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  1. First: Well done. I got what I hoped for. On the companions: Good, but too early to say: SO MANY choices, can't tell how often I reloaded to see what other dialogue options would bring, yet only scratched the surface. But I do get the impression that some things were left unfinished. I hope the expansions will take care of that.
  2. Yep, I always hoped there would be some sort of fighting marathon where you can't rest where this would come in handy but after one playthrough: nope, seems nearly useless. I usually only empower with wizards/ciphers (some empowered wizard spells are a sight to behold), sparsely with Kana Ruas finishing blow and practically never with melee characters. There are a lot of things that felt strange, difficult to say if they are a bug or last minute changes that with other last minute changes make no sense anymore.
  3. I've never heard of them before the announcement from obsidian but thank god, I do know of them now. After watching the 2nd campaign to its newest episode, I started the 1st campaign too. Matt Mercer is truly a, hats off, great DM. Commenting on the players, a lot of the time it was different for me to figure out how much was roleplaying and how much was themselves. After watching them in both campaigns I was a bit surprised of how much more they were actually roleplaying. A lot of the time I catch myself thinking: "how would I have done it" and speculating that is a lot of fun, though the greatest moments for me are surprisingly not the actual game, but the inter character play. Very enjoyable and recommendable.
  4. Btw, there were 3 bought "create a spell" backer choices, do we know which one they are?
  5. In theory if you're playign a wizard that all he does is nuke stuff, wouldn't the evoker be slightly appealing at least? Can't think of a reason to pick any of the other 4 though, if summoned weapons got a bonus damaged based on power level then maybe conjurer is decent but from what I know only their duration increases with power leel which is pretty meh. Its not just conjured weapons you lose, its also the conjuration spells like chill fog, which is very useful early on. One power level isn't really much, considering we saw even some pets who could improve power level by one. And since we don't know on first run which special spells there will be (late game probably) would suck if there is this awesome spell, but you cant use it. So, for first run, definitve generalist wizard, and if ever a specialist, then yeah, evoker.
  6. I seem to remember that in one of the streams the question "can attributes on companions be rerolled too" was asked, but I didn't remember the answer. Anyone know? And yeah, that durance stats... geez
  7. Single-class wizard first. And I'm curious how unique some of the npc subclasses are. I really don't like it when I roll the same class and they outshine mine. Damn you, Edwin & Safiya, hm... damn you red wizards of thay actually.
  8. Why does it need to be "balanced"? Its a single player game, not dota or overwatch. One good ingame item might throw all the careful balance in the gutter, so what?
  9. Beta is really good now, starting companions though still suck, rerolled two chars into multiclass (of course) with the starting money and game got enjoyable, even one level lower. Didn't find any bugs except the souldbound item, though maybe I didn't understand how it works. Looking forward to playing, if I hadn't backed, I'd buy it now. Too bad we still have to wait a month.
  10. Havent tried much yet, but in multiclass, some talents are with both classes. Can you take the same one twice?
  11. Here we call it 'Karfreitag'. For some it is a holiday, for most it isn't anymore.
  12. And season 2 of Legion... And Neverwinter Nights: EE on 27th of March.
  13. Eh, no point in lamenting the inevitable. But what about a beta update? Seriously, Obsidian, a definitive statement is overdue.
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