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  1. I would be really intresting but I do worried about the balance issue with action points. If they do it I will definitive try it out.
  2. Nothing wrong with the narrative. The problem is this open world BS that is destroying the story telling.
  3. Couldn't agree more. I really don't understand why Obsidian thinks the game should be beatable playing solo on POTD. It ruins the experience for us who wants to manage a party and the tactics.
  4. Sounds like turning penetration into damage. Game already has damage. But that is exactly what is it now except it does nothing most of the time at least in POTD.
  5. Thats's actually a very good idea. Not sure how hard it's to implement at this stage. Even on Potd, it's to easy for many of us at later stages. I would rather prefer more enemies though.
  6. Yes, the penetration system is not good. It's too simplistic IMO. The problems you bring up could easily be counter by giving the penetration a scaling. One penetration point above armor rating could give 4% more damage just to put a number. Recerse would also be true.
  7. 1) I'm almost certain the answer is no. 2) Not sure but I think the distance don't matter unless it's a script interaction. You can however test it yourself with the mechanics. 3) You should read this; https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/105547-obsidian-could-we-please-fix-pickpocketing/ It does not appeare you get higher loot value from the stealing skill.
  8. Thank you for the respons. Yeah it's problaby better to use her as a debuffer because my team will lack DPS and perception to hit. TheWeaver are you playing also playing with story companions?
  9. So I'm planning running a team full of chanters and really don't know what to do with her. hers stats aren't impressive and neither is her class but I might missing somehing here. The party I'm planning are following: Pallegina Herald Konstanten Howler Tekēhu Chanter Myself Chanter Any advice is welcome.
  10. I can't actually loot shelfs in this latest beta patch. Im only in Port Maje so can't say about the rest.
  11. I believe that anything that resistance or immunity to intelligence affliction should do it. The drug Svef makes you immune to int afflictions. Modwyr grants immunity if you do her quest. Devil of Caroc Breastplate has an uppgrade that gives you immunity. The priest has a 3 level spell (Prayer for the Mind) that gives you the "smart" insperation which should cancel out confusion.
  12. As title says. I just realized I have actually no idea how attibutes penalties on enemies works. My guess is only the highest would apply.
  13. Pretty much this. In a PvP situation the chanter would destroy the poor ranger when It should be the otherway around. Ranger SHOULD be better at DPS and the chanter SHOULD be better for the party. But chanter does both things better.
  14. Yes Im also losing 1 point invocation on my singel class Troubadour.
  15. I would agree if not for the simple reason - Whispers of Treason. It is stupid OP IMO and should get the nerf hammer. But other cipher stuff needs to be buffed.
  16. I think this has to do more with armour rating at least it feels that way. I dont think there is a way to get around this in boarding fights, some one will get focused fire regardless.
  17. I think the should have implemented a new machanic "tiredness" and link it to constitution. It would be really simple: every fight would drain a bit of "tired" pool longer fight would drain more. Fatigued characters would get penalties and it would scale the longer going without resting.
  18. Yes I have to agree with this. I just got to the 2 city after the first one and have 1 maxed and the rest at two or more on the way. Don't seem right.
  19. I Honestly would have been happy with full VO on main characters and companions. This is really awsome.
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