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  1. My character has a goatee, this is the only helmet i've seen which makes it disappear.
  2. Recently beat the game and am about to play path of the damned. I was about to start a game with a paladin but changed my mind since I want to use Pallegina. So my first idea is to go fighter/wizard or maybe even fighter/wael priest The idea there would be to use rapiers, one handed style, and and create a crit fishing build. I would use the lightest armor possible and rely on deflection and try to get near max perception. Would I even need Dex at all here? I saw there is a lot of great recovery buffs. 10 Dex Max per and might seems right here. It just seems thematical
  3. Does sworn enemy matter in regards to these crazy bleakwalker builds with soul blade? I don't see anyone mentioning it
  4. Idk. I mean I could make the main character something more useful that will synergize better. If I wasn't also using eder sure I could spec her as a no damage tank but not being able to use sworn enemy on boss fights seems a waste. The auras seem like a nice bonus to the paladins other ablities but nothing spectacular. I think I'm just going to change my mc. Thanks for the input.
  5. I beat the game once already and wanted to use Pallegina which is the only character I never used in poe1. I wanted to do paladin as well. It looks like only one of us get the damage bonus on an enemy with sworn enemy. Is this true? If so I guess I got to restart. I get it that things don't stack and this might be a case of that but it makes no sense in regards to this skill. Only one person benefits from it and thematically k don't see why two paladins couldn't have the same sworn enemy.
  6. Probably going with this party. MC: Chanter or Fighter/Chanter if I go fighter I am going to use sabres. Maybe dual wield them. Aloth (wiz/fighter) - I want to build him as a tank, i'm wondering how well this will work. Maia Rua (ranger/wiz) guns/nuker Xoti (priest) ranged weapon Serafen (barbarian/cipher) using reach 2h weapons if possible.
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