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  1. I'm guessing that the problem is with the dual processor and graphics card. From the stickied help guide ( http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showtopic=41038 ) it seems you can run into problems using Nvidia cards with dual core processors. The advised solution there is to update the graphics drivers - a link to which can found above. Hope that helps.
  2. That's a funny understanding of the concept of altruism you seem to have. Sounds more like you want to come off as some sort of holy benefactor to save the 'community' from another let down. As for 'torching' your house, you must really have a big idea of yourself to think that. Blatant plagiarists and rip-offs have been dealt with much less and there have been many more letdowns in 'the community' than simply waiting for this particular mod to fully materialise. On the one hand you say you don't want to raise false hopes, but on the other you mention on more than one occasion how you are going to hire a crack-team of programmers to do the mod. You say you want to keep it secret, but then you go on about being shot down by TG for not accepting your alleged deus ex machina help. What's the point of that if you don't want to raise false hopes and sympathy for yourself? Lame. I guess my original response was a little too spot on for the mods tastes. You obviously are either on the beta team or are insanely devoted to them. Regardless, since you had to change my words in order to present me in an unfavorable light I think you have pretty much written my answer for me. For the record refuse didn't flag your post I did, for no other reason than I felt that the language and tone of your first post was totally unwarranted. Had another member posted the same things about or to you I'd have reported them. I do not know anyone who works on the TSLRP, but I am sure that constantly posting negative comments about their work is hardly a great way to get on the team - even if they were looking for someone. Which they are not. As far as they know you are simply making wild claims in the hope that you can get an early version of the mod, which you will then release claiming it as your own. They've already had one leak, effectively ruining some 4 years of hard work, so I seriously doubt that they will let anyone they don't know can be trusted anywhere near the mod - no matter what help they may offer or claim to be able to provide.
  3. Here are the forms for each class; All; Shii-Cho, Makashi, Soresu (Plus Force channel, which is not a lightsabre form). These forms are picked up automatically between levels 7 and 12, the exact level you get these and in which order varies by class. But Shii-Cho is always the first at level 7. From the masters in order and by class; Consular/Master; No additional lightsabre forms - you get force-forms instead. Guardian/Weapon master; Ataru, Shien, Juyo Sentinel/Watchman; Ataru, Shien, Niman. Note; Only three of the masters will teach you a new form. Both Sentinel/Watchmen and Consular/Master classes will get new forms from the first three masters but not the fourth. Guardian/Weapon masters will get a form from the first two masters, then one from the last master rather than the third. You'll learn the forms in the same order regardless of which order you meet the masters.
  4. Sorry I couldn't give you a sure-fire solution, but at least you now know what the problem is.
  5. Your graphics chip is not supported by the game; http://www.lucasarts.com/support/tsg/SWKot...ortedVideo.html
  6. It is when you consider that they have to sit down and play through the game to find said bugs. You might say 'hey, what's hard about having to play a game?'. But you forget that the beta testers, those poor souls, have been constantly playing the game for the last 4 years. No game can be viewed as being fun after its 400th play through. You don't know that, I don't know that. All we know is that they haven't updated the bug-list - which is the least important part of the project. Which would you rather have them do? Sit down and fix the bugs or spend all day writing them on the websight?
  7. Well, at last I've discovered someone with maths skills worse than mine... highlight for answer.
  8. The problem was that Obsidian was forced by Lucasarts to release the game early - and before all the game content (including two other areas) was installed. This is why the game files contain special items you can't really get playing the game - as well as explaining the shed-load of bugs that grace the game.
  9. These are the following places where you either need to use stealth or where it is very helpful to have it. Note that the 'useful' skill level for Stealth on Peragus is 4. Since the base attribute for Stealth is Dexterity, which also aids in armour class, starting with only two points in Stealth and with a dex level of 14 (+2 modifier) will give you this. Although much depends on your class, all classes will find Dex helpful - ranged weapon skill is based off it and with the correct feat so is lightsabre skill. Further Dex increases armour class - very important since Jedi robes have little armour themselves, and heavier armour negates many force powers. Since dex modifiers are one of the most common to be found on items, and one of the best items for Dex happens to be one of the stealth field belts you can pick up, it makes sense to drop at least one point in stealth so you can equip the belt. If you are doing that you might as well drop a few points into stealth to bring the skill level up to four when the dex bonus is added to the skill. Skill 'levels' are in blocks of 4, so you should always aim to have any individual skill as a multiple of four after attribute modifiers are added to them.
