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  1. console is the same, even people with monster rigs get bad load times, you in the minority and lucky this is a 2d game for crying out loud
  2. Seriously why isn’t this ****ing fixed by now, shouldn’t take 20 seconds to walk in a house. Takes a few minutes to just load a game!!!!
  3. For me its not just about playing them, I want to know everything about them, I think about video games constantly, more than womyn. They are fun, like board games. I don't feel that I play video games to compensate for my lack of real world success or to achieve anything. Many wealthy people and successful athletes play games. Like board games, just fun. I hate that when critics of video games say gamers are just living in a fantasy world because they can't cope with reality, like some kind of pseudo psychologist. Do i role play and pretend that I'm an elf? Yes. Do I wish I could really be an
  4. Does the Trump-Putin bromance remain iron tight like the curtain? Or did Putin just play on Trumps ego and then station Russian war ships 30 miles off of Connecticut, attempt to dictate another Eastern Europe coup in Montenegro, create chaos leading to federal investigations into the presidential cabinet of the USA and fullfill his life long dream of weakening the bonds that bind the greatest military alliance that ever existed? It is a mystery.
  5. Today I laid in bed and thought about video games between naps.
  6. dude seriously. You can build a rogue to have within 15 deflection of a fighter if you want. you have just taken certain talents and given higher deflection bonus items to your fighter. Don't select reckless assault..........give your rogue a shield............... jezusss K
  7. My fighter has double the deflection as my rogue. That's pretty big. Maybe someone wants to tinker with a tankish rogue, because deflection is balanced it's a viable option.
  8. My 12th level rogue has a deflection of 48 and a primary accuracy of 89 and secondary accuracy of 85 My 12th level fighter has a deflection of 110 and 67 accuracy
  9. Watched 10 Cloverfield Lane, wasn't very impressed think it could have been a lot better John Goodman was good but it reminds me of something M Night Shyamalan would direct, very interesting at first but the ending was underwhelming. 3/5
  10. I'm playing the first NWN, I never gave it a chance in the past because I always assumed you couldn't take any companions along. But the henchmen system is working nicely I picked up Tomi the rogue and he's a pretty neat guy and can pick any lock and disable most traps. I'm playing as a paladin.
  11. Well guys I'm not playing anything currently but I have been watching gameplay of Ember and it's very tempting I also haven't played the White March. I started replaying the Witcher 3 but got bored after White Orchard. You know iv never played New Vegas either so there's that.
  12. 6 please no idea why you would have all of these classes and then reduce party size no multiclassing doesn't make up for it
  13. Bros these are weird times and exciting times because you never know what's gonna happen next, I didn't vote for Trump but he does make things very interesting. It's a circus brehs, sometimes I think he doesn't even really want to be president.
  14. I want between 100 and 200 hours. I don't wait around the computer all day for years for a game to come and complete it in a week. I want to feel like I spent atleast a significant portion of my life there.
  15. i don't know if I'll give actual money as my significant other is Jewish but a lot of my ideas that iv posted for this game are well worth maybe a few thousand dollars. If they are implemented I don't require any credit.
  16. I seriously doubt they will do another Fallout. I wish we could have both. I really want to know what Beamdog is working on.
  17. I'm rewatching the Matrix there is a theory going around that Agent Smith is the ONE. Tonight I'm watching reloaded.
  18. Will Trump have a hunny moon? It doesn't look like it even G Dub had his moment of shine.
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