the hawk....which could also lead to you getting stuck if you didn't select the correct party member. *Thinks* I guess you could have situations-say a locked door-where one of your party members tells you who you need to open the door, and you have to keep them in your party afterwards for some reason- 'Well, looks like you're going to need my help so I'll stick around for a while'.
  13. The glitch is caused by you saying anything other than 'Who are you?" to the Handmaiden when you enter and are challanged. Just select this as your response and you'll avoid the glitch-hence this is also why you need to have a save game from before entering the academy. I've found that 9 times out of 10 the game will have autosaved either as you enter, or just before you have the fight with the droids, so its worth checking that out.
  14. The Swoop races in K2 are seriously glitched, as you just discovered you can end up unable to finish races. As far as I know no-one has brought out any patches for this so its not a solvable problem. Sorry to say it but you'll just have to give the swoop race part of the game a miss, fortunatly you don't have to race in the game, but yes it does suck.
  15. Its the diffrents between Him being just a reguler Mandlorian named Canderous Ordo & now being Mandalor. In other words being Mandalor is a hole new Achivment. *blinks* OK, that makes no sense. Just because Canderious became Mandalor doesn't mean he suddenly forgets everything he knew before. I like the fact that Mandalore only becomes part of your party after some period of time-meaning that you have to level him up several times which gives you the impression that he has been around for a while. This is a viable way to deal with 'old' party members who were in the first two games, and the droids could have been damaged/been memory wiped etc. But this wouldn't work with Revan or the Exile as the main character as starting as anything other than level one would unbalance the game and make it less fun, that and the 'You lost your connection to the force....' explination has been used twice before. I do not want to play a main char who used to be a jedi/sith and who lost their force connection, it smacks of no imagination. Lets have someone new, someone who is starting out as a Jedi from scratch and who's power includes a natural ability to learn force powers, feats and lightsabre forms faster than normal so we can do without the Whole 'You were a Jedi but lost your powers' rubbish. Of course odds are good that we'll end up with some nameless Jedi who left the order after the mandalorian wars and who hasn't used the force in years........
  16. The part in darksabre was when the designer of the Deathstar (forget his name) was brought to Palpatine after Luke destoyed the first Deathstar. Palpatine kills the guy (He's eaten alive by bugs from Yavin IV) but puts him into a new clone body. Palpatine makes a comment that the techneque of putting someones mind into another body had to be forced from a Jedi master. (I'd give you a better quote if the book hadn't been a load of crap, leading me to throw it out). I would assume that the Jedi technique would be intended to put someone into a (Mindless) cloned body if they were dying and there was no otherway to save them. Of course a Lord of the Sith would realise that you could probably do the same thing to any living body if it was incapable of resisting. Yeah, that was my point-Palpatine was the first Lord of the Sith for a thousand years who didn't have to worry about hiding himself from the Jedi. No doubt he was free to indulge himself in some of the more powerful techniques that the Sith had developed over the years-techniques that would have probably been hard if not impossible to hide from the Jedi had they been used before. He could have invented these powers himself, but it would be more logical to assume that at least some of his tricks were invented, but never used, by other Sith Lords.
  17. KSE? I don't know what it is but no, I didn't use anything like that. KSE is a program that allows you to edit KOTOR save games, with it you can give yourself any of the equipment/items in the game or change gender etc. I've never used this program, and don't know where you would get it, but if you can find it you should be able to change the gender of your character which might help solve the problem. I think there is a meantion of the KSE in the FAQ section, but I'm not 100% sure if there is a link to where you can get it.
  18. Have you posted there and seen if anyone knows whats going on? Anyway, good luck and I hope you can sort it out.
  19. I have to agree with that. Ever since DE, they've been making Luke to an almost Dragon Ball Z level character, but nevertheless, it's still canon. Do you have any sources to prove that? No offence, but I don't think Revan or Bane are as powerful as Palpatine. First of all, neither of them could even hope to make a Force Storm on Palpatine's scale, and if they did, they most likely wouldn't be able to control it. That and I don't think Revan or Bane have any of the knowledge Palpatine has, since neither have been shown to pull off anything Palpatine could or couldn't, aswell as being able to transfer their soul's to another body and being able to overpower that body's soul. That and neither have been referred to as knowing all darkside powers and how to defend against them including Sith Amulet blasts, or knowing the Fallanassi technique above or being described as' faster than the eye could see' or 'the best of best' in saber fighting. Hell, even the Sith spirit's on Korriban respected and feared Palpatine, as shown in Empire's End #1, if that doesn't show he's the most powerful Sith ever, then I don't know what is. We don't really know how powerful Revan or Bane were since we've seen/read less about them than we have Palpatine. For all we know the Force powers Palpatine used were developed by either Revan or Bane-or some other Lord of the Sith we've never heard about. Palpatine might have been useing powers that were known to all the Lords of the Sith that came after Bane-ie the Sith who were in hiding for a thousand years-it could be that he was just better or more skilled in using them, or he had more oppotunity to use them after the Jedi were gone. Lets face it if you are attempting to hide you don't want to do something that might warn the people your hiding from that you are around. The ability to put himself in a different body is, from what I seem to remember reading, orignally a Jedi-rather than a Sith-skill that Palpatine stole and used himself. This came from the book DarkSabre, although LA might not consider this as being absolute truth. It is also worth pointing out that Palpatine could only put himself into bodies that either had no mind/will of their own-his own clones-or into very young children, such as Anakin Solo. It seems that the ability does not work on adults-or at least not force sensitive adults as I'm assuming that swaping places with a none force sensitive person would leave him unable to use the force. The problem with Palpatine is that for a long time he was, in effect, the only Sith Lord anyone was writing about, so the writers went to town. In order to make him seem like a serious threat the writers gave him abilities that made a Death Star look like a toy, without asking 'well, if he was that powerful why didn't the Sith crush the Jedi eons ago....Why bother building the Death Stars and why did he need Vader?....' GL's comments that Palpatine was the most powerful Sith Lord ever are an attempt to explain this, without having to suddenly take all the EU works that have Palpatine in them and declare them non-cannoncal. In future I don't think we will ever see a Lord of the Sith who can do all of the same things Palpatine could, or if they can they will make sure their powers come at a serious price-Nilhus being a good example of a very powerful Sith with some serious limitations.