  10. There are a few places in K2 where stealth is useful - twice on Peragus, and three times on Nar Shadda - although in the latter case you can switch to another character such as Atton. High stealth skill can also be useful for assassins, sentinels and watchmen all of whom get a combat and damage bonus if they can manage to start an attack while in stealth. However this is tricky, and useless when dealing with the bosses and scripted fights since you can't use the ability. It can also prove helpful in some places when you really just can't be bothered to get into a fight. In K2 stealth is also used in the construction of some weapons/armour upgrades at a work bench. However you can normally just switch to characters with high stealth skills (Atton again) to make those upgrades. As you said, for the main character stealth is not all that helpful after Peragus - a skill of 4 (after other bonuses) is more than good enough. After Peragus you can pick characters with higher stealth skill should you need it. By the time this is no longer an option you really don't need stealth skill anyway.
  11. Have you looked at the guide to making K2 work on Vista that is on here? http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showt...mp;#entry760302 I'd get rid of all the patches and try a fresh install as detailed from the link. (Btw, if you downloaded anything claiming to be a K2 Vista patch you should get rid of it - as far as I'm aware there is no such thing)
  12. As far as I'm aware there is no Vista patch for KOTOR/K2. There is a sticky detailing ways to get the game to work on Vista.
  13. Wrong. I managed to play it with a 64MB graphics card and a 1.3 mhz processor without any problems.
  14. GForce graphics cards are probably the best option, in so far that I have yet to find a game that won't run on them.
  15. Clearly you didn't bother to read any of the above posts. Had you done so you'd notice that the reporting system on the TSL sight is currently unable to be updated.
  16. Get a GForce card - they all use the same drivers (more or less) so will work with practically any game you want to play.
  17. Of course not. No business will admit to releasing a product that is flawed, unfinished or anything but perfect. You don't keep unneeded files on disks. As far as I'm aware the team have not 'promoted' the mod, Nor have they run a 'Massive online campaign' in any shape or form. They simply said they were doing it and answered questions about what it will contain as and when they have been asked. ? What in blazes are you babbling about? You mean the people who were doing the mod in their free time and without being paid appeared not to be doing any work? What were they thinking? They should have quit their jobs, given up college, moved back in with their parents and locked themselves in their room until this was done! How dare they have lives when they should have been finishing a job no-one asked them to do and for which they will not see any money. Starting with 'I'm no going to download this mod' is not a good way to convince people you are looking for answers. They owe people nothing. Errm. No. They have never promised more than that the mod will be ready when its ready. You make outrageous claims to being able to produce or reproduce this mod in a matter of weeks or months, while showing no understanding as to how modding works or how long it takes on this scale. You say that you will not be downloading the mod, and yet talk as if the team somehow owe you or other people something. You have been told countless times that this mod is being done in peoples spare time, and that they will (and legally can't) get any money from this. Yet you still insist on talking about what they have done and should have done as if this were a fully paid team of experts with full access to the coding. Sorry, but since you clearly don't seem able to grasp the basic ideas here and have admitted to not being interested in downloading the mod you have no right or place to comment on how it is progressing.
  18. Obsidian. They have better writers who can write an interesting story and develop the characters pretty good. You know, that would be somewhat more convincing if you didn't happen to work for Obsidian Not that I'm objecting to Obsidian making K3.....I hope someone does and is given enough time to complete it this time around.
  19. While you can make better components for a sabre at a work bench with the right skills crystals only come from drops, merchants and as quest rewards. As all but a handful of drops are totally random (which includes containers) and most of the items merchants have avalible to buy are also random everytime you play the game, this means that it requires some luck to find the colour crystal you would like in your sabre-I played five times without finding a single silver crystal, then found four on the next play through. The same holds for getting sabres, they are mainly from drops or as quest rewards. As with all drops they are random, and even quest rewards can vary in the type and colour of sabre you will recive-I've played games when I've never found a short-sabre, and others when I've only ever found short-sabres. Whatever the source you can't get sabres until you've made one for yourself.
  20. Yeap, the ending of K2 is something of a anti-climax. There is the TSLRP *almost* compleated, this is a mod that aims to restore much of the games missing content including the endings. More information can be found on this very board.
  21. Force wave or force storm are good for taking out the sabres-wave is better as it pushes them away. Its also worth noting that the sabres can, for some reason, be stunned by force wave.
  22. I'm still around on occasion, but screwy net acess isn't helping matters. Have I missed anything? Apart from the 28 bug count for the mod? Which I seem to recall was the same number as when I first came here lol
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