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  1. It doesn’t “build” enough. Go copy magician apprentice and master, and you could win. Our increase in power and skills should be related to more than just “I ran some bounties”
  2. Honestly, I’m happy enough. They made a good game that I’m enjoying, and being backer means helping to find that. I got some cool swag asa thank you, so there you go.
  3. These are the risks of funding....Try starting a business. It’s so much worse:(
  4. I’d just kind of like to know. Gives me something to look forward to that way.
  5. My swashbuckler is a beast. So much fun, running on potd, though it doesn’t mean much atm.
  6. Where are the options that would make the next game....somehow different? This....is a weak implementation. Even if it was a dlc of....goofy stuff, give us something to spice it up. Your team is capable of more than what you provided.
  7. 100% agree with all Novem said. He’s on it.
  8. Could we get other cannons to purchase to try out how we may actually find “depth” to planning for navel fights? I feel as if the cannons are the missing link here...?
  9. I just don’t really “depth” of sailing ship combat without wind....seems....half hearted
  10. Wind would make it sooo much deeper. Also to drop a sea anchor would be absolutely sick.
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