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  1. I still think Kotor would make a great movie.
  2. What? You mean you betrayed him,and didn't kill him last time??? Shame on you.
  3. There is nothing wrong with playing videogames, as long as you know the difference between fantasy world and reality. Those who don't should get professional help, or a life. The purpose of videogames is entertainment,nothing more.
  4. Not bad. This is definitely an improvement.
  5. That's :ph34r: the <_< path you :D have seemed B) to take ^_^ isn't it? You like smileys a lot,don't you?
  6. Doing the romance was not a requirement in the first game, it was optional. You could have just ignored that part if it made you feel so awkward.
  7. Agreed. If you look at it that way, playing videogames in general could be considered silly and a waste of time, since you could be doing something more important ,right?
  8. Do NOT put any weird images in our heads or I'll slice you up *two lightsabers is lit in the darkness*
  9. I heard the controls are better for x-box. In fact, I know. There are advantages and disadvantages to both versions. Such is life I guess.
  10. Your EVIL Test Results (Score: 173 out of 200) 86.5% Very EVIL! Yes! You are very evil indeed! In fact, we are quite proud of your efforts to make the world a living hell. You will find that most mortal humans shiver with fear in your very presence, and that animals run and hide when you approach. You carry a frightening air of evil wherever you go, and just by talking to people you can easily (and sometimes inadvertantly) influence people into acts of cruely, dishonesty, disloyalty, and other various delightfully unpleasant actions. Mind you, you are certainly not perfect
  11. *begins flaming* This should have been posted in the Kotor 2 general discussion. There. Feel flamed. :D
  12. This just goes to show you that darkside force powers are more popular than lightside ones.
  13. I would definitely get it for the PC, not just for the extra content, but you also have better graphics and the ability to use different mods. That alone makes it worth the $20.
  14. I paid $49.95 plus tax for Kotor. I would assume that Kotor 2 will cost about the same amount. Even if it cost more than that, I would still get it.
  15. Stereotypical gay people... Right. You obviously watch too much TV. 1. I don't think that type of relationship will be added to games anytime in the near future,since 85% of gamers are apparently homophobic. 2. How do same sex relationships compare to romancing inanimate objects and animals?
  16. Everything about Kotor 2 sounds great so far and I look forward to playing it. I can't say if there's anything I don't like until I have actually played the game. Rating it now,would be like judging a book by its cover.
  17. The title "Revenge of the Sith" really doesn't sound so bad. It's the movie itself I worry about. I hope it's better than Episodes I and II.
  18. Yes but he too could be made useful! That is if u could put up with the whining. That's very true,but I didn't feel like putting up with it.
  19. With the proper skills and equipment non-Jedi characters can be just as useful. Although I generally prefer Jedi, I have used Canderous and Mission quite often in my games. (I didn't use Carth because I couldn't stand his whining.)
  20. I see nothing wrong with the title.In fact, it sounds pretty good to me. I think people complain too much about insignificant details anyway,and I don't mean just in Star Wars. You can't please everyone;some people will like it-others won't. That's life.
  21. 1. As much as I liked the prequels,I'm afraid they just don't measure up to the original trilogy. 2. Kotor's storyline was brilliant,of course it's better than the prequels. 3. I seriously doubt that Episode III can make up for the shortcomings of Episodes I and II,but as a Star Wars fan I will probably watch it anyway. 4. I wouldn't mind seeing "Kotor -The Movie",but I don't think that will ever happen.
  22. I think you have taken the game a little too serious... Anyway, I don't think Bastila should return as an NPC. Give her a cameo role or perhaps an honorable mention,but don't bring her back as an active party member. I for one would like to see some fresh meat.
  23. I don't know. Maybe it's the way they talk. Other than looking cute and cuddly,what purpose do they really serve?
  24. But of course we need a Gungan or two. What else am I supposed to practice my lightsaber skills on? (Or at least give me some Ewoks for target practice......)
  25. Neopets and pokemon??? (And here I thought this was going to be a Star Wars game.....)
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