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Found 3 results

  1. Hey girls and boys, finally! After eons of waiting, there it is: The outer worlds! I was so looking forward to this!!!! Especially after the Fa***ut series has been run into the ground by "you know who", the company that must not be named.... :=) Unfortunately its ABOLUTELY UNPLAYABLE on my machine, the resolution is stuck on 960x540 an the text is so small its barely readable because one letter is only around 6 pixels high and very very blurry. To make things worse, during some shooting action the win7 taskbar pops in, gets the focus and I have to switch back to the game with ALT-Tab...while idly dying in the game. I am tearing up right now, I had high hopes for this and now it makes me sad. I would normally research this and not bother you guys at all - BUT it seems I am not allowed to search the forums in any meaningful way, before getting hit by "try again in 54 seconds" or an similar announcement... why?? :.../ Honestly guys, I had pirated games in the 90s that needed less maintenance, and those came in hundreds of zip files! I surely did not pay 60€ to be sad. Can anyone help with these issues? Thanks in advance. hoshy42 A once satisfied now very sad customer. :................/
  2. Hi, I am an early backer and have been playing as time allows since release on Linux, Solus 4. Never had an issue until this morning when I could not close the map anymore. This effectively prevents me from playing. (Last time I played was perhaps a month ago when everything was working) Steps to reproduce: Start a game or load any save hit 'M' on the keyboard or click the map icon to show the full screen map Hit 'M' again or press the x in the top right corner to close the map Expected result: Map is closed, my party and its surroundings are visible again Actual result: Map becomes a bit darker but doesn't disappear. Impossible to play the game if I can't see what's happening. If I subsequently open the main menu and try to close it it also sticks on the screen. (It doesn't if I don't first open and try to close the map) There is no "output_log.txt" in the steamapps/common/pillars2/pillars2_data folder I've verified the integrity of the local files in Steam, no issues found Sysspecs: RX580, mesa driver (it's default) i7 6700 16GB RAM Linux - Solus No mods to Pillars 2
  3. As the title suggests the buff and debuff list for enemies or any companion goes out off the screen if too many offensive and defensive status effects are active. I'm currently on 1280x720 resolution and in full screen mode. Anyone else facing this problem?
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