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  1. It is nothing new, though. It is just like having to rest again after spending the previous night at the best inn. It is a pretty light trade off for being able to rest and magically heal all your injuries as often as you like.
  2. https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/162044770781/das-derzeit-schwarmfinanzierte-pathfinder The question is basically if deadfire will use random ambushes as a rest mechanic like in baldurs gate. Josh answered that he doesn't like random mechanics like these where you can easily reload if you don't like the outcome (Except of course in Trial of Iron). Now the last paragraph is really interesting and I try to translate it as accurate as possible: "Our rest-mechanic uses food to cure injuries and to give bonuses (he is unsure if it is the right word for gaming). You can often rest, but the best food is expansive or rare. If you rest too often, sooner or later you will fight with bad bonuses." The word "Essen" might be a rough translation for supplies instead of food, but they are clearly changing something.
  3. I think they shouldn't let us rename because the names will become part of the world. Even if npcs won't recognize our multiclass (they hardly ever recognized the single class in poe1) class names are part of the universe and you need consistency to create an immersive universe. Would you rename items and talents aswell? Either way it's not a big deal for me and hopefully it is something to easily mod
  4. I for one am happy with the attributes as they are, including might, but all arguments have been made I guess. Since we won't change each others mind about this, what do you think about a somewhat related topic: Race attribute boni? They hardly play a role since they only really affect the maximum value of said attribute and even if they do, starting with one more doesn't do much. A NWN style attribute cost system would solve this, but comes with other drawbacks, so I thought of something like this: Instead of having a bonus of +2 might an Aumaua could have "Skip might 12 and 18" which would mean after having 11 might and spending another point you instantly get 13, same thing then happens at 18 points. This could also affect you later ingame via buffs and actually encourages Aumauas to focus in might and doesn't simply at two points to the attribute pool. Of course just one example and you could also change -1 attribute point to "double cost [attribute] 14"
  5. It lies in your hands in so far as that you could have prevented that character from taking damage and instead of resting you can choose to protect that character in upcoming fights. It adds strategy and I consider it a really interesting choice. If I ever had to go back for supplies it was a clear signal that I played on a too high of a difficulty level or were too low in character level for that area. Something has to encourage resting and the balance of per rest abilities and health was perfectly suited. In fact a limited resting, injury only system is very binary. Either you survive your average fights, meaning you never have to rest, or people get knocked out, becoming weaker and force you to rest every couple of fights anyways and so quickly using all your supplies. With the Stamina/Health system everybody needed to rest once in a while, meaning there were plenty of supplies to find and they were never quite useless. Could the system be more forgiving sometimes? Yeah probably. Having healing abilities tied to the skill system instead of talents for example, would make skilling them less of a waste and helping a lot with single low health characters. Yeah, it hasn't been in issue for me and with knockout injuries it seems hardly useful. Yeah never has been an issue for me neither. Seems hardly useful with knockout injuries being a thing.
  6. I think a shapeshifting focused druid subclass was mentioned somewhere (as obvious as it gets), but no name public yet. I personally hope for: -a ranged paladin, or one choosing arch enemies -summon focused chanter -illusionist wizard -cipher getting additional focus for being hit, but weaker soul whip So many possibilities
  7. I get the feeling that Wael wants my priest to become a powerful rouge as well and you can justify really any combination roleplay wise. So no restrains for combinations please. If balancing becomes a mess 3rd edition style, then yes dual class from the beginning is fine
  8. One point I do very much like about the proposed system is to streamline per rest for all the classes. I never had a problem with vancian casting, but I get that it could feel like a burden to have single classes in your group being so reliant on rests. While others don't really care or only had them as a minor feature. Why skilling something as a rouge you could only do 2/r when you could have a passive or per encounter.
  9. This topic finally pushed me to make an account here, so hello everybody! So let me start by saying that I personally tried to avoid resting as much as possible and really only did it when it made sense. Like I thought resting just outside the los of the final dungeon boss was pretty dumb. But even if you were more liberal, one thing that always stood out for me in PoE was the strategic element the health/endurance system introduced. In all the easy and medium encounters you had to make the choice: Do I use some per rest abilities or do I rather lose some more health? Even without vancian casting, now every class has per rest abilities. Without health/endurance though, this choice only matters when someone could get knocked out - only in the more difficult encounters. Yes we will probably have less trash mops and better encounters, but lets not kid our self: There will be a lot of easy fights. Can I now fight dozens of xaurip groups with my characters staying fresh and blank? No careful approach about losing health or spending spells etc. could make most fights pretty meaningless I fear.
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