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  1. It seems that eventually we are not so "middle-aged" as I thought,are we? Mreku you are kidding right?Because if you are not then I think that I am gonna change the country that I live! :D
  2. ADSL is something new for us here in this "middle-aged" Greece so I wanted to know how much ADSL connections cost in other countries.For an ADSL connection 384kbps we pay 100euro in advance and 57euro every month after that.How much do you pay,if you have an ADSL connection of course
  3. Heh.The correct question is "What wasnt lame in KOTOR???" :angry:
  4. Genetics?You wouldnt believe the mathematics that are involved in this science!(not that is comparable with the other sciences that taks mentioned) Especially the part that is called "structural biogenetics of the human species"
  5. Good Luck! Unfortunately I cant help you as I am studying genetics. If I find something on my internet travels regarding quantum physics I will post it here.
  6. Humor is fine guys but I think this is serious.Or it is not? And it is not about me.I have been playing video games for more than 15 years and surely now I can seperate social life from video gaming. You talk about balance and entertainment.Well look at the Neverwinter Nights 2 topics and tell me if you can say the same
  7. When I went to bed last night some odd but important questions came to my mind. Can these two things video games and "real life" be mixed? I mean whats more important?To stay inside and become ''sick'' of BG2 or PST or get out make more relationships? I think that people who are "addicts" to video games are trying somehow to escape real life and thats bad...really bad for the human society.I can think of some people that have illusions about life,they almost think they live in a video game. Moreover I know that some of these forum members have family,kids etc I dont know how can they do
  8. No that was Interplay`s not Black Isle`s. Darque these images are from the movie final fantasy 7
  9. I think the name Sid Meier its enough a reason for those who had played the first Pirates game.
  10. Maybe they will have not a stock symbol.Just Obsidian like in the trailer.
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