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  1. Guys i want to start Bleak/bers on max difficulty with fully customised party. What about stats: M:20 C:10 D:14 P:14 I:10 R:10 Is it ok for Iron? I want Priest, wizard, ranger and some good dps tank. Is it ok? What about melee tanks? Who is good now?
  2. Hello, I am new here, so want to ask some questions about paladins. I like bleakwalker, started bleakwalker + soul blad (inq) 1. I dont understand the synergy bleakwalker + soul blad (inq) both abilities active. Should i use only soul annihilation from cypher? 2. What is best and deepest combo bleakwalker +? 3. Is it possible to get a tanky version of bleakwalker with a good dmg? And what about maxing bleakwalker: str + dex?
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