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  1. I disagree about the difficulty. I played on difficult mode and it was difficult. the last dlc was too difficult compared to the base game. I understand that you seek for challenge but that's why potd and iron mode exist. And if even that is not enough there are mods and you can limit youself... If even that is not enough just play something else because not everyone should be forced to play story/easy mode because you say the game is too easy (I like the middle challenge of normal/difficult mode, I don't want to play on story mode and I don't want to play on potd). And it's normal that when you progress on a game it became easier. You learn how to play and you gain skills (that's why I don't like scale mode... I want to became overpowered when I max my level). Finally I think PoE is not about combat (it's just a secondary thing). The story, the factions, exploring, stealth to AVOID combat, talk to npc, do quests and make choice. You dont' even get exp when you combat... that's why the last dlc was not great at all at least for me. So please, if you want more challenge play the game to give yourself more challenge... but do not complain about normal/difficult mode, they are already perfect.
  2. What I think? In the beginning it was really fun and every times I'm able to win it's really great. But I don't have lot's of time and this dlc it's just difficult combat after difficult combat... I'm almost tired now. Survivor challenges are the worst... Seeker challenges try to make you think about what's the best strategy and they are all different... Slayer challenges are easier, just attack and win... Survivor challenges are just never ending minion battles... I hate to combat large amount of really crap enemies (but I already completed seeker and slayer challenges and ghouls survivor challenge... And I hate to leave something not completed), also they are not all on screen so every times I need to die one time to understand how many times they spawn... I hate that. Right now I'm playing at difficult difficulty but the difference with the main game is brutal. I understand a little more challenge but with fewer battles and bigger enemies and more locations. I wish the next dlc will just focus on multiple endings/choice and dialogs and maybe stealth.
  3. At the end of the game... just when I was about to go to Eothas last location, I was finally able to get the Tekehu last relationship flag (I don't know how, but I'm happy that I was able to do it before the end). Maia never really tried to say anything to me. Maybe Wolmerine is right... Next time I will try with passionate disposition (if I have time to do another run... there are so many games I want to play).
  4. too many bugs are still there. the magic weapons that don't vanish after battle, the wrong translations, bugs in quests. I'm glad I finished the game yesterday... it's a pain to play a good game with so many bugs. Focus on bug fixing, you don't need to release many dlc that add few unnecessary things. You really need to fix bugs before anything else.
  5. No I was not 'dating' Tekehu... he was not even in my party. I think her quest is also already done (I decided to tell her to use animancy to empty the lantern). Thank you anyway for all the informations. I will try to reach Tekehu +2. ______ too late for that. Also, I think it's a bit difficult... to recruit Tekehu you need to go to the water guild.... and usually you visit the tavern in the harbor in Neketaka before the water guild.
  6. I have a 42 hours save (I think I'm in the mid of the game) and I still don't understand how you can have a relationship in this game. Not only is difficult to gain approval (even if you pick the right answer multiple times you don't gain +1 bar), it's also really easy to lose approval with Aloth (for some reason it's an **** now... it was fun in the first game). Also it was really easy to get a "love relationship" with Tekehu (I spoke with him one time and it was ready), but there was no real "event" linked to this relationship (not even a "they have sex" thing), also I was not able to reach that point with other companions (even if I have +2 bars with Xoti). I don't really know, maybe I'm a simple man but I liked the Dragon Age Origins relationship way: if the approval is > n you will get a relationship if possible with that character... I don't know, I really don't like confusing things.
  7. Forse hai ragione... però non mi pare la priorità, alla fin fine un termine vale l'altro per indicare quanti punti vita hai. Al contrario gli orrori in italiano sono quelli che davvero fanno male. Inoltre c'è da considerare il fatto che non è detto che Obsidian corregga PoE 1 con un aggiornamento (avevano scritto che l'ultimo l'avevano già rilasciato). Se così fosse il rischio sarebbe quello di trovarsi con due terminologie diverse, il che mi pare peggio di aver corretto l'"errore" (per cui tutto sommato basterebbe cambiare leggermente la descrizione). Forse sono io... ma ormai mi sono abituato a Resistenza e penso che correggere ora significhi rischiare di fare confusione.
  8. This bug is still there: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99766-bug-concelhauts-parasitic-staff/ Permanent Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff and no soul bound weapon.... This is really bad PS. Also the italian translation is still broken, even on the main menu PS2. Also WTF... My multi-character team is now broken because many abilities are now locked.... I don't like nerf on abilities. It's the worst update ever made. PS3. I still like a lot the AI scripting, well done there.
  9. Ciao, ti ringrazio per la mod fatta ma onestamente non concordo con il tradurre Resistenza->Salute. A differenza di errori come "Con Finestre" che è errato punto, Resistenza non è errato ed è una delle terminologie scelte anche per Pillars of Eternity 1 (che può piacere o no ma non è sbagliata. Non è necessario che si chiami Salute, potrebbe chiamarsi anche Vitalità o appunto Resistenza). Anche perché se si iniziano a cambiare le terminologie ufficiali si rischia di avere traduzioni non coerenti (questo vale per tutti i termini ovviamente... non so se ce ne sono altri perché non ricordo a memoria tutte le terminologie). In ogni caso spero che non servano mod per correggere le traduzioni. Preferirei venissero integrate nelle prossime patch.
  10. Still stuck with Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff and I lost the first sword soul bound item. Also the italian localization need many fix.
  11. Nel menù principale (In the main menu) "Con Finestre" dovrebbe essere (should be) "Modalità Finestra"
  12. 2 things: - I'm italian and I answered to the survey - I hate DLC, that's why I think a "clean plate" is the best option... at the same time I love expansions because they are usually big and with a playtime like the base game. I love the standalone option, but I also think that is better if I can import my character/items. In the end, if the "expansion" is a complete game sequel (like the white march) I don't care if you call it expansion... Of course I prefer to know how much money I have to spend before that's why a goty is the best option, but if the base game is already a complete package I'm ok with just buy it and think about expansions later. For the multiplayer, I don't really care about it. And I think it's best to focus on single player. But if someone want to make a kickstarter (or fig) for the multiplayer part I'm not against this option. Finally, waiting it's ok for me. If the result it's great.
  13. 1. Deus Ex 1 2. Pillars of Eternity 1 3. Dragon Age Origins I know that Deus Ex 1 is not a pure RPG but I still love it. I also think Fallout 1 is a great RPG, there is nothing like it. I still have to play many old classics like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape. I also think that as an action rpg the witcher 1 is a really good game. Finally I think the best jrpg is final fantasy vii
  14. I would love to know chiper and wizard subclasses. Since I want to make a Wizard/Chiper as my main character.
  15. only if they continue to support languages localizations. and if they can do that. I don't want a "fake" streatch goal, if they cannot do that or if it's already in the game (planned with the base game).
  16. I always appreciate a good romance in a game, but I prefer when I can choose my character love interest. I don't like when they limit your character freedom to love men and women.
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