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  1. Brightness and light is the same thing. I didn't need more brightness or light... heck, you can turn it up. But it messes around with the overall lighting inside the game, so areas look to bright, and some areas look discolored. So, a contrast setting would allow us to control the difference between the light and dark areas, like in Deus Ex 2. I would also like Gamma control, but that's not actually necessary.
  2. I think Kel Algwin also returns there before Leviathan, but I don't remember... but I do agree she is one of the more interesting NPC's.
  3. Sometimes, what I need is more contrast between light and dark areas, not the screen to be brighter or darker. I think it's quite annoying to have to turn the brightness all the way up just to see something... and then in turn, makes some areas to bright. That's why I would like contrast control.
  4. I would also like to see Kel Algwin, because he too can be turned away from the dark side.
  5. I'll like to see HK-47 back, simply because it was so fun to talk to him. I would never forget the story of the first Meatbag! :D
  6. Yoiu know, that Deus Ex 2 pulled that trick on many people. But then again, the game wasn't as good as the original Deus Ex.
  7. Just read GameInformer. They said somethiing about a women with white hair named "Kreia". Don't know how accurate it is.
  8. Actually, Exar Kun is not a vague character. He already has a storyline in books.
  9. IF you ask me, Revan beat Malak, who was the currently accept Sith Lord, who was the former apprentice of Revan. Even if Malak did beat Revan, he could not kill him, and Revan comes back and kills him instead. Now, we can argue whether the fact that revan was still alive AND did kill Malak may or may not mean that he never lost the titile of the Sith Lord, that's very much debatable. However, if you are DS, I think it would obvious that other Siths will either: a) accept (in face, anyway) B. Rebel c) Leave Now, considering that, and 5 years, ANYTHING can happen. Now the LS ending is harder to explain. Except that the attack on the star forge really costed the Republic, indeed other Sith outside the star forge did exists, and Revan could not continued his/her fault against the Sith somehow and for whatever reasons disappeared with Carth/Bastila. AS you might now see, with 5 years, and creative thinking, anything can happen. Unfortunately, I don't have any. :D
  10. I loved Persuade, affect/dominate mind. They really were useful to get out of bad situations.
  11. I actually would like to see, if not have, some of these characters again: Mekel Yuuthra Ban Kel Algwin Ajunta Pal Griff It would interesting to see them again, if not have them.
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