  20. I was under the impression that the Yuuzhang were not native to the SW galaxy, but came from another galaxy *shrugs*. I'm trying to think of what could be done on some of the worlds see so far in the games, and Koriban is one of those places that I really can't imagine having anything to do if it was included. True, they could require you to visit one of the tombs....but that was done in K1....they could have the Sith academy in place there again....but they did that in K1 as well. What about having one of the big bads using that as their base.....wait, that was K2....You know, I can't think of anything you could do there that you didn't do before..... If they have to include some of the old planets in K3 I'd rather they were small-ie not a huge number of missions to do there-and they were 'extras' in so far as there were at least three or four other planets that have more to do and are much more detailed. It would also be nice if the appearance of some of the planets you've been to in K2 changed appearance slightly-and had slightly different missions-depending on if the Exile was DS or LS. For example if Exile was DS then Dantooine would be run by Azkul and the mercs, if the Exile was LS then the settlers remain in charge. They didn't need to do this in K2 simply because the same things happened regardless of Revans alignment-LS or DS Dantooine still got bombed and the Sith left Koriban. OK, so this would be more work, but I would imagine they could use the maps from K2 to remake some of the planets fairly quickly.
  21. Have you taken a look on the lucasarts message boards for KOTOR? They have a section there for bugs on the X-Box, could be that the problem you have has happend before and there is a solution on that board. I think there is a link to the LA board in the FAQ thread. (I play the game on PC only, so I can't really be of any help )
  22. Most mods should include a read me file, which tells you how to install them, or there should be a note how to install from where you down load them. The majority of mods just require you to copy a few files into KOTOR's override folder, and thats all. One or two will have an automatic install program that you just double click on and that will do everything else for you. In no case do you need to copy the files to the game cd, I'm not sure you could and it would be a bad idea anyway. You never need to reinstall KOTOR after downloading a mod, it should require you to download the file, followed possibly by unzipping the folder you downloaded then copying the relivent files to the override folder and just starting and playing the game again. It is hard to say at which point it will become clear what the mod does-or when it will kick in-since there are so many mods out there, and some of them have effects you don't really notice straight away. Also worth noting a couple of things -One, sometimes mods just don't work-they don't kick in, they crash the game or leave you with annoying bugs. I've downloaded a couple of mods that I could never get to work. If this happens just clean out the override folder and the game should default back to normal. Any save-games you make while playing with a mod may not work if you remove the mod later on. If you want to download the Restoration Project in the future you'll have to remove any mods you have-that will not work with any other mods in place we're told. Have fun, and welcome to the boards.
  23. *thinks* ok, I've never heard of this happening before, maybe someone else around here has and can help you better, but I'll throw a few ideas out. (I'm assuming here that you are playing the PC version btw); It could be a problem with a corrupted save game, first thing to try is to run scan disk, it takes time true but you'll have lost nothing more than this. Start a new game and see if you get the same problem. If you don't then the problem is the saved game, you could try the save game editor that might allow you to change things (Never used it so someone else would have to tell you about the that). If you do get the same problem the only thing I can think to try is to uninstall and reinstall the game and see if that helps-you will not lose your save games during uninstall, unless you opt to delete them yourself. Not sure what else to advise really, you could try looking on the lucasarts message boards-they have a technical section that might include this problem and how to solve it, I think there is a link in the FAQ thread.
  24. They need to finish the story of Revan-the vast majority of Starwars stories are in three parts and it would be odd for them to set everything up for K3 then to ignore the possibilities and move on. Knights of the New Republic might be something they consider after that, but since part of the story of Luke Skywalker is still being written I can't see them doing anything until that is done and dusted....maybe not even then. They would need to have an idea of what had happened before the game, at least in the general sense, in order to reference those events, which would tie the hands of anyone trying to write a good story set before the game-or it would give the plots away long before they were written. Maybe after K3 they should consider KOTVOR-Knights of the Very old Republic, set even further back in time....
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