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  1. The problem I have with this is that the Grimoire of Vaporous Wizardry's stat bonuses outweigh any unique spell provided by other grimoires. +1 to all Spell levels is a massive boost and I honestly can't see myself using any other Grimoire unless I have multiple wizards in my party...
  2. Of the options listed, Paladin/Cipher (Soul Blade) is your best bet. Soul Blade in general works with any melee class, and Paladin is fine for it. Pop sworn enemy on your target, then start dropping Flames of Devotion to build Focus, then dump it with Soul Annihilation. Rely on Paladin's tankyness to survive in the front lines.
  3. I'm running my Fanatic with Pallegina as a Herald and it's great. First of all, Pallegina's Paladin subclass provides her with a modified Sworn Enemy which applies separately from my own, so no conflict there. Secondly, I get to run both the Accuracy aura and the Armor aura, which is just lovely. Finally, between the two of us we got heals for days. So don't worry about it too much, nothing wrong with two Paladins.
  4. About that, when does it start to do that? I got it early on and I've been leveling it, still no Int Aff Immunity on it. Do I need to finish its questline? Or did I mess up when picking a class to bind it to (picked Barbarian instead of Paladin)?
  5. I believe (not 100% sure here) that some of Xoti's upgrades are tied to her personal quest, meaning that you get to take them only after you've finished them. And then you get to pick a different one depending on the outcome...
  6. 1. An autoattack option would be welcome. Sometimes you just want to tell your characters to smack someone without using any abilities. 2. Allow more debuffs as conditions. Example: I want my Paladin to attack the enemy he's cast Sworn Enemy on. However, I can't specify "If:Sworn Enemy - Then X" 3. Allow modals. In fact, this is particularly egregious as there ARE some modals in the premade AI sets. Example: Tekehu's default AI set includes a trigger for his Shapeshifting, but when I'm making a custom AI set I can't access his Shapeshift. 4. Implement Friendly Fire avoidance in so
  7. Seconded. At least let us access everyone's inventory (and levelups) while on the ship. That alone would make management much easier.
  8. 1. Enter combat 2. Close distance (repeat as many times as needed) 3. Prepare to board 4. Play a normal battle
  9. Haven't found it myself, but as I understand it, it's supposed to be in Neketaka, in the Gullet, down an elevator of some kind.
  10. Please pick Moon Godlike too, now you got double anti-synergy Anyway this is intended. Oh god, yes, healing ALL the enemies even more as they pummel my face in! Sounds sublime... :D Seriously, though, my build is using Swords and I was intending to beeline for Modwyr, which gives immunity to Confusion as far as I understand. Is this correct and would this solve my problem here? Are there any other methods of losing that annoying Confusion effect? Would Paladin's Mental Fortress work for this?
  11. I'm not sure if this is a bug or working as intended, so I'd like some input before attempting to report it... Basically, the Confused status effect seems to work on healing abilities as well. Case in point, the AoE Heal on Flame of Devotion that Kind Wayfarers get. What this means is that you end up healing the enemies as well. I attached a screenshot of my combat log with an example. Note how well it heals the god damn construct I'm fighting... Also, while I've listed this as a Berserker/Kind Wayfarer issue, I'm guessing it would affect any AoE heal. So, is this working as intended
  12. Look, all I know is that Xoti is the most adorable thing ever and a large part of that is her acccent, so all is forgiven.
  13. Nothing in the Chanter class should in any way restore spellcasts to a Wizard. However (and I don't mean to be insulting here), are you aware that most abilities in PoE2 are now on a per-encounter basis, including Wizard spells (which were per-rest in PoE1)? That's the only thing that comes to mind as to why you feel like you have more spells to cast...
  14. In case anyone is wondering, saving the crate means that the crate shows up next to you on the beach when you wake up. There's some minor loot in there, containing a minor magic item. Basically, I'd argue that the crewmember is a waaay better choice than some vendor trash.
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