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  1. I am also experiencing this with the addition of it also applying when opening the menu/inventory and trying to return to the game. This is happening on a Vega 64, with the mesa amdgpu driver (19.0.1) on Void Linux. Edit: After looking at it again today, i've pinned it down to the msaa setting for me. If it's on 1, these problems don't occur for me and menus, maps and inventory disappear like normal.
  2. Hello, I've had this problem pretty consistently with a few enemy encounters upon combat start, where they don't have a ring at all, aren't targetable and don't attack. The first time I encountered it was right after release at the engwithan digsite in the one room with the three Imps, one Imp would just sit there and do nothing. This was since fixed, so i never reported it because i thought the problem in general was being addressed. But i kept encountering it on some occasions, specifically in the ruins of xaur-tuk-tuk (the fire elemental) and the Island Dungeon with all the vampyrs whose name escapes me at the moment. This is especially common on reloads or when starting combat from stealth. In the case of the ruins it's especially unfortunate since mother sharp-rock only leaves her cage when all enemies are defeated. Here is a screenshot for illustration: I made a save there too in case it's needed. Edit: forgot to say, i can usually fix it if i reload the autosave that was created when entering the dungeon.
  3. As of 4.0, Izzia has disappeared from Marihi's Metalwork for me. I'm guessing it could be somehow linked to the already mentioned issue with Fassina (who is also missing for me).
  4. On Crookspur island, ****erel Forest Dialogue: should probably say 'slaving type' Same Dialogue, the good old 'your/you're' thing: This one was 3.1 but since to my knowledge it hasn't been reported, i'm assuming it's still in. In Fort Deadlight/kitchen: should say 'so I can hear you'. This one I'm not sure if it goes under typo, looks more like a missing disposition indicator (the 4th option)?
  5. Yes it's not a bug, but maybe still something to consider to work on, I thought it was a bug too for ages until i realized how it works. Especially since it worked differently in the predecessor, and I'm not sure it's really explained anywhere in game ( i think i went through all the helpers back then and couldn't find anything).
  6. I had conversation segments with Rekke triggering when he wasn't in the party (never even recruited him). Here is an example in BoW/ Drowned Kingdom: Party consisted of eder, aloth, ydwin & vatnir it happened on another occasion as well but i can't remember where. Hope this helps.
  7. Found a Bug in the description of the Ring harmony as seen here:
  8. found some more: (these place = this place, street tough = (probably) street thug.
  9. It was a bug. It's fixed in the beta branch.
  10. Is Items will no longer lose their mods (any previously affected items should also be fixed).supposed to have fixed arkemyr's robe bug? because it still doesn't work for me. or is this about enchanting?
  11. Can also confirm, conversation with maia doesn't trigger at reputation level 2. The line in the repututation UI from the watcher to maia is grey like it is with companions at reputation level 0. I added reputation points with maia via console and it didn't change anything (line stayed grey, dialogue didn't happen). Initiating the conversation via StartConversation Companion_Maia(Clone) companion_maia_relationship_player 1 started the dialogue and the line in the reputation UI turned blue.
  12. Can you Elaborate on this? Are you saying that if the spell is available via grimoire it wont allow you to learn the spell naturally if you meet the requirements and have a point available? Yes, basically. For example arcane assault isn't in the level up spell selection so i can only cast it with the grimoire you get right at the start, not memorize it on level up so that i could equip another grimoire and still have access to it. I'm assuming it's the same with these new spells since they're only available in a special grimoire? While i do prefer the new system with choosing spells on level up (makes getting new spells more exciting kinda), i'd still love to be able to have the option to memorize spells from grimoires i've found that aren't in the level up spell selection. Hope this clears things up.
  13. Am i right in assuming we can't learn these new spells since they're only available in grimoires? Really wished there was an option to learn from grimoires on level up instead of the normal spell selection or something. Other than that, amazing update guys!
  14. 1. The interaction dialogue with the window in Fort Deadlight Dungeon, option 'inspect fortress walls' 2. dialogue with serafen (missing 'your' in 'willing to leave crew' i think)
  15. In the weapon proficiency description of the pike (exposing strikes) it says "opponent's" where it should say "opponents".
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